Aish Hatorah
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: July 09, 2002 10:54PM

I was at Aish for a short time in '95, during my last stay in Israel. Now, Aish is a clean facility, the food is good and the accomodations are relatively OK.
But the real questions is, ""given their smicha (ordination) program what future does a BT really have? Will they stay in Israel? Pretty dangerous right now. Will they go back to the States or another country? What's an Aish smicha worth to the frum community at large? Can a BT really make a living?"
If a family was torn apart by this organization then who needs it? My family had loads of problems over the whole BT thing.
Many of the students in these BT yeshivas aren't the best people to begin with. And not just at Aish. I knew one guy who stole diamonds before he went to one of these yeshivas. Other people had problems with drugs and alcohol.
There was one student at Aish in '95 who the rabbis tried to throw out, but he was very popular and his friends rioted on the Yeshiva. Do you still think he's there 7 years later? I doubt it strongly. It was probably all just misspent time on his part.

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