Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: October 14, 2011 04:01AM

This article and others in the should upset anyone reading them.
If this is how bernard, sunette and esteni are looked at in SA, I can only imagine.
It is my hope that this paper keeps digging into this cult and expose them for the
MLM, cult that they are.
Their (desteni's) forum is also very disturbing... it seems to get worse with time,
and no closer to the equal money system than they were when bernard founded

Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: October 15, 2011 11:30AM

To repeat myself: sorry for hogging the forum!

I just got through listening to Sunette discussing the fear of parents. It was painful to sit through,
but I did it. Painful, because she makes no sense at all.

Sunette I ask you: When you say that parents are basically the blame for the child's problems,
what do you believe about disipline, love, care? You said that generation aftergeneration parents have
passed on through their children qualities that the child does not like, and says he or she will
never pass these on to his or her child, but in the end ...he does. Why do you think that is Sunette?
Could it be that a child is just that:a child. As parents we are responsible for our children. We do
what we believe is best for them. We love this child, given to us to raise to an adult.

When I see blog, vlogs on desteni about parents and how you 'demonize' us (to use your own lingo),
it absolutely enrages me. I bet you get a kick out of that! Parents are the backbone of this world!!
Think about it!

It seems to me and always has that you are trying desparately to turn your members away from their
parents (and families). For those of them that have fallen for it, shame on you and bernard. I think there are those members that question why you have to always try to make them feel bad, about EVERYTHING! I think
the reason that you do this is to keep the members in your cult.

But too much evidence is coming to the top, for members of desteni cult to blindly believe everything, that bernard and you say without question. First of all it makes no sense, and secondly, it's just downright wrong.
Some of these members have given up many years, families, friends... and yes thousands of dollars. But as
I said the truth is coming out, kind of busting at the seams and soon all your members will realize that they
themselves are the only ones who can make an equal money system. They don't need to go through all the

It's just a matter of time...

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: October 15, 2011 05:31PM

Every word of that drivel about parents is coming from Poolman.
Poolman learned that every single cultish sect that targets young people, of course has to target "parents" and use that as leverage.

One could list 100 sects right now, who attack the parents, and try to separate the teens and young adults from the parents, and then break the relationship.
So they are dependent on the sect, and the sects leader.

Every sect like Desteni works very very hard to drive a wedge between families, parents, and the members of the sect.
They all do it.

And Poolman studied enough sects and cults to know he has to do that too, if he wants to maintain control of his younger sect members.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: October 15, 2011 07:44PM

The focus on parents seems logical, for the only demographic group Desteni can successfully target are teens and tweens, who are not exactly known for their abilities to reason or be realistic and down to earth: Give them a reason to be angry at someone, especially parents that they feel treated unjust by (as all teens do, they love melodrama and self-pity) or the 'system', that they are yet scared of - they will love you in return, just like they love every commercialised 'rebellion' that sells itself via image rather than substance.

(I've watched some new entries on their 'introduce yourself'-forum that might actually get Desteni into trouble: some of those new recruits talked about not even being out of highschool yet, which would suggest that they are quite possibly around or under 18. If any money-transactions had taken place in these cases, Desteni might get into serious trouble with the law from what I can tell.)

The fact that so many tweens are in the same emotional position regarding Desteni can only be attributed to the changing of the times. Most of these 'young' people in there are well into their twenties, most close to thirty, yet they seem to suffer from the same teenage-brattiness, stubbornness and closed-mindedness as the average underage Twitard, including respect less ranting about their parents while yet being financially dependent on them and not a single indication of being thankful or understanding, not in the least realising that their parents are just human themselves...

It seems to be a problem with this generation in general (aka also outside Desteni) that they live through their puberty (including the point where you usually separate yourself from your parents, break away, begin your own life and then look back considering all they've done for you from the perspective of an adult and not a whiney self-obsessed teenager) about ten years later than people a few generations before used to.

They are very much a product of their time in this regard, regardless of all their 'self-honesty' and everything, going through the phase of being disappointed finding out your parents are not flawless, all-knowing beings (as children often believe), channelling it in disrespect, only ten years late because the age of infantility does not stop with being physically grown up these days anymore.

And in all this teenage-disillusionment all of a sudden there is Bernard, being this self-proclaimed flawless father-figure, the lie that their inner child desperately wants to believe in, and this time, the lie can go on forever because they do not have to live under the same roof, they will never have to find out that he is not all they imagine him to be.
He appears powerful and without fault, he gives them strict guidelines as to what behaviour will make them gain his approval, because all we want is please our daddies, don't we?
He offers them a second 'upbringing' making them something better than what came out before, a second try for all those who blame their parents for their own misguided lives.

