External vs. Internal
Posted by: richardmgreen ()
Date: October 12, 2002 03:31AM

Now the Yetzer Hara, which according to classical Jewish sources works with the animal soul, or the Nefesh Habahamis is counterpointed by the Yetzer Tov which works with the Nefesh Elokis (corresponding to the Atman). These forces pull in opposite directions.
As the Nefesh Habahamis tends to be concerned with the lower part of human nature: security, food, lodging, pleasure - it
can be sort of infiltrated by the YH. As such, it's true purpose becomes distorted.
The Nefesh Haelokis or Neshama, the divine soul, tags up with the Yetzer Tov and aspires to the loftier goals: Self actualization, betterment of society (tkkun olam), etc.
But these forces and components of the soul aren't "you". Your consciousness and individuality use these souls. And these souls have their own, independant, ranges of refinement and
abilities. No two people are alike and some are mathematicians, artists, common lay workers, clegymen etc..
But to me all of this is in the realm of science and I'd bet my bottom dollar that one day, we'll be able to quantify it all.
Even as we read this, monkeys are being implanted with sensors to enable them to play video games. What next? We use them for assembly line work?

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