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Date: April 12, 2024 08:21AM

Sphinx Spiritual – Ep 5.

A key topic in the Diploma of Spiritual Counselling Course (Counselling Course) is client confidentiality.
The Australian Privacy Principles (Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth)) state information may only be disclosed to third parties when consent has been provided, or where required or authorized by law. Sphinx recommends its Counsellor’s join the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT) and their Code of Ethics states; 2.2 Confidentiality of client information must be observed at all times. In the case where client information is shared, consent must first be obtained.

Pearl (aka Hahnemann) is the founder and teacher of the Counselling Course. Pearl is also a Australian Register of Homeopath (AROH), and Psychotherapist (registration unknown). The AROH’s Confidentiality policy states; 4. Registrants shall as far as is practicable comply with the provisions of Commonwealth and State Privacy Acts …. nothing should be said, shown or published, which could lead to the identification of a patient, except where the patient consents to such disclosure, or the information is demanded by subpoena.

A number people have expressed concerns that Pearl provides confidential information directly from Counselling or Homeopathic sessions.

I can testify to that. During the Counselling Course, Pearl identified told two high profile Australian’s she’d counselled. Pearl provided me with intermit and specific detail from one of these confidential consultation(s).

Applying a legal context: 1/ Excluding the above exceptions (which don’t apply), only Pearl and the client should know about the consultation(s)?? 2/ How do I know these clients had a consultation(s)?? 3/ How would I know specifics and intermit details?? 4/ Both clients can provide evidence confirming they never provided any information regarding their consultation, including specific intermit details.

I suspect there’s some EGO (Sphinx spiritual value no. 7) involved, and Pearl was ‘big noting’. There was no context, or reason why any of the information, detail or specifics should have been disclosed.

Pearl closely monitors her accredited Counselors, and some discuss cases directly with her. In my case, Pearl actually confirmed a Counselor spoke to her about me?? De-identified advice is fine; however, the disclosure of a client’s identity breaches the standards and principles above!

Pearl being a qualified health practitioner and the Director of her Counselling Course, should unequivocally understand confidentiality??

Pearl’s allegedly spiritual standing and self-acclaimed ‘higher being’ status, should alone, provide the requisite understanding of ‘confidentiality’.

So, if you think confidentiality exists within Sphinx, think again!!!

** This is another example where the Sphinx Eleven Spiritual Values do not apply to the group’s leaders. I need to add Value 12 to my list, ‘12. the eleven spiritual values apply, accept when I choose otherwise.’

Ep 5 – Next the Pythagoras (now Stock Nostradamus) Share Trading platform.

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