Guru/Followers relation: A game of give and take
Posted by: Truth wins ()
Date: May 19, 2021 08:47PM

I have been thinking a lot about the guru follower dynamics.
It seems as though the not so perfect gurus are always the one on trial here and elsewhere.
They are made to see as those who just take take take take.
We see followers as poor victims that we all pitty and wish we could save from the dungeon like a damsel in distress.
As much as I am myself fought to expose abuse, I must also admit that I did not stay in my group for a few years for absolutely nothing.
As imperfect, abusive... a guru may be, people are usually too selfish to just give without anything in return. We are not only being brainwashed 24/7.
The very exteremely dangerous leaders such as Jim Jones, David Koresh... are not running the streets. Most gurus are a mix of rotten and nice.
Followers are also using the guru to get to a destination. Feed off their charisma, teachings, tiny mystical abilities...
The guru is like this genrator that a thousands of followers want to be hooked to.
As much as I despise the abusive fake gurus, they are also putting up with thousands of not always so easy followers.
Those who enter such paths, come from a background of suffering, trauma, damage...
Unfortunately if we want to be honest, we cannot just point the finger at the guru all the time and think that followers are JUST victims.
I remeber when one of our top notch teachers would visit, people were buzzing around him like bees attracted to honey. As though they wanted to steal his light.
Unfortunately this is a reality. Followers can become too comfortable leaning on guru and those who are close to the guru.
Are they solely to blame for the laziness and lack of critical thinking of the followers? Definitely not.
Am I letting the abusers, liars... off the hook? Never.
I gave a lot to my ex guru out of love back then and I would be a liar if I say I got absolutely nothing in return.
Most people in cults will never look into this forum and what you don’t know won’t hurt you aka ignorance is bliss.
They see the guru As God’s ambassador or in some cases as God himself. A faultless, perfect being they are not.
We are now free and want to let the prisoners out. We see the terrible side of prison.
This is not how those who are inside the cults often feel. They are not always miserable. They enjoy the good sides of the group and accept the negatives.
They compromise like in any relationship.
I have been there myself. When I was in a trance it did not feel as bad as it may look or sound.
They enjoy the servitude as I once did. We despise the abusive leaders now, they love them as I once did.
A mother loses sleep, must change stinky diapers, put up with tantrums, cooks, cleans... all this for some loving exchange with an entity that may leave them once they grow old. Not to mention the pains of carrying the baby for 9 months and delivering them.
Love or Lust is the carrot on the stick that makes people run and accept all kinds of miseries.
As toxic as it may be in some cases, guru and follwers are in a business transaction. They may get zirconium instead of a diamond but they still get something.
Yes they are victims but they do not see themselves as victims so there is not much suffering going on.
A person will enjoy the fake diamond they were sold as long as they are not aware they have been cheated.
We can have compassion for the fact they are somehow being duped but we must stop feeling sorry for them.
The day that the bliss is not worth the pain, they will find the courage to leave as we all did.
All that my trying to expose the cult with so much passion has thaught me, is that I may be suffering from Cult Savior’s complex.
Wanting to save souls who do not see themselves as slaves is the most ridiculous mission I have ever created for myself.

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Re: Guru/Followers relation: A game of give and take
Posted by: The Whirlwind ()
Date: May 19, 2021 09:55PM

Truth wins Wrote:

> The very exteremely dangerous leaders such as Jim
> Jones, David Koresh... are not running the
> streets. Most gurus are a mix of rotten and nice.

Most people are a mix of rotten and nice. Gurus are people too.

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