Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: lianarecovery ()
Date: May 09, 2022 10:41PM

Liana Shanti, nee Lianne Wilson, is a former Wall Street Lawyer and Real Estate Sales Agent turned self-proclaimed nutritionist, shaman, medium, psychic, "akashic reader", and most recently, Jesus' avatar on earth and our messiah. She preaches that through transforming our bodies into clear vessels through a vegan diet, "healing our wounds" and disconnecting from our "family cults," dismantling our ego and practicing unconditional love, her disciples will escape the "3d matrix" (the real world) and ascend to the 5th and up to the 12th dimension and return to our Lemurian roots.

We know this sounds crazy. But it is very real. She has 17000 followers on IG and Facebook, so not a super large following but she goes DEEP with her followers. Think Teal Swan but WAY smarter. Evil smart. Deadly smart.

Liana has been on the scene since around 2013 or so, starting with her health and wellness programs rooted in a vegan lifestyle. She created (plagiarized) a number of health protocols like a juice cleanse, candida cleanse, parasite cleanse, 66 day health mastery program etc (see attached diagram). Eventually she created her own "school" called the Health Mastery Institute where she charges people 5000 US to become plant based health coaches. While the science is legit, this school is similar to the health front programs used by other known cults like Scientology and is a funnel to her main purpose which is spirituality and self development.

Her other main funnel into her world is the Illuminations subscription which is a 2 hour weekly "energy" forecast where she talks about things like the star allignments and provides "guidance" to her subscribers for the week in regards to finance, health, relationships etc. Think your horoscope in a 2 hour audio.

Liana is a master at NLP, hypnosis, voice rolling and other mind control techniques which is why she sustains her cult ONLY through audio transmissions. No one has ever seen video of her or even evidence of the voice they listen to coming out of the picture she provides' mouth. As you can see from the picture/avatar she provides for herself, she is likely heavily photoshopped/filtered and uses these images as aspirations for her primarily female audience to look like her when they are also in their 50's.

Through HMI and Illuminations, her social media following cross promote into her main focus - her core wound healing programs and confessional/collateral funnels of mother wound/father wound and narc relationships. These programs are heavily rooted in traditional psychology but again, use thought programming and undue influence, social pressure and side groups to extort women into disconnecting from their families and spouses in order to "heal".

From there, women move into the upper eschelons of her doctrine which includes her Lifepath program (12 part recorded shamanic journey) the Lemurian mystery school and Lightbody activation programs.

Her programs run from 400 dollars to upwards of 4000 dollars. She recently released her 12D business school and is planning on releasing a "family cult recovery" program. On her instagram, she intermittently runs q and a sessions where people ask her questions like "is my husband a narc" or "should I move to montana" etc. As an akashic reader, she knows everything about every persons past present and future for every life they are destined to have. And her followers TRULY believe this.

Her private facebook group and core following consists of approximately 150 members, and she charges for 70 dollars for entrance and "real" access to her. Thats approx 11 thousand dollars a month just from a facebook group. Combined with her programs, she and her family are living MORE than comfortably in a mansion on the island of Kauai where conveniently no one in her following would ever have the chance of running into her as her real self.

The reason why we are posting it now is while these cults may seem like they are all fun and games to speculate over - Liana has legitimately destroyed families. Her "healing programs," core group and messaging influence women to leave their husbands, file for sole custody, and go no contact with them or any other family member in the spirit of healing and finding their "true selves". We have been inundated with stories from fathers of their wives and ex wives violating custody orders and preventing them from seeing their children. We know of one man who has committed suicide because of the accusations leveled against him in court. Her cult of personality has caused such addiction in her followers we know of another who has gone off of his bipolar meds and is wandering the United States waiting for her to tell him where to go and what to do.

Liana Shanti's followers call her Jesus. She says Jesus speaks to her. They put up pictures of her in their homes and pray to her. Their children do as well, and many women put on audio of Liana's teachings while their children are sleeping.

