Frank de Sales; SSPX trojan?
Posted by: mervin.treadway ()
Date: December 18, 2008 03:13PM

I've noticed something a little disturbing. A 'Catholic' writer called Frank de Sales (obviously not his real name), has written a novel with strong traditionalist themes . What he doesn't say is that he's connected with the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). You can check this out by looking at the photos on his Facebook profile: SSPX mass center in an area where the only Latin mass is offered by the SSPX. There have been murmurings about whether the SSPX is a cult or not. Either way, they're alittle cooky and have the ear of the current pope.

De Sales should have disclosed this I think. Lookout for this guy! Does anyone know his motives?

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Re: Frank de Sales; SSPX trojan?
Posted by: dsm ()
Date: June 21, 2010 05:18PM

Frank de Sales? "Trojan", you are kidding, right?

This is the novel: [] "Devil's Island"

This is Saint Francis de Sales, who died in 1622:


Why should anyone have to reveal their private life if they wrote a novel? SSPX is a group of Catholics who chose to preserve an older form of the Liturgy of the Mass. It really is no more "kooky" than people who like opera or shakespeare, outside of the spirittual reasons for this choice.

Lots of writers use pen names for novels. Probably because they still have their day-jobs and want to keep them if they put the boss into one of the characters. Or they are married and wrote about their fantasy girlfriend.

Novel as cult? that is a new one. (Although L Ron Hubbard did carry it out with his scifi, so I guess I better stop being a smarty)

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