Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: August 05, 2021 05:25PM

zizlz Wrote:
> Thanks for sharing that review, Earthquake. People
> like me who owe their vedanta knowledge (in part)
> to reading JS's books need breakdowns like this
> one to help weed out JS's distortions. Last year I
> threw away all my JS books. I didn't sell them or
> give them away because I didn't want to pollute
> anyone else's mind with distorted vedanta
. Looking
> forward to visiting your website when it's ready.

That is exactly what i did too, zizlz!

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: August 06, 2021 01:24AM

I'm only after having a conversation with someone who did the exact same also. They burned all of the Swartz books. Shiningworld won't say or show this, but I know for a fact that more and more people are leaving it. As well as others that have started to no longer fund the Cult Leader - James SWartz.

I also noticed, with a certain satisfaction I might add, that when 'James Swartz Cult Leader' is searched in google, that the first page results are saturated, from multiple places, for James Swartz. Lmao.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: August 06, 2021 06:42AM

Cult Leaders - James & Isabella Swartz abuse Victim of Andrew Cohen

Infamous Pair of Predators Abuse Victim of Another Cult Type Group

I've just came across one of the latest posts in Shiningworld. Looking at what was wrote in the satsang, I'm really writing this for the person who they are speaking to. 'Barry'. Hopefully they will see this, and if not, if there is anyone in Shiningworld that knows who this would be, kindly direct them to this post.

The Swartz cult leaders cannot seem to help themselves.

I have allowed myself to be abused to an extreme by Andrew Cohen. Speaking of low self-esteem…. I have done plenty of work to resolve all the mental fallout of this little growing up lila that Isvara sent my way, but as I said, the pattern I see repeated in the painful break-down of relationship with the endorsed teachers in SW, obviously close students too, hit and exposed a raw nerve that I am getting a chance now to slice off another layer of karmic residue.

Perhaps it did hit a nerve Barry, yes. Though might it have also started some common sense in your mind? Another former student said to me, if Shiningworld was a corporation, and the boss kept sacking all his top executives, at what point does it be horrible leadership? The Swartz' use this satsang to make you feel responsible for everything wrong, while they say you should not question them. You were greatly affected by Cohen, and let's get to that a little further down. This post wont be a polished piece, so if anyone doesnt like the rawness of it, go read something else, :).

Though Barry, don't ever set aside your own ability to critically think, in favour of what someone in authority says. Vedanta is not about that, it is not about authority. As I will show further down. And certainly, you went through this before with Cohen, and put the blinkers on. How many times is history to repeat itself.

Isabella Swartz Queen of the Damned
we are free of the jiva, but to live fully free of it, as you point out and I have said many times, is very rare. Ramji is the only person I know of in the ten years of working and teaching Vedanta that I can say this is true for.

Then you don't get out too much, do you? Too busy shopping for designer clothes, while you sneer at peoples collection of artwork as you visit their homes (recall Carbondale, that place where you are not wanted?? Lmao).

First off, Scamji doesn't teach Vedanta. If both of you and I video called I could show you and the world in the 5 minutes. Once you introduce teachings NOT Shankara, it is not longer Dashanimi Sampradaya. Hellooooooooooo ;).

As for how majestic James SWartz is, do you forget about the times he is shouting, screaming and spitting saliva at the monitor when he us controlling students?? Oh, how silly of me, I fogot. You are a psychopath also, so of course that behaviour is acceptable.

Isabella Queen of the Damned
That you see the honesty samskara in me as a Vedanta teacher as an abuse of power is interesting, and again, understandable.

You always make me laugh. You are an idiot. I'm a convicted armed robber, and i've more honesty than you. Well Miss Honesty, get onto video call and lets discuss the hateful way you are in your emails. All either of you do is abuse power. And run when challenged. Haha. You are both cowards. There is one piece of evidence I've not posted, and I'm dying to show you face to face. Face me.

Isabella Swartz Queen of the Damned
Your allegations in respect of the Shiningworld teachers we unendorsed are also purely your point of view because you do not have all the facts. Most important, it is clear you do not understand nor respect Ramji’s authority as Isvara in protecting the teachings.

I see, so you feel it is important that Shiningworld have all the facts regarding the unendorsed teachers? Well, you don't seem to be doing too good a job of sharing ALL the facts with your cult members, for all you do is share one side. What parts of 'your version' constitutes 'all facts'. Per usual, you have just wrote and published another lie. And per usual, you are found out. And per usual it is me that has debunked you. And per usual, i'm so enjoying all this.

That is window dressing however. For I detest cult leaders. Most importantly it is clear that YOU do not understand Vedanta. A Vedanta teacher does NOT have authority as GOD in regard to teachings. Are you completly f***ing insane? Who do you think you both are? That is wrong, and so damaging. A teacher only has a role to play. Not authority. A person does NOT have authority over another in Vedanta. Jesus like, the idea is to free the person. Not have them yoke to another authority. Two cults leaders grooming for power.

