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Date: July 07, 2009 03:16PM


I ve red the articles about the guy who said he was a "prisoner" in amorc:

I also posted a few articles here: (that this is rubbish)

Heres my story, this week I canceled membership of amorc,

I really learned a lot, after 13 years now its time for something new, I want to continue my spiritual way on my own as I am a yoga acharya and didnt feel good any more in the amorc group, people didnt develop and there where stupid commentaries about buddhists, jews, hindus, yoga, also some members seem to be little mini racicsts e.g. ..... nothing special as this happens in every group; Just that every time I came to the group I didnt feel to well and it costed me a lot of energy to hear always the same kind of commentaries ....."aahh .... arent you in india again to get diary ... people there eat everything do ya really think its good and you can learn something from a third world country. ...." ..... I learned so many things from my spiritual teachers in india, kundaliny vidya -the full thing, had sakshi bav (withness state) consciousness as well as out of body experiences almost every day, met my masters in astral ....

the point is: I really was thinking a long time if it is the right step and: I simply did it! I was never a prisoner of amorc, never felt like this and now when I wanted to cancel membership ..... I did; thats all;

Amorc can only be as good as the members, rosicrucian way has a lot to do with group rituals, if the people are conservative and small minded .... its impossible to develop ....I always defended amorc and still I think it can be a good thing for some .... even if there are only 40 RCs left in vienna, but 100.000 practise yoga, even a materialist will see positive effects of yoga, it really works; in amorc the problem seems to be endless boring rituals and people who dont develop, they come for cake and tea and pretend to be some summum bonum high degree -illuminati member ... but they behave like some mini nazis 1945 ..... sorry but this is the truth!

I have been in india such a long time twice, lived 2 years in sout africa / durban ..... and had unbelieveable spiritual mini enlightments, OBEs, mystical experiences and I feel its time to continue on my own, I dont have questions any more, i am not searching any more, dont need people who tell me what they think reality is about, not in yoga and not in amorc or any other organisation .....

For me vedanta and tantric yoga comes very close to absolute, I dont have to pay membership fees and show these stupid membership cards every time I come even if everybody knows me there ..... its not a brotherhood, more like a membership at amazon ....but you can learn a lot and teachings might help to understand for a while ...


serapis FRC+

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