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Re: Kristina Bivins, James Arthur Ray - OPM Other Peoples Money, bankrupt?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: February 06, 2010 12:16PM

Its also starting to look like James Ray is in cahoots with his brother and other family members?
Maybe some of those folks have various homes and assets in their names?
But that will be looked at by the experts.

Werner Erhard was the master of that one. When things turned bad for Werner Erhard he "sold" his companies to his family, and fled the USA.
They then pay Werner using complex licensing tricks offshore, and who knows what else. The web of offshore shell companies is mind bending, and of course is almost totally secret.

But obviously, James Ray is pulling another scam with the bail/bond. Of course they have millions, but as stated it could be that there is no real assets in his name.
There are leaders of new age religions who take a legal vow of poverty, and pay no tax at all.
Then the church buys their houses, suits, rolexes, cars...its quite a scam, and it seems to be legal.

Some experts are going to have to play global wack-a-mole to find the money.
Again, you literally learn that on the FIRST DAY of advanced training in running your own seminars. Day one, hour one, they SCREAM AT YOU, to HIDE YOUR ASSETS, or there is no point being a seminar Guru.
These LGAT Gurus aren't stupid, the stupid or simple-mindedness is usually a performance to gain rapport with people. You see that if you ever to REAL business with them behind the scenes, you are dealing with a different person.

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Re: Kristina Bivins, James Arthur Ray - OPM Other Peoples Money, bankrupt?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: February 06, 2010 12:25PM

Of course, the LGAT seminar Gurus who get caught and you read about in the papers, are the ones who make the terrible mistakes and blunders. So there will be lots of trails to follow.
Some of them are totally out of control, high on prescription drugs or cocaine or steroids, and everything is a big mess.
James Ray is in that category, certainly. It sounds like everything was spinning out of control.

But the really smart ones who operate for decades, and who don't make the newspapers. They hire the top people and fixers to make sure they are pretty much untouchable.
Many of those are the former buddies of James Ray who have removed his name from their lists, and will never mention his name again.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Penelope ()
Date: February 06, 2010 12:29PM

My friend had a forensic accountant try to find hidden assets when she and her husband were going through a divorce. Can the civil suits use the same method to get JR to pay if they do win monetary damages for the victim's families?

The first thing I thought when he claimed not having enough money for bail was that his fans will try to help him and he will try to bleed them dry. It's hard for me to have any compassion for this man, he obviously had zero compassion for Colleen Conaway, the sweatlodge victims and their families. Even a semi-decent person would visit the people who were hospitalized and not just go on his merry way as if nothing happened, back to doing seminars and his other "important work."

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James Arthur Ray Employees of sweat lodge leader granted immunity
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: February 06, 2010 12:41PM

They cut a sweet deal.

But everyone is deaf, dumb and blind, and don't know nothing? They can't even tell when people are hurt and dying, no red flags?
What a total load of BS, that is not believable, when others were hysterical trying to save people's lives.

Saving their own skin, and selective vague memory...just like with Colleen Conaway.
Did these guys save their own skin, and cover for James Ray with foggy memories?
We'll see...

Megan Fredrickson is still using the obscene manic James Ray seminar photo, she was intimately involved with the Colleen Conaway cover-up, and everything else.
To keep using the James Ray seminar photo to promote herself, that says everything.

Did the investigators get somewhat duped by thinking the "employees" will sell out their boss? In these LGAT sects, the senior "employees" are not just employees, they are deeply indoctrinated True Believers and followers, who will lie and cover-up for their boss who is their life Guru.
Will have to wait for the full details, but the article below is sounding like a whitewash from them.

Others have said that they flipped against James Ray, but it doesn't sound like it below.
It sounds like they saved their own necks, and had bad memories for facts and specifics.


Employees of sweat lodge leader granted immunity

The Associated Press
Friday, February 5, 2010; 10:07 PM

PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- Two employees of a motivational speaker facing manslaughter charges told authorities they had no reason to be alarmed when participants in a deadly Arizona sweat lodge ceremony began vomiting and passing out, because their boss told them such responses were to be expected, according to documents released Friday.

Megan and Josh Fredrickson participated in the October sweat lodge ceremony near Sedona, which authorities say led to the deaths of three people. The event was led by self-help guru James Arthur Ray.

Authorities in central Arizona's Yavapai County interviewed the Fredricksons in mid-January on the condition that nothing they said would be used against them.

The couple said staff members at sweat lodge ceremony provided water to participants and took some other precautions, but few had formal training in dealing with heat stroke and other health problems.

Three people died following the two-hour ceremony, and Ray is facing three counts of manslaughter. He pleaded not guilty this week and is being held in a Yavapai County jail on $5 million bond.

The Fredricksons went to work for Ray in 2005 at his Carlsbad, Calif.-based company, James Ray International. Megan Fredrickson most recently was the company's director of operations, and Josh Fredrickson worked in technology.

Documents in the case released Friday showed the Fredricksons were granted immunity. In lengthy interviews with investigators, they said they couldn't recall many of the details that participants did when asked what happened in the sweat lodge ceremony at Ray's five-day "Spiritual Warrior" retreat.

Prosecutors contend Ray recklessly crammed participants into a 400-square-foot sweat lodge and chided them for wanting to leave, even as people were vomiting, getting burned by hot rocks, and lying lifeless on the ground. Public records show a pattern of illnesses at Ray-led events.

His attorneys have said the deaths were a tragic accident, not a criminal act.

Megan Fredrickson said people who were vomiting, unresponsive and unconscious raised no red flags with her because Ray had explained those responses were possibilities. She told authorities that her experience with sweat lodges was limited to the ones led by Ray, and she never took it upon herself to research them or find out why people would pass out.

