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(Eating Reorder, also referred to as Eating Re-order and ER)

Since 2020 / 2021, Indonesia based “Eating Reorder” is promoting itself as a diet program, but in reality it has all the characteristics of a destructive cult. Hereunder follows a concise explanation.

Eating Reorder (ER, as they call themselves as well) has recently started to expand internationally towards other areas of the world such as for example Australia and Europe. It already announced to do so in 2022 with:

“ER has a vision, to create 1000 ER coaches from around the world who have an abundance mentality.”

The above is a translation from their original phrase:

“ER mempunyai visi, menciptakan 1.000 ER coaches dari seluruh dunia yang memiliki mentalitas berkelimpahan.”

See link to original source at the end of this text.

The above statement itself already reveals ER’s primary focus. This focus is on recruiting new recruiters (coaches) instead of helping people, as these groups all too often claim as their objective. So in the beginning already, Eating Reorder seems just the typical pyramid shaped money generating machine for its leader(s). This is similar / identical to so many other cults / sects.

The founder of Eating Re-order, Roy Irawan, who used to work earlier as a percussionist, wedding ceremony leader and insurance sales agent (how typical!), has learned his “diet tricks” in the USA (Florida), but also relies on external expertise (a sort of “gun for hire”) such as that of Ariesandi Setyono, who with hypnotherapy and his Instant Change Technique** assists in creating obedient followers for the leader of the group.

Roy Irawan seems to be slowly but surely evolving on the ladder of deception of his followers, by gradually feeding them with the appropriate information and small changes each time. Small steps is obviously the key here!
As an example “Eating Reorder” became the “Eating Reorder community”, then started to be redubbed around May 2023 to “Eating Reorder family”, which subsequently lead to participants starting to call each other brother (bro) and sister (sis). So what will be his next step? Will he become father of the family? Will he become even more? Indications for this are already present.

*) The document that is being used; the Instant Change Technique Practitioner’s Manual, is literally filled with nonsense that no person with at least a moderate general education would be capable of believing!

**) this is not something that is invented by Ariesandi Setyono, as he claims. The technique internationally exists also as Instant Change Method.

Basically the group seems to operate as follows, which is like so many other cults or sects:

Free initial participation
An announcement is being made for a free lecture or activity.
These lectures are usually online video conferencing lectures for which one has to register, but activities can also be a typical 2-3 day camp where people physically attend in a full day program (actually day and night, since participants are not leaving the location. That’s why the location is rather isolated).
In both cases the new participants are being surrounded by old devotees who already have been recruited earlier. Note that this can be done overt as well as covert, hence in the open or in a secretive way. This is just the process of luring people into the activity and hooking them. Note once more that the above-described is a typical way of working for cults and sects.

Once people are in, they follow a specific diet in combination with exercise, typically walking, and video conference lectures about diet, but especially about mindset, including hypnotherapy which starts to change participants identity.

Personality test
In the early stages of participation, people are asked to answer a questionnaire for a personality test. This is an excellent way for ER to get information about participants that can later be used against them. Basically they size people up, for them to know exactly how to manipulate them and converge them towards an obedient follower and worker for a specific area of Eating Reorder.

The diet is (initially was) a ketone diet, which is being used also by Hollywood actors in order to lose weight quickly for their next movie if needed. This diet however has side effects and its value is not for the long term, as people can’t maintain it over a long time and therefore gain weight again after a while. This is of course very suitable for the leader because this gives participants a reason to stay within the group. In addition, the diet also seems to change over time and initial “forbidden” food starts to become part of the diet again. Participants don’t need to worry for not eating nice food now and then. “Cheating” with the diet is allowed now and then, as it also becomes allowed in other areas later.
Also, in rather covert ways, a world dominating fast food burger chain seems often to make an appearance within the information flow coming from Eating Reorder…… Really something that should raise questions.

Exercise, Identity Walk
The exercise, which is called “Identity Walk”, is a walking activity that shall take place first thing in the morning*.
During the Identity Walk, participants listen to prescribed audio books, podcasts, specific songs etc. suggested by Eating Re-order as a part of the indoctrination process.
When listening to this day in day out, people slowly but surely start to change their mindset, thereby creating an alternative identity which actually suppresses their authentic identity. Participants are convinced that they are changing themselves, but here is the catch; the information comes from Eating Reorder, so it is actually Eating Re-order that is changing them. To counter an argument in this area, Eating Reorder continuously states that nobody can change you except you yourself. However, by controlling the information and the milieu, it is actually Eating Reorder that is changing you!
In essence, certain pieces of information are provided to you in a certain order or in a certain way. When you then process this information in your mind, you draw a certain conclusion thereby thinking the conclusion is our own. In reality however, drawing this specific conclusion is orchestrated by the leader of the group because of the way of providing the information.
(Note that the above is a again a typical way of obtaining Mind Control for cults and sects.)

*) because then of course the first attention of the day is going towards Eating Re-order. Also without breakfast, the brain is lacking the necessary nutrients for proper functioning and is therefore more susceptible for suggestive information that comes from Eating Reorder via the audiobooks, podcasts, etc.

Video conferencing
During Video conference meetings, multiple coaches and assistant coaches support the leading coach. New participants that raise doubt or have questions are being taken care of by the additional coaches and assistant coaches. (This is a typical cult way of operating).
During sessions, food and especially mindset are being discussed. Later, there is an expansion towards other areas as well, like psychology, where they start to focus on the inner child to “solve” underlaying psychological problems. In reality, this is a way to get better control over people. After all, a child is easier to control than an adult. One can actually observe this child-like-behavior in certain group members.
(Again, this is a typical cult way of operating of a cult / sect).

