Madhukar -- Another "Have Sex with All, Abuse According to Whim" 'Spiritual Teacher?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: February 08, 2020 10:41AM

"Has Sex with whomever he wants,"
"Yells, has fits, bullies, and it's okay, because 'He's a guru.'"
"Has people worship him."
Sounds like a European Version of
James Swartz -
But is this True?

The new Topic about Anadi has already born strange fruit.

Madhukar? Like James Swartz, a threatening, abusive bully, but better looking,smarter, and smoother, so able to push sex onto many (apparently, at least, adult) women by using his 'guru'-ness? (At first report, a large, or perhaps the only,difference seems to be that Madhukar demands worship, and Swartz pretends to be humble, so doesn't.)

Part of me asks, "Where do all these bastards come from?"

This message from the Himalayan beauty, slightly edited here to preserve privacy and with my boldface, put me on to Madhukar:

"The Beautiful Woman in the Himalayas" reports:
Trav, I just saw the response from Corboy to your posting on Anadi, and he posted this discussion from April, 2009 (almost 11 years ago). He mentions Madhukar, who gives satsangs mostly in Europe, who has a horrible, horrible reputation from many, many people. As I haven't heard to the contrary, Madhukar is likely still up to his shenanigans. I looked up his website, and he is currently teaching in Tiruvannamalai.

He (Madhukar) is a worthy fellow to expose, as he is notorious for the way he has abused his power, and his shameless behavior with his women disciples that he finds attractive. His behavior with women has been worse than what has been reported about Mooji, and it's not hard to find people who will testify to his behavior in that department, as I've met such people. He doesn't really hide it (or not very well). He had a reputation also for having fits of violence and anger. He has people worship him, (like they do with Mooji). He's one of those people that gave Papaji a bad name, though at least Papaji never told him to teach.

Somehow, Madhukar has gotten away with his abuses of power. No anti-Mooji websites or Facebook pages. I wonder if people are so scared of him. He really could be confronted.

I remember reading a satsang transcript of his where he said that the spiritual master - which he sees himself as - can do literally anything, and it's for the benefit of their disciples. I think it was in his book of sastsang transcripts that was published in India. Somewhere he said, in print, that a guru can sleep with their disciples, and it's for their benefit. Or yell and have a fit.

Is this Madhukar really that bad? Yes? No?

My Himalayan friend has not been wrong yet, but some corroboration, or proof this is her 'first mistake,' is looked forward to.

All readers here who have direct experience with or knowledge of Madhukar please chime in.

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Re: Madhukar -- Another "Have Sex with All, Abuse According to Whim" 'Spiritual Teacher?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 08, 2020 01:04AM

“The Intermediate Zone”
Of Sri Aurobindo
Explain the Sexual Promiscuity, Bullying, Fits
And False Spiritual Pretensions
Of Madhukar?

Sri Aurobindo's "Intermediate Zone" is a powerful concept. It helps us to at least partially understand at least some of the "spiritual teachers" out there who have "missed." They have "missed" in that their personal focus(es) still revolve around Sex, Drugs, Fame, Power, and/ or Money.

A Note-- Madhukar is the fourth "teacher" whose behaviors I have looked at from the perspective of Sri Aurobindo's "Intermediate Zone." The first two, James Swartz and Aaravindha Himadra, were found to be so "low" that it is unlikely they got even this far. The third, Anadi ("Anadi-free") is just about, it seems, in the same place as Madhukar. For more on this, please check the Topics dedicated to these persons.

Regarding Madhukar, there is much evidence that he has sex with whomever he wants (after promising spiritual benefit to the "partner"), has angry fits, bullies, demands to be worshiped, and excuses it all by saying, "It's okay. I'm a guru." (This is so "wrong" from the perspective of the Buddha, Jesus, Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, or any true enlightened Sage that it can barely be perceived as a serious statement.)

Could it be that Madhukar is another "teacher" who got trapped in "The Intermediate Zone"? Let's examine a summary of Sri Aurobindo's concept to look for the answer.

Sri Aurobindo (from a letter to a disciple)
Aurobindo asserted that spiritual aspirants may pass through an intermediate zone where experiences of force, inspiration, illumination, light, joy, expansion, power, and freedom from normal limits are possible. These can become associated with personal aspirations, ambitions, notions of spiritual fulfilment and yogic siddhi, and even be falsely interpreted as full spiritual realisation. One can pass through this zone, and the associated spiritual dangers, without harm by perceiving its real nature, and seeing through the misleading experiences. Those who go astray in it may end in a spiritual disaster, or may remain stuck there and adopt some half-truth as the whole truth, or become more an instrument of less.

To me, the answer is “Maybe." (This is terrible but also hopeful, because if this is the case then Madhukar--similar to Anadi-- has a chance to move out of this horrific situation.)

