Christopher Warren
Posted by: sarahnb ()
Date: November 07, 2006 08:59PM

I believe that Christopher Warren is sick and needs help. He is suffering from multiple personalities and has an obsession with woman. He is a manipulative, mind controlling pychopathic liar and needs to be stopped.

He abuses the trust and slowly twists the truth into his own fantasy. He has no conscience and believes himself to be a Prophet.
I know that there are other articles about him on this site but I felt I needed to stress that this man is dangerous and distructive in the extreme.

If anyone ever encounters this man please don't investigate him any further unless you are stable pychologically. Warren targets vulnerable woman and by using mind control techniques he turns woman into pychological wrecks.

I have personal experience of this and Plead anyone who is interested in joining his cult to turn away. Forget him because if you don't it will eat you up inside and possibly ruin your mind, sanity and life.


Chris if you read this, your threats don't frighten me, you do not frighten me, I pity you and all I want is to forget I ever came across you. Chris, I have told people about you and I have kept all discussions, including your other personalities that came through when you talked to me. You are a sick man and you need help.
If I ever hear from you I will expose you 100% to be the liar that you are. As for Avah, you will chuck her out of your home when her visa expires, does she know that???[/b]

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Christopher Warren
Posted by: sarahnb ()
Date: November 09, 2006 02:36AM

I would also like to add that if anyone is so desperate to get away from Chris or has had bad experiences with Chris and Co to seek help privately. Tell someone you TRUST, go to a proffessional. I really do not believe it would be in anyones interest to approach NCC_CONCERN as this person is not a proffessional and will undoubtedly leave you more confused than you started. NCC_CONCERN is a private individual who has interests in nccg and Chris for personal issues. This person cannot and will not assist you further, this person only wants to get enough information from you to cause damage to nccg and Chris. Though I support what nccg_concern is doing, I warn you that this person cannot qualify as an exit councellor and is unable to give proper help or advice. I know this as a fact and I have spoken to others who have had similar, disappointing experience with nccg_concern.


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Christopher Warren
Posted by: nccg_concern ()
Date: November 09, 2006 07:54AM

On August 8, 2006, I received email from the person who has posted in this thread as the nickname "sarahnb". Within a few emails, the person had indicated that she was an internet-located female member of the NCCG cult who was being groomed to be one of Warren's live-in wives in Hillringsberg, Sweden. She kept contacting me for what would have functioned as help and psychological support as she attempted to break away from the cult's influence.

I put her into contact with an associate of mine who is better able to attempt to help "sarah" with her issues. The person used primarily internet chat to communicate with "sarah". Communication between the person and "sarah" lasted about a month, until September 9.

After much time and effort had been spent attempting to help "sarah", I reviewed the chat logs and emails that had transpired, and found overwhelming evidence that "sarah" had been psychologically attacking my associate using several different approaches. Some of the things that were done would have been dangerous for the person's mental health, and some of them were even consistent with beginning efforts to recruit the person into the cult. It also included a small amount of what looked like mystical manipulation. The desired result of the attacks appeared to be, specifically, causing the "nccg concern" web site to be removed from the internet one way or the other (the person who was being attacked cannot actually remove the site, however).

I judged that the most likely explanation for what I was seeing in the chat logs was that "sarah" was working for the interests of the NCCG cult.

To protect the person from further attacks by "sarah", all contact between the two was cut off on September 9, 2006. My associate has now recovered from the ill effects of contact with this person.

I see two possible explanations for who "sarah" is and what this person's intentions are.

The information I have at this time, unfortunately, points to the highest likelihood that this person is working in the interests of the NCCG cult in an effort to attack the people associated with the "NCCG Concern" web site ( "Sarah" would be either a fake persona invented by an NCCG associate known in the cult as "Avah/Rayna Elli" in order to trick both NCCG members and "enemies" alike, or, could be a fake persona that is portrayed or backed by the core cult members as a group. Incidental information I have supports the first method listed above moreso than the second.

The second possibility is that this is an actual person who was quite literally "freed" from NCCG at least partway due to the efforts of my associate, but she is psychologically abusive to the point of dangerousness, and may be a pathological liar.

In recent emails, "sarah" stated the following:


"Was thinking of you today, thought I would drop you a message to say Hi and hope all is well with you.
Life is going great fro me, Chris is like a bad dream now, cannot believe I ever fell for that load of rubbish."

"I am me now, I have been "normal" for a while now and I am enjoying my life and freedom and that is why I can reflect back on the past and look at it with "eyes wide open" "

If this is indeed the case, and the possibility #2 listed above is the correct interpretation with the situation involving "sarah", than this whole "sarah" situation has been, overall, successful. This was a person who needed help getting out of the cult, and my associate made a big difference, and this person is now free. Contact was cut off when this person's psychological probems became too difficult for either me or my associate to be able to deal with without significant risk to ourselves - - "sarah" was either going to sink or swim at that point, and in my judgement, there was nothing more that me or my associate could do.

But once again, unfortunately... the information continuing to come in supports the first listed circumstance. One such piece of information appears directly in the post above, in the form of the comment:


I know this as a fact and I have spoken to others who have had similar, disappointing experience with nccg_concern.

