Gopal Norbert Klein
Posted by: dd11 ()
Date: December 14, 2021 03:03AM

Have any of you guys heard about this new self proclaimed "spiritual teacher" called Gopal Norbert Klein? A computer scientist originally from Germany now based in Switzerland is building a cult in Central Europe. He claims that he receives information via "channeling" and created the "Local Groups"-network with about 500 groups in which people under the cloak of "self-help" spread this cult. He is all about financial and power abuse and has some kind of messiah complex. I find this cult very dangerous because it is very sneaky in luring people in because the outside image that is being created is supposedly about "self help" and "traumahealing". His methods are a rehashing of legitimate and known psychotherapeutic principles (supposedly he channeled them) and outright ridiculous esoteric thinking. He has of course a website and youtube channel:

I can only warn you or your family and friends to participate in this cult. I personally know of people that have been lured in and ended up in psychiatric ward because of it.

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