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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 19, 2010 08:45PM

It's amazing how much a being can create for themselves.

Yes to 'ground' is to distinguish a sense of balanced critical thinking,
but you seem to be extremely limited with-in your, 'boring life' scenario,
although I'm curious besides wavering the attention of the public with 'fantastic tales',
and a mixture of quantum and social sciences, historical findings along with any form of spirituality -
'moving' people in whatever ways, if YOU could get beyond what YOU wish to believe for yourself?

Also, "It is far more important that you are first 'grounded'---- standing on solid ground---
then your judgment has a better chance of being grounded also."

Thank you for basically telling me to 'shut up' until I reach SUCH A 'understanding'
upon what's 'really going on' AS YOU.
Allow me to make apparently another 'guess', and state that Your utterly self conceited.
I'm not emotionally hysterical, or hell bent on a single 'truth',
but allow me to state the last ten posts here - have been nothing but a 'feeding frenzy',
no better than the 'religiously mind controlled groups'.

Pardon the double posting, technical errors.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: September 19, 2010 10:44PM

I truly do not care what you think of me but I am here to debunk Poolman's poisonous nonsense, no other reason.

Which leads me to wonder: why are you defending that same poisonous nonsense?

If you want to get beyond what you wish to believe for yourself ----the way to do that is by examining the beliefs you already hold to see if they are worth keeping, not grafting on a whole new sci-fi belief system that some nasty old man dreamed up to get your mind and money for himself.

There are uncountable ideas in the world to believe in--- that are not being dangled as bait by a conman---but you have to go out and look for them.
Evaluating them critically before buying into them is a good idea, even for the most self-conceited ones like me.

'Self conceited', now would that be like the 'self honesty' that Uncle Bernard would have us hoodwinked with?

What are your thoughts on 'equal money,' Cresil?

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: SimulacronX ()
Date: September 19, 2010 11:47PM


with all due respect, it is a bit odd you did lots of in-depth videos and statements against Desteni on one hand,
but on the other hand, you seem irritated by some individual perspectives and views by various people on Desteni, and oppose their opinion.

Yet this is exactly the most important thing to me regarding this false relief organization: that people just let it all out freely, may they know any contexts and contents or not concerning this cult.
Because what counts is freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and individual perception to me, especially as a counter-image against the fabricated, restrictive standards of a totalitarian group like Desteni.
Desteni is all fake and made up, as can be proven clearly, so why criticize those who criticize a scam organization anyway?
It seems you still got some Desteni inside of you.
Desteni needs no accomodation, concessions or defence in any way.

Bear with me,


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Re: Desteni, Darryl Thomas (bad) fiction writer? Cult Farm propaganda
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 20, 2010 02:08AM

A great point about Darryl Thomas being a fiction writer. (better triple-check those alleged writing credentials though!)
He's in cahoots with the Desteni group, of course.

Notice the website that is posted on.
FAST-CASH-FREELANCE, yep that is the dream of Desteni. FAST-CASH.

And they are the one's trying to Preframe the term CULT FARM for Desteni.
They know what they are doing is a type of "Cult Farm", and that is why they are trying to do pre-emptive propaganda about it.

As far as the bad-fiction stories about lizard people, gold at the center of the earth, portals, aliens, demons and angels and whatever, that is just "CONTENT".
Every sect, every scam has "content", which is the fiction story used to DISTRACT the marks-targets.

The real processes occur in the overt and covert persuasion, and techniques of manipulation.
Its just like a magician. When a magician tells you to look at the coin in his right hand, that is MISDIRECTION, and his left hand is doing the trick.