This is [list:c2df6bc11a] (a) the type of accusitory language the cult leader uses,

(b) a kind of justification ("unmentionable others agree") that I have seen the cult leader use to attempt to justify some of his pseudoscience and invented religious claims, and

(c) it appears to be an outright lie, in that neither I nor my associate has communicated with enough NCCG members in a way that could generate such a complaint legitimately.[/list:u:c2df6bc11a]

Another piece of information suggesting otherwise is an attack that this person made against former NCCG member Derek Rumpler, who posted on this message board announcing his resignation from NCCG. "sarah" simply attacks him in what amounts to nothing more than a destructive assault on him personally (the thread this occurred in is [] ), and the contents of the attack include outright misrepresentations about Derek as I understand them (for example, Derek never claimed to be an "exit counselor" (I just checked with him on this as well)). The goal of this kind of verbal assault would be to shame the former member and possibly hinder his recovery - - goals which appear to be consistent with what NCCG would want.

Emails and other internet communication from "sarah" have always come from IP address, which indicate a UK physical location, but the person or people responsible for the communications could effectively be anywhere due to the nature of proxies and VPN connections.

None of the information directly indicated by "sarah" about the NCCG cult has been used as source material due to the nature of the situation. The psychological attacks noted as being made by "sarah", however, have been correctly noted as having been done by an NCCG associate.


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Christopher Warren
Posted by: sarahnb ()
Date: November 09, 2006 04:17PM


To think that at one time I was sincerely worried for your safety??! What a joke that is, I think you are as unstable as warren is. Maybe you actually believe yourseldf to be two people? nccg_concern is one person, this person works alone, sometimes asking for help from other people who are involved in exit councelling. I am not going to reveal the identity of nccg_concern because I made a promise and I also do not think I have any right to do so. What I will say though is that nccg_concern is not an experienced exit counsellor and the proof is in the fact that after only 3 weeks decided to stop all contact with myself after helping me see that my life at the time was a complete lie. Its true nccg_concern abandoned me at a very crucial point, not because I was a risk to nccg_concern but because of the lack of experience he/she could no longer help me. I am not upset by that, I understand, what I wanted to get across is that unexperienced people whoo try and help those in situations like mine can inadvertedly cause more damage than good.
nccg_concern is one person, not a proffessional organisation. What hurts is that I actually trusted this person. I admit I was pychologically messed up, who wouldn't have been after what I had been through? I admit I was a useless, messed up wreck and I was not only devastated to discover that warren was a lie but I felt like my mind and my life as I knew it was a complete shambles. I struggled to understand what I was being told by nccg_concern, I admit I struggled to believe what this person was telling me, at the time I was so shocked to think warren was any different than what I had thought him to be.
I have spoken to another woman who experienced similar things as myself with warren and she has helped me a lot. It is this person who I cannot reveal who also felt abandoned by nccg_concern. Once again nccg_concern had got what he/she wanted and moved on without any care/responsibility , nccg_concerns only intent was to destroy warren.

Not once have a revealed the identity of nccg_concern and will not do so. I admit it was me who contacted nccg_concern first after reading the material on his/her site. In many ways I am glad I did contact because in a small way this person did help me. But I was badly hurt by this person due to the fact that nccg_concern is NOT a proffessional, I was constantly being contacted and felt enourmous pressure from nccg_concern. Looking back now I feel the episode with nccg_concern was forced and rushed. I didn't have time to deal with what I have learnt from nccg_concern and yes I was severly messed up but at no time did I ever make threats or make unappropriate comments to nccg_concern. What I did do and maybe this is where I started to trust nccg_concerna dn rely on this person. I was at the point of sink or swim and I was in a desperate situation as my loyalties at the time was divided. It has upset me to think that nccg_concern thought me to be dangerous when all I have ever done is be nice and to try and hide this persons true identity.
Nccg_concern decided to stop all contact with me because I was on the brink of collapse, I thought I belonged to warren and was struggling to break away from his undue influence that I had received for 17 months, nccg_concern gave up and has now unproffessional turned it around to make it look like I was dangerous?
I now see that in a weird way warren was right, that nccg_concern has huge issues him/her self, paranoia being one of them and also pychological problems. I have not lied, I was ill and I was vulnerable and nccg_concern had taken that and told me things that made my mind spin, I was so confussed and was left wondering who to believe, nccg_concern or warren. I need to stress to nccg_concern that what she/he did was so unproffessional that he/she could have caused me more damage. By stopping all contact after being in contact with me constantly for 3 weeks left me confused and rejected at the worst time in my life.

As for Derek, I misunderstood his blog. He states his interest to be exit councelling. I am only human, I am not warren and I can happily say that I am free from all that. I am still worried for the people I thought were my family and I do think its good that Derek is out. What I was upset about is that sometimes as the victim, we need more answers and it looks like I will only be continually slandered if I proceed.

nccg_concern started the ball rolling for me but thankfully I have very good friends and the help that I needed was there for me. I am thankful for nccg_concern for what he/she did for me, I only wanted to get across that maybe if nccg_concern had been a bit more experienced then all this would not have happened and I would not be seen as a ghost writer or whatever. I do not blame nccg_concern for using me as a guinea pig, maybe nccg_concern learnt things from the experience too?


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