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Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 07, 2010 08:36PM

Yes, if you visited my channel last night,
I apologize for the typo with-in the auto-play video.
It's already been fixed.

Now about Cresil, it was a name I choose back when I was a hard-core Desteni fanatic.
Basically I was attempting to use a name which describes two of my personality tendencies,
in the sense that Desteni claims every-things in 'reverse'.
I had entertained the notion by declaring it as my 'identity' of a sort,
I might be breaking the 'real name' rule, yet I was focusing on a point of altering my 'less desirable'
tendencies. -shrugs-

More on 'reverse' - []

So now, it wasn't any form of premeditated 'joke'.
"Impure suggestions', was an appropriate title for the 'message' that was delivered.

Also I forgot to say, I REFORMATTED the SRA Lesson 1 video,
no quotes, images or anything but a summary in my own words with paint-shop drawn examples,
and a very BOLD PRINTED decree with-in the first twenty seconds of the video,
covering my own ass, legally.

So, my name is Jeffrey Cameron Perry, as displayed on my channel,
although I took out Jeffrey because I hate it. >.>

So Cresil, Cameron or Lain.


Re: Desteni
Date: August 09, 2010 06:30AM


May I ask are you still with Desteni or Against them? As this is not clear to me.

I have some more questions, I hope you do not mind answering.

Regarding the SRA course

-Was Bernard responsible for the material presented in the SRA course?

If you are no longer with Desteni-

-When did you leave?


-How much did you spend on the SRA course? (If this is private, no problem)

-When did you start the SRA course?

-When did you finish the SRA course?


Re: Desteni
Date: August 09, 2010 08:09AM

Something I find interesting about the teachings of Bernard Poolman is the way he has taken various teachings and practices from a range of different people/groups throughout history and modified them to suit his own personal agenda. ( his teachings tend to be pointing towards a different goal to the original)

For example Poolmans suggestion to stop the mind.
Basically you are taught to stop thinking, everytime you have a thought you are told to say - "NO I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS!"

"But you have to do it like in unexpected ways, so you literally – excuse my words – fuck with the mind.
In other words, if such a thought comes up, you know, jump up and down and say to yourself : “No! No! No! No! No! No! No!”. Or you stump your foot on the ground and just say NO! "
quote by desteni

"stump your foot on the ground" This would appear to be negative reinforcement something that is taught in "Liber III vel Jugorum" by Aleister Crowley. However there is a big difference in what kind of outcome is desired from Crowleys teachings. Liber III vel Jugorum is aimed at gaining self control over speech, actions, and thoughts to prepare the individual in performing Magik.

Poolmans teachings on the other hand are geared towards stopping the mind all together. This would be in preperation of gaining control over the individual.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 09, 2010 09:18PM

I hold great admiration for them, but I refuse to be a defeatist to their sole 'truth'.

Of the amount I've seen, the course was mainly presented by Andera or Esteni, with interviews or support from the 'core members' and visitants,
Mattie, Cameron, Darryl, Kelley, Anna, Marlen, ect.
Bernard himself was never present.
I could share the first 11 lessons, videos and PDFs included.

I left after the registration's two months worth of membership ran out,
while deciding if I should continue or not, I happened to receive more lessons by accident, how?
They were so unprofessional and impersonal enough to not only have not temporarily removed 'me'
from the 'mailing list' of incoming SRA information, yet it also proved pretty much everything was so automatic -
it didn't matter if you replied with your charts or input, they'd send the following lessons anyway, because they don't keep track of anything.

So I got about another two month's worth free.
The only reason I openly announce it now, is that they've already fixed the problem after they found my SRA Lesson 1 youtube video.


For the registration fee and first two months worth, I spent 270 bucks.
I think I began in May or June.


I made a Anti-Desteni website btw, I'm unsure if it actually works but -

Feel free to try,

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Sandman ()
Date: August 09, 2010 10:34PM

I hold great admiration for them, but I refuse to be a defeatist to their sole 'truth'.

That statement and many of your videos suggest a sort of reluctant apology for Desteni. Your videos are presented from the point of view of a Desteni member. Apparently critical commentary is ambiguous and not expressed in plain terms.

