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Re: We must let go of the external savior program
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: May 30, 2021 10:41AM

With all due respect I did not escape the fanatical devotees of butler to have an Iskcon devotee on my back in a forum that is dedicated to cults.
You really think that I just speak out of my behind with zero knowledge of the Vedas. I will never make such statement if I had not heard it.
I have way different experiences and insights than most people. I am not devoted to Krishna and this forum is a place where I should be able to safely share my views.
This path, my unqualified guru and some disciples and devotees destroyed my life.
They pushed me into a direction that has made me consider suicide for the past years.
I am not interested in associating with any devotees nor defending the Vedas. I take responsibility for any offenses I commit. I told you that if you are dedicated to Krishna stay way from my posts please. My posts are not meant for devotees. Most people in this forum have a bitter taste in their mouth. We can say what we want here. Rick has not created this forum for devotees. It is for those who get screwed up by them. If you are on a mission to defend ACB and the Vedas please find another battlefield. I respect your views but you are not truly helping me in any way other than serving your own agenda. I am not as spiritually retarted as I sound. I have gone way deep down the rabbit hole and I do NOT BELIEVE that K Consciousness is the absolute Truth. So let me express my views based on my own experiences and insights. If you think the God of the bible who makes a bet with Satan to torture Job in order to test his faith, is attractive, more power to you. Then the bible says that this same God is love. Please! Give me a break. Also asking Abraham to sacrifice his son to test him. How is that loving?
I have my own relation with God. I told him even if he crushes my bones, I will not fear him. I am not interested in reading or researching the Vedas. You think that I cannot have my own insights? That ONLY Prahbupada is able to speak? Keep hour artogance to yourself. You have no clue who I am and what I have experienced on mystical levels. What I described in my mystical experiences in here is a joke compared to everything else. I do not want to interact with you anymore on any of my posts. I did my best to tolerat you but you are really getting on my nerves.
Kind of like an agent Smith in the Matrix.

Here is this for you: Nectar of Devotion Chapter on Blasphemy
“There are three ways of dealing with such insults. If someone has heard blaspheming by words, one should be so expert that he can defeat the opposing party by argument. If he is unable to defeat the opposing party, then the next step is that he should not just stand there meekly but should GIVE UP HIS LIFE. The third process is followed if he is unable to execute the above-mentioned two processes, and this is that he must leave the place and go away. If a devotee does not follow any of the above-mentioned three processes, he falls down from his position of devotion”.

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Re: We must let go of the external savior program
Posted by: The Whirlwind ()
Date: May 30, 2021 10:54AM

This is Kali Yuga. If every devotee who made or heard offenses was to kill him- or her- self, then there'd not be much of a sangha left, would there?

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Re: We must let go of the external savior program
Posted by: The Whirlwind ()
Date: May 30, 2021 11:02AM

PS: Once again: this is called the CULT EDUCATION FORUM. I am here to EDUCATE. If you do not like it, then tough. If you want a support group, then I suggest you seek professional help. With all due respect.

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Re: We must let go of the external savior program
Posted by: The Whirlwind ()
Date: May 30, 2021 01:15PM

The Whirlwind Wrote:
> Truth wins Wrote:
> > To me the devil is FEAR. And fear is the only
> > ennemy I fight every day.
> > When we fear, we have no power. PERIOD. Be it
> > fearing guru, God...
> > All religions have proven themselves to be fear
> > based. Even Vaishnavism that invites people to
> > commit suicide if they are offensive or hear
> > offenses.
> First: do you know what the Latin root of the word
> "adore" is, Truth winds? It is "adorare", which
> means "worship" or "fear". This is not the kind
> of fear that one would have of a loaded gun, for
> example, but rather the fear one would have of the
> power of the Sun.
> "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom",
> as the Good Book says (Proverbs 9:10).
> Next: that's bullshit. Vaisnavism does not invite
> people to kill themselves if they are offensive or
> hear offenses. Where did you come up with such
> nonsense?

Truth wins, do you know where I learned about the Latin word "adorare"? It was not in some fancy seminary class or whatever, but from the movie "Malcolm X". A movie, a Hollywood movie! It was that movie which taught me this Latin word.


See for yourself; the script is right here and I recommend the Spike Lee film to you as well:


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Re: We must let go of the external savior program
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: June 02, 2021 09:11PM

Stop the personal attacks and religious statements.

This thread is not for Krishna devotees to preach or for anyone else to debate religious points of view.

The focus must be on cults, destructive authoritarian groups behavior.

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