Madhukar -- Another "Have Sex with All, Abuse According to Whim" 'Spiritual Teacher?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: February 08, 2020 10:41AM

"Has Sex with whomever he wants,"
"Yells, has fits, bullies, and it's okay, because 'He's a guru.'"
"Has people worship him."
Sounds like a European Version of
James Swartz -
But is this True?

The new Topic about Anadi has already born strange fruit.

Madhukar? Like James Swartz, a threatening, abusive bully, but better looking,smarter, and smoother, so able to push sex onto many (apparently, at least, adult) women by using his 'guru'-ness? (At first report, a large, or perhaps the only,difference seems to be that Madhukar demands worship, and Swartz pretends to be humble, so doesn't.)

Part of me asks, "Where do all these bastards come from?"

This message from the Himalayan beauty, slightly edited here to preserve privacy and with my boldface, put me on to Madhukar:

"The Beautiful Woman in the Himalayas" reports:
Trav, I just saw the response from Corboy to your posting on Anadi, and he posted this discussion from April, 2009 (almost 11 years ago). He mentions Madhukar, who gives satsangs mostly in Europe, who has a horrible, horrible reputation from many, many people. As I haven't heard to the contrary, Madhukar is likely still up to his shenanigans. I looked up his website, and he is currently teaching in Tiruvannamalai.

He (Madhukar) is a worthy fellow to expose, as he is notorious for the way he has abused his power, and his shameless behavior with his women disciples that he finds attractive. His behavior with women has been worse than what has been reported about Mooji, and it's not hard to find people who will testify to his behavior in that department, as I've met such people. He doesn't really hide it (or not very well). He had a reputation also for having fits of violence and anger. He has people worship him, (like they do with Mooji). He's one of those people that gave Papaji a bad name, though at least Papaji never told him to teach.

Somehow, Madhukar has gotten away with his abuses of power. No anti-Mooji websites or Facebook pages. I wonder if people are so scared of him. He really could be confronted.

I remember reading a satsang transcript of his where he said that the spiritual master - which he sees himself as - can do literally anything, and it's for the benefit of their disciples. I think it was in his book of sastsang transcripts that was published in India. Somewhere he said, in print, that a guru can sleep with their disciples, and it's for their benefit. Or yell and have a fit.

Is this Madhukar really that bad? Yes? No?

My Himalayan friend has not been wrong yet, but some corroboration, or proof this is her 'first mistake,' is looked forward to.

All readers here who have direct experience with or knowledge of Madhukar please chime in.

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