Beharilal- suicide
Posted by: jules ()
Date: November 11, 2007 12:35AM

When I heard this tragic news it really upset me.
Beharilal was a good friend and truly a nice guy.

I had heard he was kicked out of of Managing DTE- FYI he had managed that store for years. Hardly was paid a dime I remember he used to sell cars on the side. He lived in one of those bunker type Hawaiian shacks and gave all he had to Sid. And yes he was there from the beginning and sadly till his end.

He moved back to CA. And for all those who were actively involved, you remember how it works. When you get "kicked" out, no-one wants to know you, let alone help you. That little fear when you are on the inside- "that could be me next", each man for himself. Sickening position to be in and yes id does take help to get through that.

Didn't his second wife take off with the New DTE Manager who took the reins from him!

When you hit the outside world after being coddled in SIF/Sid/DTE 24/7 for 35 odd years, that's gotta be tough.
His family was long gone, and the life as he knew it was over. What pieces are there to pick up, life has no meaning when you are in that state. And the one person (SID) who could have helped him turned his back on him. He was too busy with his empire, Poor Beharilal didn't fit into that picture anymore. Perhaps there was someone younger, more eager to please and easier to exploit who came on the scene.

When you are on the inside it's not about how sincere you are it's all about what you can offer the man. He calls this service, I now call it exploitation for ones own gain.

It's really disgusting the abuse that goes on in SIF. And Sid I label you an abuser in the worst form. You have become that "low life" that you love to degrade in those infamous lectures you used to give.
God I would cringe when I heard you constantly putting people down. I would want to block my ears but wouldn't because of fear of being banished.

Now I stand up to people like you, and yes they do exist on the outside as well. They don't label themselves "Jagad Guru" Leader of the world though, instead they are called a---holes and generally don't know what the meaning of a friend is.

Beharilal taking his life is your responsibility SID it happened on your watch when you were supposed to be taking care of God's children.


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