So the bad-fiction Desteni "content" is merely a misdirection and distraction to try and occupy the minds of the targets.
Every single system uses that technique.
Often the Leaders of the sect do NOT "believe" that content at all.
And the main Desteni players certainly do not BeLIEve that hocus-pocus bad Desteni fiction in the way they present it.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: wanderingcrow ()
Date: September 20, 2010 04:18AM

I believe it was you who encouraged me a few posts back to research deeper into the Destini material. You used the word enthralled. I can't say I'm quite as captivated by Destini as it appears you are.
I've been doing my homework Cresil not out of fascination for the subject but out of a desire to see Destini exposed for what I have come to see that it is. All the roads lead to a cultic personality con in the form of one Bernard Poolman. A man who reveals himself time and again as nothing more than a bitter, rage filled, money hungry megalomaniac who preys on the vulnerable and confused. Regardless of his proclamations of self-less, self-honesty and equal for all drivel the fact remains that he is the man behind the curtain. The self appointed messiah of his new world order. What a noble cause he has begun there... equal money for all!! I'm guessing if he can't convince the rest of us "self-interested" folks to join him he'll happily settle for your??any meager donations to afford him the lifestyle he obviously feels he so richly deserves.

I can't help questioning why you feel the need to defend Bernard so readily.

I just finished listening to Poolman's August 19th video. Titled The Future of Information & The Mathematical Equation of Equality and I'd have to say Poolman himself conducted quite a feeding frenzy of his own.

Why is it that you will afford Bernard the privilege of criticizing any system of belief he deems self-interested, self-important and a spiritual disease so readily yet any dissenting viewpoints on Poolman or Destini here are met with thinly veiled insults.

Could it be that the self professed ex Destini fanatic that you once claimed you were is now returning to the fold? Or did you ever really leave...

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 20, 2010 03:20PM

Dare defend the demonized, and I become a demon?

Allow me to state to what degree I'm 'defending' Desteni to.
Their equal money system is just embarrassing,
for beings whom wish to 'understand' the current systems,
in-order to work with the potential that's available, HOWEVER,
they have no real political party as they exclaim.
On their website, all of their information regarding to the topic
is linked to youtube videos, of beings whom haven't a single clue how things

Ok, I got a little rallied up when the term 'sci-fi' was brought up,
I'll admit that and that even though you fellows might believe in 'certain things',
while merely stating your 'fighting the con-men' that use such tools to manipulate,
while such intentions have far exceeded mere 'religious cults', or our typical definition of cults.

Now the SRA was a complete ruse, I know this from first hand.
Yet - I personally find it distasteful to check this board only to see weeks worth of nothing
but, allow me to be blunt when I say bitching or venting.
When I might have said 'do' your homework, I guess I was auto claiming
my 'in-depth understanding', no, it's just - I'm so freak'in sick and tired of seeing self-indulged hatred, while attempting to be self-righteous,
from you people.

So really the only degree of Desteni I might be defending,
was the 'material' that originally came from other sources, that Bernard twisted for his own ends.
Which would have been fantastic as perhaps an 'index' of so many topics, a proper introduction
to so many planes of thought and key-words to lead to limitless research.
The activist messages they hide behind, the eccentric yet somewhat dark theology [Anti-God],
portal characters (or the idea of 'real' beings channeling, no matter the polarity.),
pardon nothing was original about it, except that it was stated the previous channeling were 'scripted',
if not one carefully dealt with scheme to enslave from the 'dimensions', all would have been fine 'tools,' - IF it weren't for the effect it had on people, on me,
how all of this is being used, which is not what I signed up for.
I had no problem with the less positive messages, but Desteni has become nothing about a apocalyptic cult..

It's just nothing but a form of self-hypothesis through buzz-words and promises,
as you accept the 'genocide' of not 'third-world' beings, but those whom don't 'live up'
to certain expectations - another group whom believes mass genocide is the answer, like a extremest Christian.
The way they treat people, their level of 'happy shiny arrogance' that just really isn't 'grounded' as they claim
to be solely focused on, besides self-analyzing themselves to infinity.

Now there's being very aware of what your putting out,
and being self tamed, and then there's just self-destruction and lashing out
at those whom 'don't represent' the solution, such as one might cut themselves off from all
informational sources but that which they're hooked, becoming a pocket or group -
that are really hell bent on nothing, but feeding their own fabrication BASED on the harsh realities,
or that which we create for ourselves.

