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"The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: nmconcerned ()
Date: August 10, 2018 09:12AM

Has anyone had any experience with this cult? Sometimes it feels like I am the only one fighting them.

They are a New Age meditation/UFO cult that believes in the power of "Knowledge" which can only come from within, accessed by meditation. Knowledge will guide us as the world falls apart from the "Great Waves of Change", and then the aliens will come down and dominate us. Without Knowledge, we are doomed of course.

They have an indoctrination program in the guise of a meditation practice known as "Steps to Knowledge" that she constantly pushed me to perform. Upon my continuous denial she basically declared me a Suppressive Person (though NMS does not use this term, it is the closest I can think of) and pushed me, her husband of 10 years away viciously. Now we live apart and divorce is constantly on her mind to "regain her freedom and independence".

They have a strong anti-logic push in their literature, which helps defend them from rational attack and appears to have allowed them access to my wife's mind. This in spite of the fact that she is a scientist and a professor at that. She has a degree in physics, yet hand-waves away concerns about FTL travel, relativistic collisions with space dust, incredibly long timespans involved in interstellar travel as "Aliens just have higher tech than us, humans are arrogant, we know nothing".

This is no way for someone trained in the scientific method to act but something about this literature has hooked her mind, and now I believe it is sunk costs that draws her ever deeper into the cult. They don't actively demand anything from her, but she is willing to give and give. One of the most frightening things is that until this year she had never met cult members or attended a retreat or meeting. She was indoctrinated entirely over the internet!

Many people have been in this cult for many years and I fear I will never be able to extract my wife from it, nor save my daughter from inevitable involvement as she grows up. The leader, Marshall Summers, started it 30 years ago. Perhaps it is truly a "New Religious Movement" as it has more of the hallmarks of religion than a cult, other than the drive to separate members from their loved ones and their past.

Thank you for any input.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: ironical ()
Date: September 05, 2018 01:43PM

Sorry to hear about your wife

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 05, 2018 08:56PM

By Addison Nugent


This is a forum for people into alien visitation theories.

One of them did write this:


Posted by Wynderer 03-06-2010, 01:17 PM

Hi Steven --

I recently lived in Boulder for a couple of years -- i had previously heard of Marshall Vian Summers/the Allies of Humanity on a forum -- i found the Allies books in the Boulder library & read them, learning that the Greater Community Sanctuary, as they call their modest meeting place, is in Boulder, so i went to two of the meetings

the first time, Marshall himself was there & talking; the second time, a tape was played of someone -- i think Marshall -- channeling an ET who sounded like a sophisticated older Eurasian male --Marshall himself was off on some mysterious mission, the object/destination not divulged --

inside the cover of one of the Allies books from the library, someone had written, 'Be warned! This man is a cult leader of the worst kind!' -- i don't agree w/this completely -- however, i will say that the group there does seem to have a kind of worshipful respect for Marshall & for whoever it was talking on the tape -- i felt like i was attending a church service w/the Pope presiding

i agree w/the Allies' assessment of what is happening --as an abductee, i'm always glad to find anyone saying that we on Earth are being messed with bigtime -- but i find their 'New Messages from God' to be not all that new -- also [this is personal] they say Jesus was a myth, & i am a Christian

Peace & Freedom, wynderer


A family enterprise?

Revealing the Alien Agenda
Published by Reed Summers on December 7, 2017


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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: August 09, 2019 05:16AM

Hello! I just came across this wonderful website and was sifting through the massive amounts of information contained herein. Then, to my surprise, when searching for additional information on this particular cult, ‘The New Message from God’ (I’ll refer to them as: A.O.H. Allies of Humanity as that’s how I know them) — But I too was surprised there was not more on this group here in general, and secondly after reading your post (since you were the only one mentioning this group) I was compelled to create an account in order to reply!

Basically, you’re right on the mark. This group is indeed A CULT. I’ve been heavily researching it ever since my own experience dealing with them.
They are a small group out of Colorado with a large presence online, where they propagate and disseminate their message. On the surface, they appear quite benign and tame, and seem very affable, and quickly dismiss and refute the notion that they are anything close to a cult. However In my opinion, they are quite insidious, with their ‘followers’ displaying the typical inerrancy that comes along with participating in ‘group think’ or a ‘hive mentality’ - similarly found in many other cults or groups; as well as an alarming obsequious to their rather unassuming, soft-spoken, and low-profile leader, Mr. Marshall Summers, his son Reed Summers, and their merry band of devotees. (I’ll post more on them later)

I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s involvement. I was curious if you had an update since a year has passed since your post? Perhaps there has been a positive turn of events?

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: August 10, 2019 08:39AM

I'm pretty sure this cult is behind the site That site appears to be a sneaky way to lure people to Marshall Vian Summers. In order to appear unbiased they've also rated a few other gurus, but none of them are rated as highly as Summers, except Ramana Maharshi (See the ratings here). Apparently the site uses Ramana Maharshi's great repute to make Summers look appealing by way of the halo effect. And of course Maharshi poses no threat to Summers since he's dead and there's no Maharshi cult so the only five star rated "guru" that's available to be followed is Summers.