It is really childish to blame parents for all that is wrong in your life. Sure, they give you the basics you work with, but they are not responsible for the decisions you make. Desteni attacking the 'system of parenting' or whatever is nothing but catering to the self-righteous teenager within it's target-audience, that wants their own opinion - that every flaw in their lives is not their own fault but their terrible, tyrannical, weak, selfish parent's doing - repeated to themselves.

Of course they'll believe it. After all, it's what they wanted to hear all along.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: October 15, 2011 08:09PM

It certainly is wrong for Destini to recruit minor children.

It is also rather sinister in my opinion for Bernard to target young people and their vulnerabilities, which he seems to do through his group.

It's important to place the blame where it belongs, which is on the cult group exploiting human frailties and vulnerabilities, not on its victims.

Everyone has problems and groups called "cults" certainly feed on and exploit that.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: October 17, 2011 01:14AM

I have to respond re: sunette's video.

I am very well aware that when the teen years come, there is a big change in one's child.
Rebellion, 'freshness', doesn't want to go to family functions, etc.
But to equate this rather normal, (kind of HAS to happen behavior) to being drawn into a
cult and having that evil man as the child's father figure, I have to disagree. Granted there
is a reason why the child or young adult is searching for answers. But I'd say, and have actually
been contacted by more than one ex member (this is true). One young girl said 'they were hyp
ocrites and didn't live by what they preached. As far as shaving her head and going to the farm,
her response was: 'it just didn't feel right'.
So this isn't some group that has a bunch of 'hate my parents' kids and young adults in it, well
it's nothing short of 'A CULT'.
Kids rebel in high school and college, but they always seem to know when they are near the edge,
even if they fall off, because their parents and famiies are there to help and love them.

bernard wouldn't be.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: concernedmom83 ()
Date: October 17, 2011 02:25AM

One more thing:
I just got through reading today's desteni 'blogs' one about how bad we are, how ashamed we shoud be that there
is poverty in this world. Another was on the 'introduce me section' of desteni forum. The writer was complaining
about the US thinking it's great. Martin agreed that America was evil. They naturally think that ems will 'poof' get
rid of all of the world's probelms.
I tried to get on their forum, they won't let me, so I have no choice but to come her to Rick Ross, where I know
desteni cult members monitor regularly.

To those that 'diss' the US I say, Shame on you! The US isn't perfect, but we are overall a kind and generous people.
We have given billions to your causes around the world. I know you don't agree with charities, helping out in anyway.
Will one of you destonians PLEASE COME HERE ON RR AND:


I am most serious when I ask you to let us know HOW this is going to be done. Put it up on desteni cult forum if
you'd like, but let the world know. You're asking people to give THEIR money, time, give up their family, friends for
this ems, the least you could do is let people know.

For example: Say one went to take a 'CPR' course and it cost $500.00. This person signed up, gave their $500.00 check,
and asked, "Is there a book or sylibis I could use to prepare myself for this course". The answer was no. You went
to the course and the instructor kept talking about how important CPR is, how many lives it will help save,....but you
never learned how and what to do with the CPR method. The instructor kept giving evasive answers. Well that's just exactly what is happening here. Oh hold on, then the
CPR instructor says: "you have to sign up for the next part of the CPR course for $1000.00" When he asked what it entails
or why, he is as evasive as berard, darryl, sunette, andrea and the rest...

So please let us know how the plan is going to work. Do you have a plan laid out to put into action at 'some point'? I believe
that this is a very honest and straightforward question to ask, and it just doesn't seem to be getting answered.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Natasha ()
Date: October 17, 2011 06:26AM

Re :

(I've watched some new entries on their 'introduce yourself'-forum that might actually get Desteni into trouble: some of those new recruits talked about not even being out of highschool yet, which would suggest that they are quite possibly around or under 18. If any money-transactions had taken place in these cases, Desteni might get into serious trouble with the law from what I can tell.)

Is this true ? Can the ages be verified, and the law be invoked ?

Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: October 18, 2011 02:24AM


Page I was referring to. Desteni hides their members though (so much for honesty and showing your true face), and also even if these kids had paid any money, they would never admit to it.

Re: Desteni
Posted by: freespeech4tw ()
Date: October 18, 2011 02:20PM


This person actually states that he is 16.

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