What began as progressive, exposing one's self to that which we don't wish to face,
has become nothing, there's no movement, no second farm, just hyper spamming the internet -
selling software in Texas, SRA, just..raising money while they haven't used it as they proclaimed they might.
No matter the extremely expensive estate, I'm sure there is need for 'necessities', I know they farm and do wood shop,
making their own furniture, I've also seen that pool and the kinds of plant life.

Hm, perhaps such things are for the whole of their community,
their community...,I've seen nothing done for anyone but themselves, including the members
off the farm 'spreading the word', proclaiming others 'doing the alike', are acting for selfish reasons,
which is mostly what Desteni members are doing is but accusing and pointing out the motives of others,
as they sit on their asses, sole focusing on themselves than the 'whole' while speaking for 'it'.
Stating only they represent it.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 20, 2010 03:52PM

They have become that which they hate, and nothing they do or believe truly
involves the benefit of the 'whole', as they find it acceptable for any groups
to be sacrificed, as they decree other's worth, and state that Desteni's 7-10 yeared instructional knowledge is necessary,
even if it's the 'self that must save self', as they also decree - 'yet only' they can teach you how you might save self,
so apparently although they might either appear kind hearted towards 'life' or 'logical cold and realistic' about 'reality', it
really doesn't matter - as long as it suits their 'ideal' product.

Whatever that might TRULY be.

- Cresil

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: September 20, 2010 04:02PM

I'll come clean--I hate conmen, loathe and despise them. Nothing self-righteous about it, I just cheerfully hate them. I make a distictinction in this hatred between the conman and his victims, for whom I don't feel hatred.

You said:

'if not one carefully dealt with scheme to enslave from the 'dimensions', all would have been fine 'tools,' - IF it weren't for the effect it had on people, on me,
how all of this is being used, which is not what I signed up for.
I had no problem with the less positive messages, but Desteni has become nothing about a apocalyptic cult.. '

'IF it weren't for the effect it had on people, on me,'

Cresil, the whole point of all the rubbish that Poolman spouts--all of it----is to get the desired effect on people, on you.
It is the reason he spouts the rubbish, to worry and confuse you, make you rely only on him for your interpretation of reality. Then he can control you and profit from you.

Desteni started out as a malignant cult, its what Poolman intended from the beginning. There are always little snippets of 'truthiness'----things that sound as if they might just be worthwhile and true, given the benefit of the doubt---in any conman's story. That is the bait, that is what draws you in to start believing in the rest of the outrageous rubbish.

If you want to understand the current money systems, get a few books from the library, do a proper study and start forming your own opinions--don't accept Poolmans twisted drivel.
If you want to work with the potential that is available you need to be able to see that potential as clearly and dispassionately as possible--that is why anybody makes an in-depth study of anything, to get as many views as possible to make an informed opinion.

You do not have to go into other dimensions to do this, this world already contains more information and puzzles than any one person can ever get their head around.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: September 20, 2010 04:13PM

Many times there have been invitations in this thread for former Desteni members who have gone though part or all of the system to come and talk about the specifics of the problems with the Desteni system.
The detailed specifics are very important for former members, or those who just got caught up with Desteni.

Some former members have sent out PM's to discuss Desteni, but have chose to not post publicly for their own reasons, one assumes.
But a former Desteni member can post publicly, and retain their privacy by not using their name, and just telling it like it is.

But for those who did not get caught up in Desteni, but have seen countless other sects like this, its a very different experience. Its much easier to see the con-tricks for exactly what they are.
The "content" of Desteni is essentially gibberish to them.

But Bernard Poolman is a very troubling "leader" and warnings need to go out about him.

But for those who were into Desteni for a long period of time, then careful specific analysis of the components of the sect is essential.

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Re: Desteni
Posted by: Cresil1HumanOST ()
Date: September 20, 2010 04:42PM

Erm Stoic,
I'm not a candidate for 'rehab and deprogramming',
nor do you need to confirm the conclusion I've already come to,
and had already stated openly - especially if your merely using it to prove your personal point.
It's merely all about open-ness, and un-bias consideration -
while one keeps a 'cool head'.

- Cresil

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