Not that you are necessarily one of them, Cresil, but it is clear that there are members of Desteni who are deliberately attempting to mislead other people who make public statements critical of Desteni. They do this by wasting their time with pointless commentary, appearing to be on the surface against Desteni while inserting chunks of pro-Desteni information into their communications, by seeming to be open to debate or discussion when they are not, and generally trying to cause confusion. All of this is carried out in a relatively surreptitious manner.

People who are actively critical of Desteni should be aware that this is going on and not allow themselves to be fooled.

Nasrudin's Donkey
"stump your foot on the ground" This would appear to be negative reinforcement something that is taught in "Liber III vel Jugorum" by Aleister Crowley. However there is a big difference in what kind of outcome is desired from Crowleys teachings. Liber III vel Jugorum is aimed at gaining self control over speech, actions, and thoughts to prepare the individual in performing Magik.

Thanks for your input, Nasrudin's Donkey. That's interesting. Do you perceive any other influences of Crowley's ideas in Poolman's teachings?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: August 09, 2010 11:41PM

There was also something from Gurdjieff's work called the Stop Exercise


(note this is cited as part of our ongoing detective work to demonstrate how various
entrepreneurs 'recycle' material from earlier sources when creating their own supposedly new and unique methods. This is NOT an endorsement of Gurdjieff work, quite the contrary-Corboy)

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 10, 2010 12:56AM

I''m guessing your directly speaking of my auto-play video,
please read it's description.

My videos use the material in-order to eviscerate it's source.
When I say I have admiration, I mean -

It's entire lore for it's self, the entrapment, the web of it's design the beauty of it's structure is fascinating to me.
What I gravitate towards, the eccentric very darkened, sort of logic and 'world' in itself.

It doesn't matter,
what I'm saying is that I'm not deliberately attempting to promote their 'good points',
through procedures of exploiting 'anti-desteni' messages while countering it with direct Desteni material
in-order to dis-credit the voice of anyone but Desteni's.
As for an apology? Absolutely not, I merely admire it for what it is,
it also introduced me to multiple topics; historical, scientific, and humanities related
which I didn't necessary have 'tags' for, to subject myself to research.

As many know certain references and all it's branches,
sort of flood in once you've merely a few decent 'tags' or 'key words' to work with.

So, I'm unsure how many videos of mine you've viewed,
yet I am merely using THEIR material for what it is, and exposing it, as someone
whoms long studied it.

Interpret that anyway you wish.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 10, 2010 01:57AM

Part 2 -

As for being 'ambiguous',
yes my writing is in a argumentative essay style,
as I have no wish to be bias or lost/possessed to express my own solitary opinions,
as being 'fact' in anyway.

Note that I attempt to cover EVERY loophole Desteni could exploit,
while keeping in mind I have to be direct enough to get to the point FOR
a person whom might be a bias Desteni member with a very short patience.

There is NO PLAIN way to deconstruct their web, when your really involved in it.
It was designed like that on purpose, and I have to work WITH that in-order to
prove it's INDEED a fabrication for a being's own initiatives.

Sorry I can't sum things up for you in ten minutes,
as an ABSOLUTE one-sided voice, they're using certain 'focus' points
which are becoming increasingly popular, which aren't awful ideas themselves if not for their enforcement
and how it'll operate.


Re: Desteni
Date: August 10, 2010 09:35AM


I wondered if you could confirm if the following two pages belong to you.


Only... The background of the video-

enki tablet Ch.1 [1 - 6] on the page "proxyhyatt"

Happens to be identical to the background on your more recent video-

SRA Cash Cow featured on your new page "Cresil1HumanOST"


enki tablet Ch.1 [1 - 6] screenshot

SRA Cash Cow screenshot

The myspace page "" featured on both is closed, it would appear.

Are these in fact both your pages or am I mistaken?


Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: August 11, 2010 07:20AM

Yes, if you'll check the date, those were made ages ago, nor have I even visited them in age,
in-fact a Desteni member placed the first one on the Ban-list PLUS my new one - []

You both seemed to go so far as check out my myspace, which creeps the living crap out of me.
Note that I have the right to delete my own myspace, in-which I have personal reasons for.

As for the image, yes I liked the image and used it often.

Christ, both parties are obnoxious. >.>

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