Spiritual cults are Narcissists’ heaven
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: July 08, 2021 12:05AM

What is a Narcissist truly or those who have pronounced narcissistic traits.
They are just another human being who happens to have the mission of making other people’s lives hell.
Unfortunately they usually don’t know how horrible they are and always put the blame on others.
Some of them are of course also attracted to spirituality and finding some happiness in this world.
They enter spiritual communities and soon realize that it is the predator’s paradise.
Those communities are filled with empaths, the broken, people who lack confidence and boundaries, people pleasers, codependents...
Can those sharks possibly find a better feeding frenzy?
Aside from the psychopatic gurus, let us not forget the memmbers of the cult who are also at times an absolute nightmare.
People are completely in an illusion thinking that spiritual communities are safe. That one can keep their guards down.
It is the most dangerous place of all for those sincere fragile souls.
It makes one even more submissive, kinder, giving, trusting....
While the narcissists go through a gradual exorcism (that can last 30 years or more) practicing spirituality, everybody else will get damaged by the inner demons they unleash on others.
The wonderful advantage of spiritual cults is that most times noone can tell them anything. They can torture psychologically and bully others freely.
What can be more amazing than abuse passing for mercy and chastisement?
What can be better than be surrounded by hundreds of beings who are thaught not to judge, criticize... I would say it is like hitting the jackpot.
Be it a psycho Krishna guru, pedo priest, the scary mother superior....
They are all filthy beings who pose as religious leaders.
Demons in the right clothing who happen to be very good actors.
Narcissits are already dangerous but they are deadly in the spiritual communities.
The greatest service we can render children is to teach them from an early age about these destructive members of our society.
So that they can recognize them. Be it a parent, sibbling, teacher...
Why do we have to wait till it is too late to finally research and understand how we have been gaslit.
We must find a way to bring awarenss to the youth both about cults and dangerous personality disorders.
Can we prevent instead of curing?
I want to see a much more empowered next generation. Critical thinkers who understand the human psyche.
I believe that there should be a manual that we give to kids as soon as they are old enough.
Noone deserves to be exploited and destroyed by these selfish parasites.

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Re: Spiritual cults are Narcissists’ heaven
Posted by: George x ()
Date: August 31, 2021 04:08AM

i loved what you wrote man. God bless made me feel less alone on these matters. It s hard times and hard times on the begining of them propably means weak and vulnerable people . and that in combination with the "messiahs" that come along is destructive. But those who come winners out of it carry hope , they come out strong.

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Re: Spiritual cults are Narcissists’ heaven
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: October 09, 2021 11:46AM

Thank you George.

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Re: Spiritual cults are Narcissists’ heaven
Posted by: mhwbl ()
Date: October 09, 2021 02:36PM

This is exactly how I have experienced new age spirituality over the past 10 years, first through the Kabbalah Centre International, which frankly is just a criminal organisation, then through various smaller new age groups and even online.

We need better government scrutiny and regulation of these groups. They should need a licence to operate and prove continuously that their leaders are psychologically fit, ethically correct, and utilising resources in the best interest of their community.

I have reached out to the Faith Minister in the UK. I would appreciate the support of the UK participants on this forum to escalate the matter, and establish regulation to protect the public from regilous/spiritual organisations and groups.

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