If you look into Summers, he's obviously not a guru but rather a paranoid doomsday prophet, so a site that would be truly about rating gurus wouldn't even include him, let alone proclaim him top guru. To me it's obvious that is just a recruitment tool for Marshall Vian Summers.

Unfortunately this very forum has been driving traffic to the site. According to this Google query, there are 47 CEI forum posts linking to

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: August 10, 2019 03:19PM

Correction to my previous post: this forum doesn't link to as much as I thought after all. In my google query I used the search operator "link:[domain]" but I just found out that operator was officially deprecated in 2017 so the results of the query are inaccurate.

@nmconcerned: That's pretty scary, that your wife has been indoctrinated so severely through just the internet. I hope she regains her clarity of mind!

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: August 10, 2019 03:53PM

Another website about spiritual teachers which especially features Summers: []
Every page of the site links to, so it's likely owned and made by the same person/people.

In the top left corner of every page on, there's a list of "messengers":
Moses (1393-1273 BCE)
Buddha (483-400 BCE)
Jesus Christ (4 BCE-33)
Muhammad (570-632)
Marshall Vian Summers (1949)

Clearly this site is another recruitment tool for Summers.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: August 11, 2019 12:36PM

Yes! I believe you are right about both those sites being used as recruitment tools. I was aware of the first one, (with the rankings) but not the second one.

I’d like to post this review of Mr. Marshall Summer’s book, from


by Robert Todd Carroll, THE SKEPTIC’S DICTIONARY:

Marshall Vian Summers has been claiming to be a prophet of some god who sends him messages via what he calls “the Angelic Presence.”
He says he’s been a prophet since 1982 and has written down more than 9,000 pages of the usual spiritual pabulum, updated to fit the times with messages about saving the planet from ecological disaster and invasions of evil aliens in UFOs.
In typical vague prophetese, Summers says:
“A Greater Darkness is in the world. It is unlike anything that humanity has ever faced before. Contact has begun, but it is Contact with a dark purpose. In addition, we are facing converging waves of great change—climate change, environmental deterioration, diminishing food and energy resources and the growing threat of conflict and war.” ::eyeroll::

“My message has come from the Angels of the Creator who are urgently attempting to enable humanity to recognize this and to prepare for encountering these new realities with wisdom and sobriety. These are the greatest events in human history, but humanity is unprepared.”
It seems humanity is always unprepared for what lies ahead, yet it also seems that a good portion of humanity is always prepared to open their hearts and pocketbooks to prophets of doom who claim a connection with something “great and mysterious.”

Such messages seem to resonate with people who aren’t comfortable in this world, which they find overrun with evil and lacking in compassion. We better change our ways or we’re doomed. If we change our ways, though, we will be part of great New Age:
“The New Message from God is a genuine communication from the Creator that has come at a time of great change, conflict and upheaval.”
Received over a 30-year period by the Messenger Marshall Vian Summers, this revelation is not based upon any existing religious tradition or spiritual teaching. “The New Message honors the enduring truth in all the great Messages that the Creator has ever given to the world yet it is unlike anything that has been revealed to humanity before. It is a new revelation about the real nature of human spirituality, the great change that is coming to the world and humanity’s future and destiny within a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe.”

Wouldn’t you like to be part of this Greater Community? Remember, this is a “genuine” revelation.
How do we know that it’s genuine?
Summers says he knows it because he has no doubts.
… He has no doubts. That might be good enough for him, but shouldn’t the rest of us be given some sort of sign that he’s not just making up this stuff?

Others, he says, will know it’s genuine if they just read the messages; they will recognize “the Knowledge” and “know that I am being genuine with you.”
What if we won’t bother to read the messages because we’re pretty confident that Summers is either an outright spiritual fraud or another in a long line of deluded people claiming to get messages from beyond?

What if we do read the 9,000 pages and come away convinced that Summers is deranged and just passing on his fantasies mixed in with messages religious people like to hear, especially religious people with deep concerns about UFOs and government conspiracies to keep us in the dark?

I guess those of us who are skeptical of Summers’s claim that he is a messenger from some god are doomed.
Maybe the evil aliens will take us up in some sort of negative rapture or whirlwind.
Who knows? But we can be sure we will not be invited to be part of the Greater Community and its bounty of intelligence, wisdom, joy, and all things great and good.
I have been unable to find out anything of interest about Summers’s life before he started claiming he was a prophet.
One source, Bret Lueder, has posted an undated interview he did with Summers.
The only bit of personal biography revealed, though, is that Summers was born on January 28th, 1949; was raised as an Episcopalian in Berkeley, California; and later moved to Colorado.

He says he was just living his life as a spiritual teacher in California as a pioneer of Inner Guidance Training, making music recordings and being a loving husband and father when he was contacted by what he calls the Angelic Presence. A kind of hippie free-spirit.
He says that he has since moved to Colorado and has written 20 books from this presence with his first book, Steps to Knowledge, being given to him for transcription over a 12-day period in December of ’89.