Isabella Swartz Queen of the Damned
There is no person on this planet who is more qualified than Ramji as a Vedanta teacher, more humble or less inclined to power plays than he is.

I am speechless. Im actually having to pause, due to shock. James Swartz is not recoqnised IN THE LINEAGES as a teacher of traditional vedanta. You and the cult can see him as the second messiah or whatever else you want, but... IN THE LINEAGES he is not recoqnised. Moreso, a lot are not even familair with who he is. Haha.

Isabella Queen of the Damned
Ramji is the Self, a true Mahatma, and he truly can claim that ‘Isvara made me do it’. Whatever he does is correct, there is no fine print to it because he is Dharma with a big D.

God made me do it! HAHAHAAHAHA. You are a cretin. You have completely exposed yourself as cult leaders with this.

Isabella Queen of the Damned
You no doubt will interpret this to mean I have blind allegiance to Ramji, but you could not be further from the truth. I may not be fully Self-actualized, but I do know what that entails because I am the Self.

See, this is the exact point in which that amazon review was making. To those that dont know, the significance of this will be missed.

Not being self-actualized is not being enlightened. Probably the truest thing you've ever said, though who cares either way.

But, in TRADITIONAL VEDANTA, only someone who is enlightened and knows how to wield the teachings is allowed to teach un-supervised. Those that are not enlightened can teach supervised, and anyone is free to 'share' teachings.

Here is the Issue Shiningworld has. If James SWartz dies tonight. Since Isabella is not permitted to teach unsupervised (you cannot lead someone to enlightenment if you are not that, as you have to know the way after travelling it), she cannot award herself to do so, if he died. The guru gives permission. There would immediately be a teaching deficit in SW. THough not to worry Isabella, I've talked with many in Shiningworld, once James dies many are leaving, and it will fall to bits. And James, I am NOT lieing about that. Whatever legacy you think you had is over.

Anyhow, let's see if Isabella comes out as enlightened over the next few months... ;)

James Swartz Cult Leader
Was I playing the power card when I protected the tradition from the handful of individuals who didn’t abide by the rules?

What rules? Oh, that you must have another income if you are teaching Vedanta? Since you sacked poor Daniel Band when he asked for help for medical expenses. Of course, you are exempt from the rules. You dont have a second source of declared income and live of donations.

Ah, sorry. You mean the 'rule' that students must have the same POLITICAL views as the teacher? Horseshit again. I have went from being an open Trump Supporter to now aligning myself with the expression on actual anarchism. I post regularly on social media as a social activists, and the next day I posted Vedanta. Not once has anyone mentioned to me, in my lineage, about what my political views are. They would not do so. Such a controlling thing. I Would tell them it is my business. And it would not affect my role as a teacher in the lineage, using the name. Vedanta is about freedom, for you, your version is about control. You are always getting caught out.

Here is the thing. These rules are not actual rules in our lineages. I do not work at present, and I teach if I want, when I want. At no time has it been discussed with me in my lineage, any 'rules'. There is only one rule. To only teach what Shankara taught. I hope Shiningworld see this also, James Swartz has made these rules up. Like enlightenemnt sickness, it doesnt exist in Vedanta. Do me a favour, go google 'enlightenement sickness' and enlightenment sickness vedanta'. Check the first half a dozen pages of results. You will see, only Swartz speaks of it, and other listings for Zen Buddhism. As I told everyone, he is a liar and have brought in many teachings that are not true. But go see the evidence yourself.

James Swartz Cult Leader
If you were abused by Andiew, it’s on you, not Andrew. Permitting yourself to be abused when you know you are being abused is self-abuse.

I don't know if you are senile, or simply a hateful old bastard. But how dare you lay responsibility onto the victim, of a teachers abuse.

I told you guys, he is a cult leader. Barry, Swartz is gaslighting you. The reason he is doing this is because it not only excuses him, but it also sets the power dynamic whereby you stop questioning him, and start accepting all his dominion over you. James Swartz, you are a scumbag.

James Swartz Cult Leader
Pack it in, do your duty and avoid whiners. You’re testing my patience. If there is another letter with this complaint I will no longer reply and when asked by others I will show them our correspondence.

Swartz, how about you stop with these e-satsangs and face me with your concubine Isabella? If you don't I am going to make videos of things you have claimed at various times, and I will do voice overs to when I reveal the evidence in screenshots in the videos.

