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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 23, 2014 01:48AM

Of course Jimbo Jimmy Wales was busted doing this to his own Wikipedia entry, trying to get rid of the pornographic references in his business history.
There is a list of various events. The Reese Jones situation might be another one that has managed to float below the radar so far.

Conflict-of-interest editing on Wikipedia

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Robert Kandell, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone, funded by Reese Jones?
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 23, 2014 02:19AM

You can see where in the past Reese Jones was blocked from the OneTaste wikipedia entry, even though he is mentioned in the New York Times, and many other articles.


Also, it looks like the first place where Reese Jones was identified as being the man behind the curtain in OneTaste was in this forum.

Robert Kandell, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone, funded by Reese Jones?
Date: December 22, 2008 08:21AM

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Re: Robert Kandell, OneTaste, SF, NYC, Daedone, funded by Reese Jones? PUA
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: June 23, 2014 02:46AM

and as suspected, the so-called PUA pick-up artist community has picked up on OneTaste. The PUA pick-up artists, are men who's goal is to have sexual relations with as many women as possible. So they have found OneTaste is an easier way to that.
Just search for these words, to see many links and connections.

OneTaste PUA
One Taste pick-up artist

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Re: Victor Baranco, Lafayette Morehouse,Nicole Daedone, One Taste - cults?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 23, 2014 04:08AM

PUA 'pick up artist' sounds so much more elegant than horn dog.

Neuroscientist Marc Lewis tells us how it works. Dopamine. The neurotransmitter that underlies the craving, the yen, the hunting instinct.

Get your craved object, and the fun vanishes.

Thus you go looking for another one. Another woman, another purse to buy,
another political campaign, whatever.

And how interesting that it is young women's private parts that
are being turned into public property.

Why aren't the male genitals being given their time in the spotlight
at these events, eh?

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References to Vic Baranco
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 23, 2014 10:04PM

!951 Local paper in Berkeley, California. Baranco grew up in Oakland.

Here he is described as an excellent young football player.

This is Google's cache of []. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Apr 22, 2014 01:22:05 GMT. The current page could have changed in the meantime.

Publication: Berkeley Daily Gazette
Location: Berkeley, California
Issue Date: Saturday, September 29, 1951

Berkeley's Ground Power WrecksFSacramento, 27-7

"Much of the credit for Berkeley's running attack is ' due to a score of linemen. They opened gaping holes in the Sac line, allowing the steam-rollering backs to come charging through with room to spare. Guard Don Lyons looked very good, pulling out and blocking straight ahead. Tackle Jim Faulkner was a tower of strength on offense. Tackle Vic Baranco was a demon on both offense and defense, in on numerous tackles. "


"Vic Baranco, now deceased, founder of the Morehouse Community, was the originator of that term “win-win.” His goal was that each person in a negotiation would come away with MORE than they wanted. "


"Mon, August 27, 2007 - 11:02 AM
William, I don't know all the history, however 'doing' at morehouse predates AIDS by decades.

It was developed during research into how to have the most fun (sensually).

It puts our greatest fine motor control (the finger) onto the single greatest concentration of nerve endings on the surface of a human body (clitoris). Its amazing how precise we can be with hands. Not to say that tongues and other body parts aren't fun.

I don't think Vic would have said that orgasms of this duration were unknown "to the ancients", he used to often say he was teaching people things they already knew.

During the time I knew him, Vic was adamant that he did not want to be famous."

(Corboy-very odd. Baranco was featured in a Rolling Stone magazine article that was later published as one of the items in the charmingly titled tome, Mindfuckers: The Rise of Acid Fascism.


Talk:Lafayette Morehouse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaI've googled ("vic baranco" and 'sexual freedom league' and "victor baranco" and
"sexual freedom league", etc.) and found all the hits eventually lead back to the ... - 52k - Cached - Similar - 38k

"Vic Baranco, the famous sensuality researcher, used to say women want sex, food and baubles, in that order. What he meant was that relationship (including sex) is the foremost desire of women and necessities are second and extras are third. This is tremendously useful for men in realizing what women want and for women in having their desires as right. "


"Vic Baranco laid it out like this: her appetite then his production and then her consumption and gratification. If all those elements are met then that man woman cycle completes and completes pleasurably. This is incredible relationship advice."

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Re: References to Vic Baranco
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 27, 2014 01:09AM


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A description of another "sex positive group"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 19, 2015 08:55PM

Just in case readers find this useful, here is an article about another "sex positive group".


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Look up Victor Baranco and "marks"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 05, 2016 10:15PM

What Is Orgasmic Meditation? - Daily Beast, March 5th


(same article, but text-only from Google cache)


What Is Orgasmic Meditation?

Answer: OM is something developed and enthusiastically commercialized by
Victor "Doctor" Baranco, creator of "More Houses".

Baranco was a genius at persuading people to pay him for the privilege of donating their unpaid labor to fixing up property that Baranco then sold for a profit - a business model that made Tom Sawyer look like an angel.

One could say that Vic Baranco took "sweat equity" to new heights.


Readers, journalists:

Any time you hear of Nicole Daedone and orgasmic meditation,
put "Victor Baranco" and "More House" terms into Google's search slot.

Baranco started the whole thing.

(This article gives detail about just how Victor Baranco treated his
students, or as he termed them, "marks"



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Burning Man
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 08, 2016 07:16AM

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An "Orgasmic Meditation House" "OM Communities"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 08, 2016 07:47AM

Corboy advice:

Before you move into an experimental group living situation of any kind, but especially one that pushes the boundaries on sexuality, question them LONG and HARD about whether your confidentiality will be protected and how.

You do not know what your life will be like five years from now. Perhaps you want to run for public office. Or become employed in a setting that requires strict security clearance.