Things came to a head recently with the pandemic and the vaccination and vax protocols. Liana began to heavily push her "satanic and luciferian agenda" narrative, is stoutly against vaccinations as they invite demons into the body and prevent the souls from moving off of the "prison planet". Much like Heavens Gate, she has promoted "safe states" and "safe countries" in reference to their "energies" and policies surrounding the vax agenda and over the past 6 months, has influenced at least 2 dozen women and their children to pick up and leave their states/countries and families (regardless of custody decisions) and move - primarily to the United States. We know of at least one woman who attempted to kidnap her children and cross the border from Canada into the United States.

A few months ago, a group of families (approximately 5 adults and 8 children) pooled their resources to purchase and live in one home in Florida (a safe state). While her core group of followers have dubbed his home "Destiny Manor" it caught the attention of these followers' families/friends (us) who recently started an instagram page - lianashanti_cult_recovery to try and bring attention to what is happening and hopefully save the women and children from what has CLEARLY become a full blown cult.

We are DEEPLY concerned and overwhelmed and yes, terrified for our loved ones. And expert we consulted has called this an online version of human and child trafficking, with the end goal to have her followers build and create a compound somewhere in the US (Florida) where she will be a puppet master safely from thousands of miles away.

Jonestown, Heavens Gate, and Waco are on our minds constantly. Liana cherry picks her cult psychology from all three of these INCLUDING the "akashic names" she bestows on her core followers.

As Liana Shanti is a skilled lawyer, her disclaimers on all of her programs wipe her of nearly any and all responsibility of what happens to her followers. While we are in discussions with the relevant authorities to see what we can legally do, as you can imagine, with the worldwide reach of such an operation it is mind blowing to even consider where to begin.

Please comment on what you know or what you dont know about her. Dig dig dig. Please let us know of any bloggers, podcasts, youtube hosts, journalists who can help us expose her. While she has a lot of followers its JUST under the threshhold of putting her on the radar. In fact we were suprised there hasn't been a reddit already.

Her primary mode of communication is instagram lianashanti or her website Any and all help you can give us will be GREATLY appreciated.

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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: May 10, 2022 09:55PM

Thanks for the heads up.


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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: cultrecovery ()
Date: June 22, 2022 12:48AM

I was inside this. I can confirm and validate everything written in this post. I also sent you a private message.

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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: Sean84 ()
Date: July 04, 2022 12:42AM

Is there anyway we could talk via PM. My wife is caught up in this group and as scary as it sounds, I have lived this same script for the past year. I need to get her out.

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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: zhzmom ()
Date: July 05, 2022 11:27PM

My son's girlfriend got him involved in the Healing the Father Wound and Mother Wound programs that Liana Shanti has. He has completely cut off communication with us as an end result and sees us as the enemy and part of the "family cult."

It is heartbreaking to watch and have no control over. He is 34 and I have seen him cut out friends, become more isolated, has gone vegan and is constantly on a cleanse of some type. His girlfriend is a huge follower of Liana and moving more into the higher levels of becoming a wellness coach. My husband and I are working through this with the help of our family therapist (whom we have been seeing for years), and we are being bathed in prayer from friends and family.

From what we have seen with this Father/Mother wound course, it claims that everyone is a narcissist and manipulator (little do they know that Liana is the epitome of a narcissist and manipulator), and he is now suspended in this "child" regression with the only solution being cut everyone who loves you out.

He is completely off the chart on the whole vaccine issue, and believes the "satanic and luciferin agenda" narrative that Liana preaches. He tells me he is closer to Jesus than he's ever been - which doesn't line up with my interpretation of who Jesus is and what he modeled.

This is definitely a delicate matter. For those interested, my therapist recommended an article in Psychology Today by Steven A. Hassan, PhD from April 13, 2021 titled "The Definitive Guide to Helping People Trapped in a Cult." It has some good tips and resources in it.

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Re: Liana Shanti - Human and Child Trafficker
Posted by: nmurthyforever ()
Date: July 10, 2022 09:39PM

There is a reddit on her. Please see liana shanti survivors

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