And Barry, I'd suggest the best thing you can do is to not be in contact with him. When I left Shiningworld I was apparently mistakenly thinking I was enlightened, and made out to be a basket case. Within two years,. I was teaching unsupervised in one of the top 3 lineages. With no word of control at all. In Vedanta, we are left to our devices, We are not to be controlled. You do not owe a teacher anything. Not one damn thing. And the teacher should say so if that appears. But regarding the Swartz', well they are two scumbags Barry. Do you need to feel you are doing something wrong for having been traumatised by Cohen? You are repeating the pattern by staying with SWartz. Why don't you buy Rick Ross's book, Cults Inside out. Just see how much is applicable to the Swartz.

Source: []

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: August 08, 2021 04:40AM

RamaKrishna Mission Swami Knew James Swartz Is a Phoney at First Meeting

One of my students is spending time with a Swami from the Ramakrishna Mission. The Swami has an opinion of James Swartz. The Swami has gave permission (through my student) for me to share his opinion. Please excuse the grammar, the quote has had to be translated. And as the Swami has checked the translated quote, I share it as-is.

This was a chance meeting between the two in a restaurant at Arunachala and James approached him and just started talking on the subject as if he was some authority.

Ramakrishna Mission Swami
I had a chance to meet a lot of these kind of people. Fake jnanis (Edit - Rob 'enlightened person). One of them is James Swartz, who only talks about Vedanta on all holes (you get the meaning of it I'm sure. literal translation would he plays trumpet on all of his holes.).

I don't get into the background intention of these people nor do i care. Probably because of the egooc needs to be respected and celebrated as a guru and to dominate (other people).

I'm planning on making the Cult Leader post about Swartz, likely by Monday, btw.

~ Rob

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: August 17, 2021 06:24AM

Hello Everyone,

I am a week late in my article, and I have created a sub-forum for specificity:


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: September 14, 2021 05:33AM

Operation: Swartz Is A Cult - Checkmate

James & Isabella Swartz Exposed: Smear Campaign Against Former Cult Member Debunked

Around three years ago, James & Isabella Swartz published a mammoth 16-page document online about me. The context of which was that I had previously stood up to them when they tried to control my being in a relationship. Their 16-page document was part of a well-oiled smear campaign that also attacked my integrity on their Facebook group. To date, all of my interactions on the group are easily viewed, and downloaded by myself also, where it can be viewed that I merely acted as Admin at all times.

What was really going on behind the scenes was that I had approached James Swartz to be a teacher. He wrote to me in email and did not say no, I was to meet him some months later, so he would decide. Isabella did not like this, so a power struggle started. The knives were out for me, from when I had successfully stood my ground to James Swartz before re: my relationship. Isabella had never liked social media and was against having a Facebook group, so an opportunity emerged for them to get back at me, while also shutting down the Facebook group. A smear campaign began that has now lasted three years and is (to my mind) the most detailed and damaging one that they have tried to do against a former member. I have been publicly made out to be a basket case, and a sex offender abusing students.

I have been very vocal on here for a couple of years. And although at times I have been emotional I have always been honest, and always told the truth. Both about myself and the Swartz's. To my mind, I have independent evidence of all of my claims and defence. I've said it before, the truth matters. The actual truth. Not a personal opinion, but the truth. If people are living their lives and promoting that the actual truth is something that can be ignored to bypass behaviour - such a thing will only lead to a dystopian future.

I have been quite tactical & strategic since around the start of this year, with one of the most important things for me personally being the trolls that came into this topic to spew their lies about me. The more a person makes outlandish claims, and the more they refuse to see the evidence, the better it was for me. So much so that I frequently tried to be provacative. Eventually, the Swartz's caught onto this and the trolls stopped coming. My posts at times were always aimed at the Swartz's and the trolls. Such posts would often be antagonising, and aggressive. Yet try as I might, in the end, they could no longer be manipulated. That was fine because they had already damaged themselves.

This year, four new articles were made regarding me on their proven defamatory website - Shiningworld.. This was based on information from a former student of mine who had a public meltdown. Eventually, he came on here, his forum name is Rama Vaisistha, who was eventually banned for trolling. He told James Swartz my identity, and since I was one of two major contributors here, it was a good opportunity for James Swartz to jump in the story, and publish it to discredit me. And to some extent, this topic of whistleblowers. Emboldened by this, many new accounts came on here, and decided to trolls victims of the Swartz' cult, including myself. The problem is that James & Isabella Swartz and this other person Swartz refers to as Ian, based their claims on lies and hyperbole. As they always do. That is their mistake, and it has allowed me to be victorious against their sadistic punishment of this former cult member.

I feel that the time is right for me to share all of the evidence that I have spoken about so much. It is a sign of integrity for this forum, that the Cult Ed forum did not believe what was said about me. I do feel that the truth is always straight, and quite easy to tell and to understand. I have mountains of screenshots regarding everything that I have spoken off. But I will only share the most salient here. Even so, there will be quite a few screenshots. To keep the post concise, I shall separate the posts into sections. All you have to do is to click on each image, and you will be taken to the image fully.

