Professing "friends", truth, no name churc
Posted by: Professing ()
Date: April 01, 2004 06:30AM

Anyone familiar with a no name church (no name yet many unofficial names) called "the truth?" They meet in homes for Wednesday night and Sunday morning meetings. Their ministers are called workers. They are low profile and secretive. They believe that they are the only true religion and feel people outside their group cannot be saved. They rarely interact with anyone outside their group and feel that only through obeying their workers can they be saved. A very strict and rigid religion demaning conformity on women's dress and hair. TVs, divorce-remarriage, worldly music, and other things are banned by this sect! Members feel other religious people outside their group must belong to their group in order to be saved. Leaving this religion will cause current members to shun you!

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Professing "friends", truth, no name churc
Posted by: JohnH ()
Date: April 07, 2004 04:17AM

Yes, my wife was a former member of this cult. Definitely an abusive religion! What do you need to know about them and why are you interested?

There's actually a ton-load of information about them considering how small they are in comparison to many of the other cults out there.

Give me some more information and I can respond and help ok?

In His Love,

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