It would seem that teachers who were out there due to this concept might at least start out believing that they are awakened or even enlightened. The fact that Madhukar, Anadi, or another has had some sort of "powerful spiritual awakening" and gives out an energy that attracts many people might be enough to convince him/her that "I am special. I should teach! People want what I've got."


Was Madhukar one of those trapped in the Intermediate Zone. Is he still stuck there?

Quite likely. (Your thoughts on this, and evidence to support, would be appreciated.)

Meanwhile, for Madhukar, a simple note:

it seems you are in a really bad spot.
The Masters both in the ancient past up to the present have considered
that to "teach" from your vasana and samskara-driven framework is a terrible sin, a soul-bleaching act.
Please, stop. Take time for yourself. Attempt to go 'all the way' in what was likely a promising start to a profound spiritual life.
For your own good and that of others, don't keep teaching from this false framework."

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Re: Madhukar -- Another "Have Sex with All, Abuse According to Whim" 'Spiritual Teacher?
Posted by: clearvision ()
Date: March 10, 2020 01:58AM

Madhukar's real name is Bernd Jürgen Merkle. Yes, he's the worst of the post Papaji fakes. He comes up a number of times at this link. There are other things I'll put here when I have time


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Re: Madhukar -- Another "Have Sex with All, Abuse According to Whim" 'Spiritual Teacher?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 23, 2020 10:56PM

""Do Not Let Anyone Exploit This Pandemic"
Wise Words
of Warning
During a Stressful Time

Corboy did a fantastic post regarding "Do Not Let Anyone Exploit This Pandemic."

I've broadened it a bit below.

Now, is the self-confessed "Have sex with anybody I want, and do whatever I feel like" Madhukar doing some of these things? Is the criminal James Swartz doing any of what is warned about below? Is Aaravindha Himadra? Anadi?

My guess is that each is doing at least some of it, but it would be interesting to hear for sure.

The warning below of course holds truth for every teacher.

Corboy (a slightly broadened post)
If your teacher/s use the covid-19 virus epidemic to increase your fear and guilt, they are not true or worthy 'Spiritual Teachers.'

Beware and get away from any teacher, leader or group that does any of the following or more:

* Who suggest this epidemic was caused by your sins, caused by your having doubts or misgivings about the leader, the group, the teachings.

* Who exploit this to further entrench teachings that we are in the end times, the Kali Yuga, that the rest of the world is damned and that you in the group of of the Elite, and will shed your samskaras (cosmic cooties) if you pray harder and yet more obedient to the leader, the teachings, the group. This is exploitation.

And spirituality is not an exclusive country club whose members must pass scrutiny and jump through hoops and pay big bucks to join.

Spirituality is a big tent for everyone.

* Beware if they ask for increased donations and increased prayer claiming it will protect the elderly leaders who have the power to walk you through the Kali Yuga. That's spiritual slavery that will continue long after this epidemic is over.

* Exploits Shelter in Place by demanding that you view yet more videos, yet more conferance calls in ways that increse your anxiety

* Distrust any leader or group using social media and conferance calls to monitor you yet more intensively than before.

* Suspect any leader or group whose social media, conference calls, directions for increased meditation, visualization, prayer, take you away from your family when your family need you more.

* When this interferes with your taking breaks to look after yourself and do things you enjoy.

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Re: Madhukar -- Another "Have Sex with All, Abuse According to Whim" 'Spiritual Teacher?
Posted by: clearvision ()
Date: April 04, 2020 05:20AM

Here is one of the best articles out there on "neo advaita" movement spawned by Papaji. Madhukar's name comes up, as the author Timothy Conway had mistaken him for a diferent Madukar - the late Berthold Madhukar Thomspson, Timothy and Berthold both studied with Ramana Maharshi's devotee Annamalai Swami.

For those that don't know, Ramana did not declare Papaji "enlightened" nor did he authorize him to teach. Ramana did however instruct an ashram to be built for a longtime devotee: Annamalai Swami. I've studied this scene a lot, and it's true they've all been "bad apples" from Papaji.

Here is Conway's mention of the "Madhukar" that is being discussed here on the Cult Education forum:

"[Clarification: for some months in early 2007 i had this Madhukar Thompson conflated with another German-speaking disciple of Osho and Papaji who is also named "Madhukar" (easy to see why there was confusion of the two!), who has set himself up as a "tough love" teacher with a style of teaching very similar to Papaji's. This latter, younger-looking "Madhukar" (who goes by no other names) has been critiqued by knowledgeable observers as a serial womanizer who violates the ancient teacher's ethic by having sex with his female students.]" []

So, here we have it. Conway, a student of both Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Annamalai Swami stating that it is common knowledge that Madhukar is a "serial womanizer". He adds that this (obviously) "violates the ancient teacher's ethic by having sex with his female students"

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