Anadi (Anadi-Free) -- Half-realized Sexual Abuser and Mind Scrambler?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: February 07, 2020 10:35AM

aka Anadi-free

aka Kristof
legal name Krzysztof Jerzy Strzelecki

Is Anadi truly "a profoundly unhealthy and dangerous person,"
"a megalomaniacal creep of a teacher,
a low-level version of the worst of Adi Da,"
and a parasitic soul pillager?
Is he more spiritually adept and deep than James Swartz,
but just as malevolent and rapacious?
Is he just as, or even more, psychologically damaging as James Swartz,
and as Big a Con Man as Aaravindha Himadra?

So goes the Evidence.

There is enough bad stuff about James Swartz and Aaravindha Himadra to keep a person very busy on this site and in related efforts. However, in the last few days, much has come in about another person. This is another "spiritual teacher" I had never heard of, and when I had, wished did not exist. (Anadi, why did you happen?)

You will see after reading these excerpts of messages and of a Facebook Page why it seemed necessary to start this Subject here.

Please, if you can add more to help people be aware, do post it here. (And, if despite all the evidence to the contrary Avinda is really a fully actualized teacher and not a rapacious mind-scrambler, may that come out, too.)

Here is the excerpt from the message that started the ball rolling:

Respected Friend-- Message Excerpt
"Trav, if you’re looking for a bogus teacher, try Anadi: []. He’s really horrible. Maybe you should write something up and get it started on the Cult Education site."

Upon having been prompted, another friend weighed in with:

Friend 2 - Abridged message Excerpt
"Kristof, now Anadi, always wanted to be a guru, and he was always heavily into the women. He was intelligent, and in the nineties he said that he visited some good teachers in India, so I'm not surprised he seems knowledgeable. However, I am also not surprised that he claimed to have a "supreme enlightenment" and then proceeded to behave as a total shit. Did you see the recent documentary about Bikram and Bikram yoga? The attitude of Kristof - Anadi towards women was and is the same, or even worse. I would have hoped otherwise, but it is not a huge shock that Kristof became Anadi and a megalomaniacal creep of a teacher, kind of a low-level version of the worst of Adi Da.

Then came a third message, excerpted here:

From an ex-student about Anadi
(With Anadi) things are calm, not that dramatic, and yet he is simultaneously pillaging your soul in a very parasitic way). Day by day via this slow drip process.

The worst is when he undermines you "spiritually" .. suggesting you are not worthy, or why do you have these problems, why can't you meet yourself, there is no hope for you, etc. Your psychological structure is intensified rather than relaxed. Instead of integration/unity he promotes separation.

By now, naturally, I did a web search for Anadi. Did anybody besides his current followers and perhaps Anadi himself have anything good to say about him?
To that, it seems the answer is 'No."

Easily found was a Facebook Page run by ex-followers of Anadi-free. It can be found on Facebook at @Anadi.Teaching.Abuse . Part of their page reads:

@Anadi.Teaching.Abuse on Facebook
Anadi indeed is 'spiritually' evolved (in the narrow sense of the term, pertaining to Self-realization only). His tangible potency as a teacher and his partial awakening are indisputable (to anyone who has been helped by him) and neither is his intelligence in that domain (his ability to develop a complex mind-based conceptual representation of the Reality of Pure Subjectivity / Self, deeper than the mind).

The issue is, obviously, not about Anadi being truly enlightened or not, it is not about him being fully awakened or not, and it is also not about him being complete as a human, let alone a whole being, or not.

The real issue, the painful problem, here, is that, independently of however 'spiritually evolved' he might be, co-existing in him, in parallel, is a profoundly unhealthy and dangerous person, who has been living and acting undercover, using systematic deceptive and manipulative strategies, abusing the revered role of a 'spiritual' teacher and our complete trust and openness to him as his students, for the fulfillment of his own self-centered needs, for Power and for Sex (in secrecy), for decades.

My main purpose in contributing to the Forum is to try to warn people about dangerous persons who perversely and falsely hold themselves to be worthy "Spiritual Teachers." James Swartz was the first. He is an all but confessed rapist of at least one underage girl, a bully, a slanderer, a betrayer and abuser of personal secrets, a proud publicly confessed killer of at least one neighbor's pet dog, a liar regarding his spiritual history and 'achievements,' and he teaches a "half-assed" version of Advaita Vedanta that real teachers and serious scholars, metaphorically and perhaps literally, hold their noses to. The second was Aaravindha Himadra, a proclaimed "World Teacher" (savior/ messiah) according to, he asserts, a secret group of Masters who hide from all but him in a wonderful "Lost Horizon"- like Shangri-la in the Himalayas. This golden wonder purports to be in constant psychic contact with his (fellow) Masters. However, he (and they, it would follow) totally "lost it" in the most worldly of ways when one journalist wrote an article that questioned the activities and motives of him and his followers, and at the same time raised questions about their possible involvement in a mysterious death.

