Apologies from an ex Hare Krishna - Iskcon
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 24, 2019 07:05PM

I just wrote my friend that I am so sorry about Iskcon too….

Even though I was careful to qualify statements in preaching, and I never misrepresented what was true or not, still I overlooked so many things that were ultimately hurting people for too long….. I did not believe the Hansadhutta thing at first for example and I apologize for that because he ruined many lives…..

I apologize for all their “change ups” which is stealing… the compromising principles in order to bring in money…. for them hiding that they were devotees on sankirtan…. for how they mislead people with wrong definitions and obvious untruths…..

For them harassing people because they wanted the amount of sleep that is scientifically proven to be necessary for good health, especially for young people…

I apologize for the devotees who did NOT get medical treatment… especially one who was a beautiful person who needlessly died as a very young man….

I am sorry that the movement has turned from a scholastically based program with intellectuals, into an elitist group mainly concerned with who is "in or out" rather than expressing the Vedic truth in a comprehensive way so regular people who use words as they are in the dictionary can understand….

I am sorry for their extensive child abuse and cover up which is still ruining my friend’s lives to this day….I am sorry that Iskcon has not fully apologized and is still covering up and letting abusers continue as leaders…..

I apologize that one Guru became a child molester… that another one decided everyone should take LSD like most of the original devotees did… sorry that one Guru decided to have his female disciples take their clothes off, including married women, and that they were so brainwashed that they did it….

I am sorry that now Iskcon is so puffed up, that they will not even differentiate what is true or not true and in so doing, they purposefully confuse the students…..

There is no reason for any of these cultish methods, and they show a lack of faith, or in many cases shows that many people in charge do not believe he Vedas, or even care what is true…. We all live by the truths of science and even SB 1 1 says the world is real….. regular truths or facts are real….. devotees are not supposed to be uninformed mentally ill people, but educated and healthy people mentally, physically, and spiritually….

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Re: Apologies from an ex Hare Krishna - Iskcon
Posted by: jason1adkins ()
Date: April 25, 2019 06:35PM

I don't know what to say. I'm wordless

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Re: Apologies from an ex Hare Krishna - Iskcon
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 25, 2019 07:29PM

I apologize for mentioning Mr. Hamsadhutta by name, although he is a famous and controversial figure as one of the eleven original Iskcon Gurus. I retract my statement that he ruined many people's lives because I do not know that specifically, nor do I believe he intended to ruin any lives, and it was a specific response to the person I was writing the letter to, in reference to a specific issue.

Also, I meant to say that previous abusers, or people who knowingly supported abusers were allowed to stay in the movement, so I meant cover up.

My feeling is that it doesn't take finding some Guru in the Himalayas , hidden in a cave who is three hundred years old to enable you to understand the Vedas or to connect with "God", no all it takes is a dictionary, some applied scientific research methodology, and to be honest with yourself in the process.

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