developments in Robert Harris's story
Posted by: ojanaway ()
Date: February 04, 2009 05:23AM

Yesterday there were developments in Robert's story,strange ones.
Last summer I met a woman,ex membersof The Family.She'd been with them for 20 years and now she's working against them.She shared my concerns,was very supportive;when Istarted my group and my campaign,she granted her help.Exactly one week ago she informed me that,without my asking,she had posted an ad for Robert in an exmembers forum (when Ichecked,I onlyfound mine).
Yesterday,all of a sudden,the music changed.She told me I'mmaking too much fuss over nothing,there is nocertainty Robert really disappeared,I have to drop the matter "for yr lovedones's sake".
If Robert really got out of my lifefreely,why,after sept 2007,for 2months thechief of Mumbai Renaissance Home and his righthand man bothered to make at least 20 threatening phone calls from India to Italy,stopping only when Ithreatened to involve Mumbai police and media?Why,in the same period,was my mail address violated,and important mails deleted?Why all this "fuss over nothing"?
Unfortunately I've known TFfor years,and this mail is entirely Family-style,veiled threats included.
According to me,this is the evidence Robert didn't disappear voluntarily,and I'm more than ever determined to know the truth.Odette Janaway

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Re: developments in Robert Harris's story
Posted by: BunnySkull ()
Date: March 09, 2009 08:03AM

Could you please provide a better post? More background and general information and we might be of help. I'm assuming you are referring to The Children of God - but just referencing "The Family" could be any number of cults that use that as a descriptive title for their group.

What is Robert's involvement in TCG? What is your connection? How have you been threatened? Your OP is very difficult to read, full of misspellings and lack of spaces and punctuation. I know its tempting to copy and paste something you've already written to another format, but if you want people here to take the time to try and assist you should at least take the time to compose a some what original post for this forum and provide general background information in it.

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