The purpose of this post is to finally show how evil James & Isabella Swartz is. You may recall, in my email challenge to James Swartz for video call sharing of evidence, he did reply that he did not know what I expect the screenshots to achieve. The screenshots tell the truth, but not only that, they tell a story. They tell a story of one person, this person, who has been ridiculed, abused, and incessantly judged in the wrong. I have now begun to cease all my defamation challenges against the Shiningworld posts that label me. This is because the evidence not only debunks what James & Isabella Swartz wrote about me, the fact that we all know they will view this evidence here, and yet still keep those lies up, damages them more than I ever could. For it shows them as sadistic and deranged abusers of students/formers students. It is the best gift I could have been given to prove what they are. I never had any kind of reputation to begin with, so whatever outcome they expected was imaginary on their part. Though their reputation has certainly been damaged. The fact though, that they have all those claims published about me, and the world can now see the truth, simply shows what hateful and evil pair of ageing cult leaders they are. People have remarked to me in private that I resemble one of those nazi hunters, the kind who never give up, and keep chasing the offenders irrespective if they are now old or not. I take the role as a spiritual nazi hunter quite seriously, and over time, I have found myself becoming more appreciative of the mindset of this forum. In fact, I am to write another major article in my own topic about these two cult leaders. As before, this article will rely on Rick Ross's expert opinion in his book and will be regarding how to extract a person from the harmful grip of Guru's.


Robert Harrison Does Have Permission to Teach In One of the World's Top Lineages

Here are Facebook messages from the Swami who permitted me to teach:

Some trolls came on here and spoke about an American Swami. Saying I falsely claimed that he was my teacher and that he also permitted me to teach. Here is the proof I told the truth. Notice I am being advised how to teach his classes:

Last year I was ordered by James Swartz to stop teaching. Recently some anonymous troll said the same to me on Quora. The only people who speak for my lineage is my actual lineage. The following email is from the main ashram of my lineage in India. Giving me full permission to use their name in what I teach:


Robert Harrison Did Not Send Unsolicited Photos to a so-called 'Unsuspecting' Person

These are just a few of the many personal messages that I have with this person:


Robert Harrison Reporting the Harassment to the Police, And Successful Defamation Applications Against Shiningworld

While neither the pretend 'victim' nor the Swartz's reported me to the police, as an innocent man, I reported the entire thing to them. This is my initial online police report, on the PSNI (Police Service Northern Ireland) website:

I challenged Google regarding them publishing Shiningworlds defamation in their search results. On which my legal challenges against Shiningworld have been upheld:

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

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Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
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Date: November 03, 2021 03:06AM

Same old "news" about

He remains a Liar, a Criminal, Corrupt in all ways,
Defames whomever he can (including "Earthquake")-

James Swartz -
a Pedophile, a Rapist,
and "Teacher" of a half-assed, half-baked version of Advaita
That misinforms as much as it benefits his "students."

Took some peaceful months away from paying attention to anything regarding the defamations by, lies, and crimes of James Swartz, and came back to --

More about the lies and crimes of James Swartz.

No surprise, sadly.

For those new to this site, please do read the first few pages, which give the information about Swartz's false teachings, pedophilia, and rapes as a self-professed "guru" (now) over forty years ago--

And he's maintained the same course ever since.

May anyone unfortunate to cross Swartz's path be blessed enough to get away from him quickly.

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Posted by: earthquake ()
Date: November 21, 2021 04:37PM

Salute to ya Trav, ;).

Hey Everyone else, there is a new article, going into the Cult nature of James & Isabella Swartz here:


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

~ George Orwell

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Date: January 24, 2022 01:03PM

Hi folks,

Swartz has come up on the Buddha at the Gaspump forum.
The discusion includes his poor understanding of Advaita Vedanta, his arrogance, AND the sexual allegations plus this very forum.

Here's the link: []

Re: James Swartz—What is the Truth?
Date: January 31, 2022 08:50AM

On that batgap forum, I see that someone has posted a screenshot of an email from Swartz. He's basically admitting that he evaded tax authorities.

I gather from the email that he was successful at taking down a Medium article critical of him.

It's great that things on this forum can't be taken down!

I'd like to suggest to anybody with the time or inclination, to set up a website exposing Swartz.
I think there's enough material from and this forum to lay out a crystal clear case.

However, like the medium article, people can have things taken down.

So, if someone wants to make a proper site that can't get taken down, I suggest they use this company from Iceland []

Being based in Iceland, they are free from US/UK and EU laws about DMCA violations and claims of harrasment or defamation to a host.

I would add, not to use Squarespace to make such a site as they have been known to take down sites. (there are many great website template companies out there to pick from)

Just putting the idea out there!

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