Cellular Transformation
Posted by: Scatz ()
Date: December 09, 2022 11:06AM

This is a group of very nice seeming individuals led by an anorexic conventionally attractive narcissist- Jennifer Millar.

The leader of CT claims to have been a part of these groups for 20 plus years. The 20 year old fell into the tutelage of an older man. Don Hanson took in this child as a lover as well. There are videos that I encourage you to watch of her and him that depict their dynamic. Jennifer talks openly about the way that Don groomed her and used her to advance his sexual conquests amongst his followers. The cult hosted sex parties and she brought in a younger demographic. She eventually mothered a child by him.

I am not certain as to what happened during this time and am open to hearing other peoples experiences.

To dismiss the abuse that this young woman experienced while in his care would be crude. However at some point she seems to need to take responsibility to the toxic mentality he has imbued upon her. What comes to mind is the way that the daughter is extremely mentally unwell, one can assume it would be impossible not to be after experiencing abuse and sexual violence of this degree. This particular cult does not believe or have an understanding of psychology and mental health so these conditions are used for exploitation.

The tactics of Jennifer Millar are to break down and "build up". She uses Kundalini tactics to peer pressure participants of their circles into a state of immense vulnerability. The leader uses strong language calling everything codependent or other buzzwords they have created (not adhering to the scientific definition). After you pay you get to sit in a circle with other participants while Jennifer asks questions to break down and "build up" participants. Crying and confessing are rewarded. The participants chant what Jennifer says saying that the divine is speaking through her. She speaks glibly with her biases (sexual/patriarchal/fat phobic/predatory) present and affirmed by unsuspecting partipants and trusted followers. After you give in they reward you with sex, feelings of inclusion and proximity to the leader. The sexual enmeshment is a huge part of how they operate. Many have sex with Jennifer and the daughter some have sex with both. This is why I think Cellular Transformation fits into the definition of a cult.

I have seen people come out of this group completely wounded-mentally, physically, financially as well as of course emotionally. They try to use these tactics in a delusional state to get what they want from the world. Without realizing that they are acting like Jennifer herself. A power hungry bully.

If anyone has anything else to say about this group or individuals associated with it and what to watch out for, please. They operate out of Canyon Lake, Texas although they work with groups all over the globe in Kingston, Munich, Dima, Mallorca, Vienna, BC, Cologne etc.

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Re: Cellular Transformation
Posted by: lovic ()
Date: December 18, 2022 05:17AM

Very disturbing! Is there anything in this Country (US) that isn't a cult.
Are there more cults b/c of some zeitgeist?

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