Iskcon does not like what Krishna says in the Vedas
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 11, 2019 11:22PM

If you simply read the Gita "song of God" or the Srimad Bhagavatam without the super lengthy recruitment style commentaries, you will find that the long commentaries are there because Iskcon does not like all of what Krishna says and so they need to speak for God. They say you cannot understand what God says without their sales pitch with each verse. haha

Celibacy is not mentioned in the Gita or the Vedas. In the Upanishads there is a vague possible reference with the idea of controlling the tongue, belly and genitals, but no celibacy.

There is sex life "according to the Vedas" mentioned, which is OK to do, and which Krishna claims to "be" a personification of, but no one can clearly even define what that means. lol It is generally interpreted as no sex outside of marriage, but again no mention of celibacy.

Even though I think God is referencing to his omniscience as a way to possibly contact Him, I am still not impressed with some of what Krishna says in Gita, for example all the bragging that sounds like a megalomaniac.... "I am this.. I am that... no one really knows me...." Actually the philosophy states that all souls are also part of water, air etc. so what is Krishna bragging about? Did he make himself God and we did not? What did God accomplish in order to be God? If he was born or as they say "unborn" that way, then why brag?

This is the psychological reason why Iskconites go around bragging while claiming they are pursuing a humble mindset. lol

It is far safer to be correct than to be humble..... Once a Guru said to me, "well u could be a little humble"... to which I replied, "Hey I am not the one with people following me around and bowing down to me all day, and serving me hand and foot. " LOLOLOLOL

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Re: Iskcon does not like what Krishna says in the Vedas
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 12, 2019 12:08AM

My personal feeling is that if I am making love to my mate, I really do not like the idea of being monitored by an all omniscient all powerful "authority". lol

I believe God (supersoul) to be a gentleman. Iskcon presents God as a complete maniac, who is so emotionally needy that he can't even give u personal space with your spouse.

So sure, our "conscience" which is as aspect of what is called God, is there while we are intimate with our partners, and it is partially a communion with God and nature, but that is as far as it can go, especially if God wants to be better than the average person who knows enough to give people private personal space.

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Re: Iskcon does not like what Krishna says in the Vedas
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 12, 2019 03:32AM

The ISKON sect derives from a revival movement led by Sri Caitanya in the 16th/early 17th century Common Era.

To put it another way, ISKON does not represent any ancient Hindu doctrine or practice. Caitanya taught during the period when the Tudors ruled England..the early modern period of Western history.

And Caitanya was from the bhakti devotional tradition which began in Southern India around 800 900 CE
and reached Bengal around the 1100s.

There are a vast number of bhakti sects, many Vaishnava
bhakti sects. Caitanya created one sect among many.

And many different Vashnava bhakti sects claim Caitanya as their founder.

So Prabhupadas ISKON far from speaking for all Hindus , is a tiny sect within the Vaishnava bhakti tradition.

One reason why Indian gurus jeer at well informed persons is they want to keep their disciples ignorant of the Indian context...which would show those gurus claims as bogus.

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Re: Iskcon does not like what Krishna says in the Vedas
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 12, 2019 03:48AM

I see... Thank you very much for the clarification. :-) I do not find Hindus to be saying weird things like neophyte devotees of Iskcon. lol :-)

For me, it is super important that I distinguish the standard of "real" reality from possible realities and from not real.

Christopher Hitchens said that if the laws of material nature were suspended, and it just so happens to be in the favor of your belief, then question it. lol

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