big violations by cults
Posted by: Michelle ()
Date: September 02, 2002 07:18PM

Hi my name is Michelle and wanted to bring your attention to this anti- THE DOOR, Potters House yahoo group
Over there is alot of drama going on about a Christian Fellowship Pastor of the Potters House..... a Steve Brazell from Glendale, Arizona who just so happens has been having some sexual online affairs with some female members of this group. He went onto this anti- CFM group to try to gather as much information as he could, because he hated those who was part of this yahoo group. Let alone that he is a Potters House Pastor and has been for many years. Well the folks over there have busted him and this guy needs to be exposed fully by your organization. In fact he mentioned you Mr. Ross in a post he made I'am copying and pasting what he said about you in the letter he openingly posted about this group also in its entirety. Please read towards the end of his post, because it has to do with him being hired by a Bill Coolidge of Yuma, Arizona to do some damage on you back in 92......

To Mr. and Mrs. Slammo and all your little friends:

Wow, could you ever imagine one man could generate so much
controversy on one website??? Makes me feel very important.

First, if any of you thinks that destroying Steve Brazell will in any
way impact CFM, you are most sadly mistaken. Even if you could
destroy me, and you can't, I am but a small blip on the radar screen
of our fellowship. Kind of like this website is but an even smaller
blip on the radar screen of the world; like looking at the earth from
another can't see it, yet up close it appears real big.
If only you folks knew how miniscule your "impact" really is, and
that has something to do with the big charade.

You see, about 15 months ago me and some of my CFM friends devised a
plan to expose some things about you, and play you for the fools you
are. Under dozens of names over that time, we have come on and
posted and e mailed, etc.; we came in as Christians and sinners, as
CFM and non CFM, as Australians and Africans and Europeans, and all
over the USA. And some of you fell for it, hook line and sinker. We
gathered a lot of interesting and useful information. Now, don't get
nervous, at this point we have not broadcast it to the world. But,
it has been interesting to find out what some of you are REALLY like,
not quite the persona you portray as righteous men and women to your
STD friends and comrades. Oh the stories we could tell. Maybe
another time.

What took you so long to trace it, M.N.? And does your wife know
you are on here under other names? Just asking.

Now, if you want to know the real Troothsayer, or Reel Deel, or Phx.
broad, or First Samuel or, well you get the have to meet
the men and women who posted under their names. I can only speak for
me, Steve Brazell (make sure you spell it right, not Brazil); over 25
years of real life salvation, with a blameless and upright testimony
on every job and in all of society; nearly 19 years as a pastor,
hundreds of thousands of dollars invested into world evangelism, 15
trips to overseas nations for ministry, ministry in the Prescott and
other conferences and in the Prescott church (as recently as April);
and dozens of other churches over the years. In that time, you will
not find ONE NO NOT ONE female who can or will honestly testify that
I have ever acted in any way improper towards them, in any forum,
counseling or otherwise, under any situation...NOT ONE. Sorry to
disappoint yall. Are there people who don't like me? Yep. Even in
my own fellowship, can you believe it? But not because I am unclean,
dishonest, etc. Only because I have stood with and for Pastor
Mitchell without question against all things, including most recently

You know how some of our pastors hunt and fish, or play raquetball,
or go to sports bars and hotels, or whatever? My sport is to come on
here and use my God-given talent for writing and acting (I have a
four year degree from ASU...yes, CFM can use educated people, and I
worked in the news media for 10 years) to play games with the minds
of people who, in my own opinion, are worthy to be played with,
because they have the audacity to make their life's goal the
destruction of a fellowship which God saved me in, raised me up in,
and changed my life and gave me an opportunity to be used to win
souls and minister for His glory in. You know, that makes me more
than a little upset, STDers. Real upset. So I played you guys and
played you guys and got a few of my friends to join me in it...and it
was fun, I must admit. And now, you guys are going to ruin my
name..oh name ruined by STD. My My My. But you cannot ruin
my real testimony of life, can you...nope, you can'

Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? Anyone can play any game with
anyone they want to, without having to reveal who they are. And you
criticize me for not telling the truth? Oh you name
is out there for all the universe to see. The rest of you, come
clean too; reveal your real names and stop the charade. What are you
afraid of? CFM jackbooted thugs? Come on, let's all just be real
honest, OK? And remember, tracing works BOTH WAYS. LOL

My real goal is to deflect all anti-CFM attention to me; remember a
guy named Rick Ross, little Ricky and his boyfriends, who tried to
ruin CFM and Pastor Mitchell? Do any of you recall who was the front
man for CFM in that war? yep, Steve Brazell. Hours and hours of
research, work, radio shows, interviews, etc. to counter all the
garbage little Ricky spouted about us. Hey Gina, I even was hired by
Bill Coolidge to go to Yuma in 92 and wipe out Ross' name, because he
was given BC a hard time. Interesting, huh? Well, go ahead and
cruficy me over this, because it gets all the attention off of
leadership and everyone else, and onto me, and I can take it. I am
not like so many castrated pastors and believers who waffle about
what they believe. "I regret that I have only one life to live for
my Fellowship". A true patriot I am!

You know what really set me off on you guys? Karen Heimberg. Maybe
2-3 of you even acted like you cared that she died; the rest of you
secretly rejoiced that Pastor Mitchell's daughter was , because
you felt it somehow vindicated your wicked little plans and
bitternesses. You are scum. If Ken Haining's daughter died, you
guys would hold a Princess Diana funeral for sick scum.
And then Rudy Van Dierman..what a bunch of crap...he is your enemy
number one, oh yeah, until he supposedly leaves and has a tiff
with "greggie" (another shot at Pastor Mitchell, object of your
hatred)...then RVD becomes your hero...You are worse than sick.

Well, in closing, let it rip people...and be frustrated, because I
don't read a single post of anyone's anytime. I just write.
However, may I issue a warning; do not be like one man, who calls the
church office and leaves voice mails to and ID,
genius! No powdery substances in letters to me. No harrasment of
my family or my church, or we will make Schoner's claims look
harmless. Just go about your little demonic business of bringing us
down with post after post to the so called lurkers...hey lurkers, get
in our get out. Have some sack (or whatever). May God be the judge
of each of you, sooner or later. Just go away, forever.


Mr. Ross this man Steve Brazell has been exposed on this yahoo group but there is a bigger story behind all this, besides him saying he took you down back in 92 when he was hired by Bill Coolidge.
This type of stuff is repeated over and over in many of these fellowship churches. Sad to say but it has caused many to lose their faith because of alot of false doctrine that is being preached.

If someone wanted to give you a expose letter, who do I send it to?? to this email address?

I would love if you would visit this yahoo group and see with your own 2 eyes what havoc this man and many like him in this Potters House fellowship has done to many. Thank you! Michelle

to the mod on this msg board, I wanted to expose this man Steve Brazell of The Potters House for what he is doing to faithful people of God

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big violations by cults
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 03, 2002 03:06AM

I have never heard of either Steve Brazell or Bill Coolidge. I have no idea what this man Brazell is even talking about. Nothing happened in 1992 that I can recall. Sounds like a made up story.

I have been to Yuma once on a case, and it had nothing to do with CFM or these men.

I have information about the CFM posted on my website and it's been up for some time. I also testified in a custody case, which ultimately went against them. Of course there have also been numerous interviews, some TV programs etc. that I have participated in about the group.

These people seem to make up stories and say whatever they want.

Rick Ross

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big violations by cults
Posted by: Michelle ()
Date: September 03, 2002 05:04AM

Thank you Mr. Ross for replying so quickly. This Steve Brazell is a CFM pastor from Glendale and has been wreaking havoc on that board there. I have been lurking over there for quite some time watching. This man Brazell exploits people in a very big way and then lies about them. Something that is a common experience in the CFM. Thanks again for replying and I hope you would visit over there and read these posts from Mr. Brazell. He is extreme cultish at best when he says he is a loyal patriot of the CFM fellowship. Very scary!

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big violations by cults
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: September 13, 2002 09:44PM

"This man ... exploits people in a very big way and then lies about them. Something that is a common experience in the CFM. "

This is common of sociopaths and narcisists, not just this guy.

Good web site on this is []


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