"James is my boss, so I listened to what he says and I listened to what he told participants," she said in court documents.

Three of Ray's volunteers, whom he referred to as part the "Dream Team," were instructed to help passed-out people leave the sweat lodge, she said. They included Josh Fredrickson and Liz Neuman, a Prior Lake, Minn., woman who was among the deceased, said Megan Fredrickson, who was seated next to Ray in the sweat lodge.

Josh Fredrickson said he aided some people but couldn't tell the difference at times between people who were passed out and those who were simply lying close to the ground as Ray instructed them to do if they were having trouble.

He said the staff was not trained to deal with heat stroke or hypothermia, conditions that some of the 18 participants who were hospitalized suffered from.

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James Arthur Ray - Keith Raniere of NXIVM -Targeting women
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: February 06, 2010 09:35PM

In many ways, James Ray is similar to the extremely aggressive and destructive Keith Raniere of NXIVM (ESP). []
They both make women their primary targets, there were some articles recently about how Raniere controls the hair-length of women in his inner circle, and controls many aspects of their lives. Clearly sex is also being used as a weapon.
James Ray also surrounds himself with women, and controlled their wardrobe at his seminars, getting them to dress up in all black as his Ray Death Angels, and the rest of it.

How are these uber-creepy LGAT Gurus able to surround themselves with women who will apparently do anything for them, including giving them ALL of their money, and lying repeatedly for the Guru?
Its by using the advanced techniques that are available which allow a Guru to RAPIDLY target those who are suggestible, and trigger idealization, love, devotion and worship in those followers. They truly have it down to almost a science at this point, and it can work on certain vulnerable people very quickly. Its mapped out in written manuals how to elicit those deep needs in people, and then make them feel like you are meeting those needs, which can create those bonds.

Just like the sex-scandal "Zen" Guru Seung Sahn [] they target women as they don't trust men and fear they will steal their clients. They also actively use direct sexual activity with the women, to further embed their control and influence, and they do it deliberately. That has been seen time and time again.

Keith Raniere [] has bilked 100 million from the Sara and Clare Bronfman sisters. Just think of the lengths the Bronfman family would have gone to try to get them out of the clutches of Raniere, but to no avail.
This is not 50K, or 150K. Its being reported to be near 100 million.
And the Bronfman family can't seem to do anything about it, even with unlimited resources.

As has been said many times, these LGAT Gurus who know how to do it, can clean people out. Not just take their money, they clean them out, right to the bottom.

The scary thing is that its not that difficult to learn the techniques of powerful covert persuasion and indoctrination, for someone with the aptitude and motivation. Within a few years they can be doing it full-time.
But it seems the MOST important character trait to have, is a total absense of a normal human conscience for anything but themselves, their immediately family, and their dog.
Everyone else is an object to be used and abused and exploited for their own gratification and selfish purposes.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Keith Raniere of NXIVM -Targeting women
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: February 06, 2010 10:01PM

Yes, as suspected, Megan Fredrickson has pulled a fast one.
Amy Hall makes some insider comments in the Droidsphere near the bottom about Megan Fredrickson. []

That is very a clever short-term move, to get immunity, and then act like your memory is blank and you had no idea what was going on.

Its a total load of bullshit.
More pre-planned, group organized and very careful lying, just like with the Colleen Conaway case.

The proof can also be seen in things like the current Twitter picture for Megan Fredrickson, she is still using her obscene manic James Ray seminar photo.
That "pose" is a direct mimick of James Ray, and Michelle Goulet does the same pose, mouth/eyes wide open in a manic pose.

Megan Fredrickson manic pose []

Group organized, pre-planned, strategic lying and memory loss. Might work in the short term, but when a judge gets a whiff of that kind of thing, things can get very ugly.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - Keith Raniere of NXIVM -Targeting women
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: February 06, 2010 10:13PM

How many years has Megan Fredrickson been with James Ray?
They said she worked for JRI since 2005, but she must have been involved as a participant for quite some time before that. These LGAT always hire serious devotees for insider positions, who have been around and taken all the seminars.
But even working in an LGAT seminar company for 5 years in a senior position...that person knows everything that is going on behind the scenes, they know where the bodies are buried.

The speculation is that someone was told by a very smart attorney to get immunity, and then just have your memory get cloudy...with the old standard..."I don't recall".

But once the "I don't recalls" are cross-examined against all of the other witnesses who aren't deeply indoctrinated to protect the Guru at all costs, its not going to wash.

But anyone working in a damaging LGAT company for YEARS knows what is going on. The mentality of people who work inside these LGAT companies can be utterly revolting. As can be seen in this instance.

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: February 06, 2010 11:20PM

Thanks for the reminder of James Ray's wild pose:


I think this pose will be on his face when he gets sent to prison and finds out his cell-mate is Bubba...and Bubba needs lovin'!

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 07, 2010 01:49AM

Useful things to know if youre in the joint for any length of time.



PS according to Google, in some places, they make pruno in the toilet--in the tank or in the crapper itself.

On a cell block everyone agrees to set aside one steel crapper for pruno-production. The other crappers are used for #1, #2, and (after drinking the pruno) #3.

So if you go to the joint and are released into general population, make very, very sure to ask which toilet is not for pissing in.


How to make ersatz cigarettes, here.


(Learned all about about pruno from a buddy who was an AIDS prevention educator at his local county jail. My informant said some men were diligent enough that if they didnt have real condoms available, they'd use...(drum roll) garbage bags.)

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Re: James Arthur Ray - 2 die at Arizona retreat's sweat lodge
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 07, 2010 03:37AM

Somebody posted this on Amazon


It begins:


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