A friend of mine is having problems w/Chabad
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: November 16, 2002 03:08AM

A friend of mine has cousins who are involved with the Chabad Lubavitch movement. My friend is Jewish but she's married to a non-Jew. Her relatives told her that they're only "putting up with him [because of her]." I'm wondering how long they're going to be so magnanimous.
My friend also told me that someone else that she knows is married to a non-Jew. The person she knows has children and since the children have a non-Jewish mother the children aren't "Jewish" according to orthodox Jewish law ("halacha").
Recently, these people went to her cousins and because the children weren't Jewish, the Chabad relatives refused to feed the children and the parents took the kids to a fast food restaurant.
My friend's computer should be back up on Sunday and she plans on getting in touch with Rick Ross about all of this and I hope she''ll add her voice to this message board.

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