Eating Reorder is not only a diet cult. It seems to be a mix of many types of cults that exist these days and have existed in the past.
Eating Reorder has a religious component, a self improvement / self healing component, a world improvement component, a business component, a relationship component.

Eating Reorder uses all main stream religions present in Indonesia, and hence the rest of the world, such as Islam, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism and the teachings of these religions are heavily used, perhaps better state misused, for the eventual benefit of the leader.

Self improvement
The self improvement of course includes the diet and weight loss, but especially “helps” people to change their mindset. Self love, as an example, which in itself can be positive, is misused to levels that it turns participants into narcistic extrovert salespersons that do not care about others except themselves and the leader. Perfect for financially ripping people off others and for recruiting new recruiters in order to keep the financial pyramid in operation. (Again, typical for cults and sects.) Also, a sort of carrot on a stick technique is being used to secure people as obedient followers. Nearly every day, by various people in the group, it is promised that the next day will be better, tomorrow you will receive your blessings, don’t waste your time on negative (read here critical!) thought etc. In the end, again like with all cults / sects, those better days never arrive and people find themselves being misused as slaves for many years for the benefit of the leader.

World improvement
Participants or coaches are being told that they are world improvers, because they will help making others healthy. Participants are even convinced that it is all right to help others, even if these others do not necessarily want to be helped! Because people from Eating Reorder know better, they feel at liberty to trick others into the program without prior consent. (This is clearly achieved via Mind Control techniques that are typical for cults.) Apparently, it is all right for ER coaches to ridicule people who are overweight and to maneuver them into the ER program, even if these people themselves do not have a problem with their own weight.

Multi Level Marketing
Multi Level Marketing itself seems to be largely present in Indonesian society, but also in many other countries of the world. At least in some countries these MLMs are regulated by some type of law in order to protect innocent civilians, while in Indonesia people seem to hop from one MLM to another MLM continuously. Multi Level Marketing seems to be part of the Modus Operandi of Eating Reorder as well as the are “selling a product” in addition to recruiting new sellers.

Leader, inner core, other affiliations
Many to most of the ER coaches are just people that have been tricked into this cult. They are therefore just repeating the tricks that have been pulled on them in order to recruit others. There seem to be a few names however that either individually, but also often together, show up regularly in other MLM like / cult like groups as well.

These are:
-Roy Irawan H.
-Ariesandi Setyono
-Violison Martheo
-Julius Suharto

Doesn’t it appear strange to you that the same group of “experts” of Eating Reorder are also “experts” on insurance, business, trading, psychology, raising children etc.? Alarm bells should be ringing by now!

Some of above mentioned core people have strong links to organizations like Prudential_ID, MDRT, MRT, BNI and VIBE UNITED. Follow these and you will see how they behave all in a similar manner.
Lower level coaches seem to be / seem to get involved with aforementioned organizations. They also promote Eating Re-order on a daily basis in order to recruit new participants / coaches. These lower level coaches also seem to be promoting their own small businesses which shouldn’t be considered harmful in the context of this article of course.
Furthermore, it seems that many coaches in Eating Reorder are affiliated with Indonesian insurance companies, the Indonesian TV and movie industry, fashion retailing, catering and others sectors. Expertise from aforementioned sectors often serves ER goals very well, like presentations in the media (Tik Tok, you tube, Instagram, internet in general).

In July 2023, ER expanded towards dating services as well with the objective to connect ER members to other ER members. So all the ER participants that are single, and even ER participants that have been made* singe by the ER program, could join up for another free lecture and further participation. Once more a perfect way to lock people into the organization in order to maintain them as slaves for the benefit of the leader, because if your husband or wife is in there, you are less like to leave, not even mentioning children, parents and other family members…..

*) Also a typical cult technique to make participants get rid of spouses** that are not believing in the cult doctrine

**) Side note This “unfreezing” of the original environment does not only appl to husbands / wives but also to children, friends, colleagues, basically all that do not believe in the program and are potentially dangerous for the organization because the can try to get people out. All connections to the non-believers-world must be savaged so in case ER participants decide to leave ER, the have no one to go to anymore.


For ER participants

How much of the original reasons for you to join ER are still applicable and are still valid for you to remain in this organization?

How much time of your life have you dedicated to ER already, without being (properly) paid?

How much money have you spent or invested in this organization or via this organization already?

Which fears do you have, that you are afraid of becoming true when you leave this organization?

For people that are considering to join ER

When reading the text above;

Quite a lot for a diet program that perhaps some of you consider joining, right?


Eating Reorder (ER), they don’t just control your diet, the control your life!

Remaining sources from internet in general (youtube, TikTok, Instagram)

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Date: January 15, 2024 05:41AM

I recently came across your article titled "EATING REORDER, A DESTRUCTIVE CULT ON THE RISE," and I must say that it took me by surprise. I respect diverse opinions, and I understand that people may have different experiences, but I felt compelled to share my own positive experience with Eating Reorder.

I joined the program last year with the goal of improving my overall well-being, and I can genuinely say that it has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. The program's approach to health, both physical and mental, resonated with me, and I wanted to share some of the positive outcomes I've personally experienced.

Since participating in Eating Reorder:

Improved Health: I have witnessed a significant improvement in my overall health. Following the program has led to positive changes in my lifestyle, resulting in increased energy levels and a general sense of well-being.

Reduced Medication Dependency: One of the most remarkable changes has been the reduction in my dependency on medication. With the guidance of Eating Reorder, I have been able to manage my health more naturally, leading to a decrease in the need for medication.

Personal Growth: Beyond the physical benefits, the program has also contributed to my mental well-being. I've gained valuable insights into maintaining a positive mindset and cultivating healthier habits.

I wanted to share these personal successes to offer a different perspective on the program. While I understand that individuals may have varied experiences, it's essential to acknowledge the positive impact Eating Reorder has had on many participants.

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