The philosophy of eating a cookie "Cult Style" :-)
Posted by: Paul T Harrison ()
Date: April 07, 2019 07:49PM

Instead of just saying to be careful in life and it's dangers, Iskcon philosophy says, as if to a kid, "No that cookie (life) does not belong to you, so you should not enjoy it unless the person who owns it, who coincidentally I just so happen to represent, :-) says it is OK.

They say, "I will let you know when it is OK.... It is only OK if you enjoy the cookie with me, or while thinking about me or about the power person that I represent while you eat it. Just to be sure that you do not try and put yourself into illusion about being the owner of the cookie that u are presumably going to eat, put the cookie in front of a picture of me, along with a picture of my concept of God, and repeat the words that the cookie does not belong to you.... Bow down to the picture while saying something complimentary about me and God, who I just happen to have an exclusive bona fide representative contract with, THEN u will enjoy the cookie like never before."

"When people who do not follow this process and instead just eat a cookie and enjoy, the enjoyment is shallow and temporary, which makes it useless and a lower enjoyment, however all my neurotic, superstitious, nervous OCD, self dis-empowering behaviors which I insist on you doing repeatedly, are actually a great way to spend your time because the cookie that goes through this process tastes better and after you die, you will be rewarded with an eternal cookie that will never make you fat"

"I know this to be a fact because back in the olden days before they had computers to fact check, some scribes wrote it down after people spoke it for thousands of years... they spoke it because back then they were so intelligent (not like stupid you) that they didn't need to write anything down due to all having photographic memory."

"....also if you always worship my picture before eating the cookie, then you could go to the spiritual cookie world after you die so there is a never-ending spiritual cookie reward too...and all you have to do is give up your independence and surrender to ME, oh I mean who I represent of course." LOL :-)

My "regular guy on the street" take is that if there actually is God embodied in a person, then wouldn't he just say to the kid, "Hey enjoy your cookie as you please because I made it just for you" :-)

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