Moshav Modi'in
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: July 09, 2002 11:11PM

This is a village near Lod city and airport where some of the followers of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach live. When I lived there they had about 35 families. Currently, they'v added a lot of infrastucture including a school, and a gym.
When I was in Israel in '78-'79 I was warned against going there as people at D'var Yerushalayim claimed that the kids there used drugs.
Back then, the Israeli gov't frowned upon Shlomo's followers and he said that he could have had thousands of people living there but the gov't didn't want it. Now the gov't has immediate plans to expand the settlement to 70 families and eventually to about 700 or so families.
It's very hot there in the summer. Loads of mosquitos are in the area and when I lived there, there was a skin sore going around. My skin used to open up in places and thin, clear ooze used to seep out. It was pretty disgusting.
And I had an Uncle who did some business with Shlomo and people on the Moshav were coming up to me complaining about my uncle, "the crook". It wasn't all just love, singing and dancing.
Also, one day, I was very wiped out after working in the granola factory all week. I was resting in my room and one of the moshavniks came up to me and said, "you don't want to help us do you?" These people are not the type of people I want to run my life.

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