Cult North Philadelphia - attended meeting 1995
Posted by: witlesswitness ()
Date: February 03, 2022 05:48AM

I wonder if the following was a cult and which one it was?

1995 in Philly we would get the local music paper and on the back it had ads.
I thought one sounded like a cult meeting. I showed it to my roommate and he thought the same. We decided to check it out to see what it really was. (teens)

It was a Tudor house in north Philly. We entered the living room, it was normal yet upper-class. There was a dining room with nothing but folding chairs and a buffet. We sat and everyone else eventually sat.

A man introduced another man that everyone was abnormally happy to see. He had a shaved head, jeans, sweater, no shoes or socks.
He ate off a plate as he spoke to us, sitting down.

I don’t recall anything special about him or what he said but we were informed that he was “finally” released from prison???

My friend pointed out that a famous local radio host was there (95 Philadelphia). He and his wife were wearing clothing similar to Steve Jobs. Black turtle necks and jeans.

At the end of the talk we went to leave and some guy got visibly/verbally pissed at us. He was like “hey! You have to help clean up”
Basically guilted us into cleaning dishes even though we didn’t eat etc. After some cleaning we got the vibe this was a culty trick so we started to leave.

I was almost out the door then a beautiful blonde girl started to talk to me. I knew this was weird but still talked to her lol
After she kept changing the direction of the discussions my friend was just like “we’re going!” Literally dragged me out.

Never heard anything on it after that and I’ve wondered what it was. It keeps popping in my head recently. Maybe mid-life reminiscing.

North Philly 95 or 96
Tudor house
Focus - White guy, shaved head maybe 45-55ish in 1995
Advertised their meetings in music papers that were free on south street, philly.

Cult seemed multiple generations, 18-60s.
Middle class to upper middle class.

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