Now, Anadi makes it a trio. As promiscuous as James Swartz wishes he could have been, and as full of blarney as Aaravindha Himadra, and maybe even more of a "nind-fucker" (the more polite phrase "mind-scrambler" was used above) than either of the other two, it seem that, sadly, he is well-qualified to be a member of this sordid group.

Again, let the truth be known. Post here about Anadi. Let all learn the facts, so (Shiva forbid) if they go to him as a teacher, at least they were forewarned.

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Re: Anadi (Anadi-Free) -- Half-realized Sexual Abuser and Mind Scrambler?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 07, 2020 09:21PM

Anadi-free on Facebook


Something from 2009


At 4/17/2009 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hello Jody and other contributors,

I read this blog with great interest since I discovered it not long ago.
I think it is a good thing that other sides of spiritual leaders and their movements are being uncovered.Especially in this time I think it is healthy for the process of (individual) spiritual growth.
As a former Zen student I experienced also a great deal misuse of authority and spiritual practice.

By the way, here in Germany they (almost agressively) promote this guy Madhukar. Does anyone have experience with/knowledge about this character? I ask just out of curiousity. And what about Aziz Kristof (now known as Anadi) and Isaac Shapiro of the Advaita world?
Thanks and keep up the research.
People need it in order to wake up.



At 4/20/2009 1:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
J - As far as Aziz Kristof is concerned, I have several friends who studied with him. They report he is a very good teacher of meditation. He seems to be very serious, very dedicated to practice. He seems to have a certain heaviness in himself about spirituality, but no hidden dark behaviours or abusive patterns.


At 4/23/2009 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...
Aziz has a different name now, Anandi or something similar. His closest friend whom he called his soul brother, died, I guess that took a toll on him.

In 2019 came this comment


At 3/24/2019 6:05 PM, Blogger Unknown said...
I had been a student of (Aziz and later) Anadi for more than 15 years. His teaching is profound, but he does not live what he speaks. There is too much that he is hiding. A website is in the process of being created. There has been much sexual and psychological abuse.


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Re: Anadi (Anadi-Free) -- Half-realized Sexual Abuser and Mind Scrambler?
Posted by: Traveler99 ()
Date: March 08, 2020 12:33AM

“The Intermediate Zone”
Of Sri Aurobindo
Explain the Apparent Aberrant Behavior
And Spiritual Malfeasance
Of Anadi?

Sri Aurobindo's "Intermediate Zone" is a powerful concept. It helps us to at least partially understand at least some of the "spiritual teachers" out there who have "missed." They have "missed" in that their personal focus(es) still revolve around Sex, Drugs, Fame, Power, and/ or Money.

Regarding Anadi, there are many allegations (as mentioned in the initial post above) that he is "a profoundly unhealthy and dangerous person," "a megalomaniacal creep of a teacher, (who is) a low-level version of the worst of Adi Da," and "a parasitic soul pillager."

Sadly, as of this writing, not one bit of evidence has emerged that disproves these allegations.

Could it be that Anadi is an example of a "teacher" who got trapped in "The Intermediate Zone"? Let's examine a summary of Sri Aurobindo's concept to look for the answer.

Sri Aurobindo (from a letter to a disciple)
=== Characteristics ===
Aurobindo asserted that spiritual aspirants may pass through an intermediate zone where experiences of force, inspiration, illumination, light, joy, expansion, power, and freedom from normal limits are possible. These can become associated with personal aspirations, ambitions, notions of spiritual fulfilment and yogic siddhi, and even be falsely interpreted as full spiritual realisation. One can pass through this zone, and the associated spiritual dangers, without harm by perceiving its real nature, and seeing through the misleading experiences. Those who go astray in it may end in a spiritual disaster, or may remain stuck there and adopt some half-truth as the whole truth, or become more an instrument of less.

To me, the answer is “Maybe." (This is terrible but also hopeful, because if this is the case then Anadi has a chance to move out of this horrific situation.)

It would seem that teachers who were out there due to this concept might at least start out believing that they are awakened or even enlightened. The fact that he or she has had some sort of "powerful spiritual awakening" and give out an energy that attracts many people might be enough to convince him/her that "I am special! I should teach! People want what I've got."


Was Anadi trapped in the Intermediate Zone. Is he still stuck there?

Quite likely. (Your thoughts on this, and evidence to support, would be appreciated.)

Meanwhile, for Anadi, a simple note:

you are very apparently stuck in a really, really bad place.
To 'teach' from the place you are in has been considered a grievous act, if not a terrible sin,
by Masters from time immemorial.
Take some time off and away to really get to where you've been pretending to be for years now,
for your own good and that of others, please."

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