Virochana & Shantara Khalsa Sacred Mountain Retreat
Posted by: Healer ()
Date: August 28, 2018 02:29AM

As someone who has helped people get free from cult-like gurus and teachers for many years (I actually trained with Rick Ross in the 1980's) - I felt it was past time to add these Khalas to the list. For 20+ years they have been recruiting and exploiting young people in their 20's, claiming to be spiritual 'gurus'. I hope this posting will help people avoid their traps, and serve as a place for those who have been affected by them to share their stories.

I have helped several people get away from them, as well as others who came to me after being abused and used by them. They have a retreat in Crestone Colorado called Sacred Mountain Retreat, and also a following in New Zealand, where Shantara is originally from.

I have heard many reports of sexual exploitation of young people by this older couple (she is nearly 70 now and he is maybe early 60'). I witnessed one of these encounters in New Zealand where Shantara (in her 50's at that time) claimed to have a 'consort' (their word for their victims) who was only 23 years old. Virochana also makes a habit of cultivating young women to be his "consort" and they are also usually in their early 20's.

I have also heard many reports of financial exploitation from my clients over the years. They berate, abuse and control the young people who come to them hoping for spiritual guidance. They demand money from them frequently and often in the thousands. For example, last year (2017), Shantara started a 'yogini' training and required young women followers to pay $2-3,00 per month in addition to paying rent, if they lived at the retreat.

Speaking of the retreat, it is in a very isolated community, an hour drive to small towns, in the middle of the San Luis Valley. The nearest airport is an hour away. The nearest large city is 3 hours away. Most of the young followers come to their retreat and then cannot afford to leave. I worked with a young woman from New Zealand years ago who was literally trapped at their retreat while she was being coerced by Virochana to be his "consort", i.e., have sex with him when and as often as he might demand. She had flown in to Denver and was picked up and brought to the retreat. She had no way to get out and I helped her find someone who would pick her up and get her out.

The couple claims to be "twin rays", "the most advance beings on the planet" and the "original prince and princess of light'. Their teachings are a crazy mix of "I Am" teachings, vajrayana, yoga and the great white brotherhood, i.e., ascended masters. They claim to be in touch with advanced immortals. He is a former student and initiate of Yogi Bhajan (3HO) but left that group many years ago.

Their books and teachings are largely appropriated from existing traditions, with their unique spin added to make them appear to be supreme teachers. This includes that they are twin rays and part of their work is to tell their students who their own twin ray is. In other words, they try to force men and women into relationships they deem appropriate. At the same time, they interfere in their students existing relationships, even telling one couple they should not have gotten married and would not be allowed to be together at their retreat. Controlling the sex lives of their students is a hallmark tradition they have maintained over the past many years.

I hope this listing helps those who have experienced negative things from this couple. They continue to host 'retreats' where students stay on their remote property,and are subjected to their mind control methods, which are geared toward recruiting new students. Once they get new people hooked in, they often make them stay at their off-grid mountain retreat throughout the long Colorado winter while they go to Hawaii, or New Zealand. Students who stay there are expected to pay rent, care for their horses and property and even pay for feed for their horses.

If you have any additional information on Virochana and Shantara (she used to go by the name Whitecloud) Khalsa or Sacred Mountain Retreat, please share your knowledge. This has gone on too long and they need to be exposed to help other young people avoid the damage they cause.

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Re: Virochana & Shantara Khalsa Sacred Mountain Retreat
Posted by: Healer ()
Date: September 09, 2018 11:14PM

Update-- Virochana (Michael) Khalsa is now involved in creating a new nation which appears to be an attempt to make money and create a new worldwide cult set up by wealthy investors. See []

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