How can you know that you will not be photographed or gossiped about?

Privacy is easy to lose and nearly impossible to regain.

Corboy note: The author of this article does a remarkable job distinguishing
between orgasmic meditation and the One Taste organization.

Here is a remarkable descriptions of day to day living in some OM communal houses, the beneficial aspects and the not so beneficial ones.

Living in an Orgasmic Meditation House



The practice itself seems to be derived from the Eastern spiritual lineage of tantra (ever heard of tantric sex?), but a woman named Nicole Daedone formalized the practice and dubbed it “Orgasmic Meditation”, or OM for short.

Her organization, OneTaste, has popularized OM and has even built a spiritual path and community all centered around this practice. There are now OneTaste centers all over the world where people come for morning and evening OM practices, just like yoga, and can take workshops and programs.

The organization itself is pretty controversial. There are those who call it a weird cult. Say it brainwashes people and takes all their money. And yet, others swear that it’s the most powerful, transformative thing to ever happen to them. That OMing and OneTaste’s programs are the most powerful tools for self-expansion they’ve ever come across. That their lives have a clear “before OM” and “after OM” demarcation.

So, how did I get involved in all of this?

The first I ever heard about OM was a few years ago, when I read the book Slow Sex by Nicole Daedone, OneTaste’s founder (and guru – she’s pretty much worshipped). The book was amazingly insightful and the benefits of the practice sounded too good to ignore.

But every time I went to learn more (at their social mixer TurnOn events), I got turned off. There was something about the OneTaste vibe that felt unsettling to me.

After a few years of this, my curiosity finally grew strong enough that I decided it’d be worth exploring – weird vibes be damned!


A few months later, I felt a strong pull towards San Francisco to explore community living. But I had no idea where I’d live. No idea where I’d find this “community”.

And so, you can imagine my surprise when an OM friend casually mentioned to me, “You should come live in my Orgasmic Meditation house in SF!”

Wait, what? For real?

I soon learned that there were OM houses all over the world, where practitioners lived together in community. Most OM houses are structured so there are two people (usually a male and female) sharing not just a room, but the same bed!


One thing I always found off-putting about the OM community was their hyper-aggressiveness. The community really loves riling up harsh emotions and dropping uncomfortable “truths” on one another (which they call verbal “stroking”).


n the same way you don’t have to be a Buddhist to meditate, you also don’t have to join OneTaste to practice Orgasmic Meditation.

The practice, I find to be a beautiful one. I would recommend it to anyone and can only see benefits.

But not so with OneTaste, the parent organization.

OneTaste is an organization I have very mixed feelings about.

On the one hand, I think it’s wonderful that an organization like OneTaste is growing so fast and spreading a more open, conscious approach to sexuality throughout the world.

But on the other hand, I find them to be pretty weird. And off-putting. And even dangerous, in some ways.

First of all, OneTaste is one of the most aggressively money-hungry organizations I’ve ever come across.

From the moment you go to one of their events, the sales machines swings into full gear! They call and text you incessantly. Constantly push you (hyper-aggressively) to sign up for their latest programs. Use every sales tactic in the book to get you to take out your credit card (including using your specific issues and wounds as leverage).

And these classes and workshops range from several hundred to TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Seriously, their highest tier programs run well over $10,000 or $20,000!

I even had a housemate who spent close to $100,000 for the all-inclusive Membership package! (Luckily, she got most of her money back when she decided to leave.)

Now to be fair, charging a lot is not necessarily a problem in and of itself.

But when an organization constantly encourages people to go into debt (and many do) to take their programs, it feels like they’re walking a dangerous line.


I’ve known many OMers who felt like OneTaste pressured them to prioritize the needs of the organization over their own, much like a classic cult.

They were pushed to constantly help with events, to volunteer, and especially to RECRUIT for OneTaste. If you didn’t spend all your free time giving back to the organization, you were seen as “not a team player” and they’d turn their back on you.

They’d get sneaky too.

Once they tried to get my house to take in a “team player”. When we decided she wasn’t a good fit for the house, they began pressuring us constantly. Then they manipulated an easily impressionable housemate to report on our house meetings and throw in specifically seeded talking points. Like a spy!

For all of the above reasons and more, a lot of former OM’ers really do feel used and taken advantage of by OneTaste.

The author made clear she learned a lot and found a lot of friendship and communal support in the OM communities she participated in. But at the end of the article, she warns that there is a downside to living within an insular culture of any sort, but especially a culture that constantly probes at you, judges you, for your own good.


Over the years, I’ve built a very strong sense of who I am. My strengths. My weaknesses. What I have to offer the world. What’s true for me. And what isn’t.

But living amongst a group of people who didn’t fully see me – even as loving, authentic, and deep as they were – began to erode all of that.

I began to feel depressed and lonely in a deep way. Began to doubt myself. Began to tamp down my unique perspective. Began to believe I had no value to give to the world.

Their way of seeing me, as much as I knew it was untrue, began to seep it’s way into my consciousness.

nd the more it did, the more I slowly shut down.

It felt like part of me was dying. And in a way, it was.

Just as the human body needs the nourishment of food and water, the human soul needs the nourishment of being seen. Recognized. Appreciated.

I didn’t fully realize how starved I was until I finally moved out of the OM house and into a possibly crazier situation: a diverse, free-spirited 40-person mansion (yup, that’s not a typo).

Here, there was no group think. No singular culture. The mansion was incredibly diverse, with people from all different backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations, and mindsets.

Here, my unique perspective was welcomed and celebrated, not dismissed

The author was concerned that Daedone was regarded as THE authority, and that her
One Taste philosophy was regarded as the one and only path.

The author realized she needed ideas and inspiration from a wide variety of persons and cultures, not just one person, one culture.

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