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Re: I'm convinced Adyashanti is a cult leader.
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: September 15, 2020 12:11PM

Having said that I do think the whole prospect of enlightenment is just a con. Some time back I realised if the only person who I could be sure was enlightened was Ramana then what was the point as he is just one person from millions and why did i want it anyway?

Unfortunately everyone who's making money off people's desire to be enlightened is financially incentivized to present a romanticized vision of what enlightenment is. But there does exist a measurable permanent change in brain functioning that results in a radical reduction of needless and repetitive conceptualization of self and reality. Obviously such a reduction of mind-clutter would be liberating. So in that sense I do think spiritual liberation/awakening is a thing. But I agree with you insofar as that enlightenment as it's usually presented is mostly a con.

I think a scientific of approach of "enlightenment" is the only valid one. Otherwise it's just a matter of believing the one who has the best enlightenment sales pitch and that's how you get manipulative narcissists rising to the top of the spiritual scene.

Fortunately there are a few spiritual teachers cooperating with scientists in research of the neural correlates of spiritual awakening (Gary Weber and Shinzen Young come to mind).

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