'Loving Hut' - vegan resteraunt chain run by cult
Date: January 04, 2024 05:31AM

Discovered this today. What do you think?





Re: 'Loving Hut' - vegan resteraunt chain run by cult
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 04, 2024 11:40PM

Past discussions of Ching Hai, her cult and her lucrative chain of Loving Hut vegan restaurants on CEI message board:


(Select 'all dates' when searching CEI message board -- some discussions go back over a span of 10, sometimes 20 years!)

Reddit can be a source of information but must be used with caution.


One allegation from someone saying they are a former LH employee:


10 yr. ago
Full disclosure - I worked at a Loving Hut for about six months. The experience was awful, and unfortunately forever put me off investing money in their admittedly delicious food.

Having to give half of my hard-earned tips to the Supreme Master and seeing my boss work herself half to death just to spend all of her earnings on useless Supreme Master goods was simply too much to bear.

To each their own, but realize that the delicious food is at the expense of (primarily) saucer-eyed, brainwashed immigrants divorcing their spouses and giving up their life savings to a fraud.

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