The Inner Guidance Training referred to was trademarked by Summers in 1990 and described as some sort of educational service that provides “spiritual instruction and text and manuals used therewith.”
The rest of the interview is about The Way of Knowledge (“ancient spiritual teaching that focuses on the greater intelligence that we all possess that resides beneath our analytical and thinking minds”) and his book about UFOs and aliens, good and bad.
I couldn’t think of a better description for this “greater intelligence” than that it lurks beneath our thinking minds. The good aliens are described in the title of his book: Allies of Humanity. The bottom line?

There is an unquestioned belief that the aliens are enlightened beings; that they are here to help us, enhance our genetic makeup, to uplift us, to somehow shepherd us to some kind of higher state. But the Allies say very clearly that this is the deception.

Is Summers a fraud or deluded?
Personally, I lean toward the latter, given the years that he has zealously devoted to writing these messages and spreading his words.
What about the possibility that he is genuinely getting messages from some god via some sort of angelic presence?
Well, the likelihood that there are any gods or angels is negligible, despite the almost universal superstition regarding spirits and invisible beings, both good and evil.
So, the likelihood that the messages Summers gets are from a spirit is on par with the likelihood that James Van Praagh, John Edward, or the thousands of other “spiritual mediums” are getting genuine messages from dead people’s spirits.
Will some people find comfort and solace in the messages of Summers?
Of course. Some may even find them to be inspiring.
Does that mean they were genuine? No.

Is the Society for the New Message from God, founded by Summers in 1992, a cult?
I don’t know, but many sure think so!
One sure sign those considering joining Summers should look for is this: are you being encouraged to separate yourself from your family and friends who don’t accept the authenticity of the prophet?
If you are, run for the exit.
Whatever comfort you are given by the charisma, joy, love, caring, and seeming wisdom of Summers or others trying to recruit you, it will not last, it is not genuine, and you will eventually regret the day you gave your mind over to a charlatan.
In any case, I’d be wary of someone who says that everything happens according to some god’s will, but many people aren’t living according to the plan; so, the god chose me to reveal to the people how to get back on track.
Frankly, the revelation shouldn’t be necessary if everything happens according to the god’s will.
I’d also wonder why any god would pick an Episcopalian from Berkeley to be the New Messenger.
Did the god pick him at random? Was the choice meant to reveal the god’s sense of humor? Do we have to read his messages in reverse to get the real “truth”? Is there a hidden code in the messages that only special people can figure out? In the end, I’m left bewildered and somewhat saddened by contemplating what kind of void Mr. Summers must fill to have followers around the globe.
For your viewing edification: Patricia Summers on Walking With the Messenger (She tells us her husband is “stable” and “sane.” I’m not so sure about her, though.):

(At the present moment there seems to be some speculation on Facebook that Summers is impersonating a UFO researcher by the name of Trevor Wozny (a.k.a., The Angry Ufologist – – [] – – or that Trevor Wozny is impersonating Summers. Trevor Wozny has not come forward yet admitting that he is Summers.) 

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: August 11, 2019 12:43PM

And another scathing review...

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at © Deborah Adams, 2008

The Allies of Humanity: An Urgent Message About the Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today
Marshall Vian Summers
New Knowledge Library
169 pages
February 2008

Few people enjoy a hearty conspiracy theory as much as I do, and if extraterrestrials are behind the conspiracy, so much the better. Thus I was excited to find Marshall Vian Summers’ book, The Allies of Humanity, which promises to explain just how the evil aliens are taking over Earth. My optimism was misplaced.

Here’s the gist of it: A couple of decades ago, a bunch of ETs met up somewhere in Earth’s solar system and began surveillance on another group of ETs who are actively engaged in taking control of our favorite planet through a four-pronged strategy. The former, who like to call themselves The Allies of Humanity, are acting on orders from the Unseen Ones, “spiritual counselors who oversee the development of intelligent life.” The Allies refuse to get involved beyond passing on messages of impending doom, and they don’t want anything from humans; they’re just here to help because the Unseen Ones told them to do that. They repeat themselves a lot, which Summers says is because they want us to understand just how important certain messages are, but judicious editing would have been an even better choice.
The latter group, referred to as ‘visitors’, don’t want to wipe out humanity, either; they only want to use us for their own nefarious purposes, i.e. to gobble up our “biological resources”. Their strategy is to
1 Influence powerful individuals,
2 manipulate religious views and values,
3 “acclimate us” to their physical presence, and
4 interbreed with humans.
That last one is really important because, at this point, the visitors can’t live in our environment and therefore can’t accomplish 3 until they’ve succeeded at 4.

The visitors’ agenda has been in place for quite a while and The Allies frantically assert that time is short, but they’re having trouble getting through to naïve human beings. “Our speaker, the author of this book, is the only one with whom we have been able to establish a firm contact,” they say. Apparently even technologically advanced civilizations haven’t worked out those glitches in the cell phone system. If the visitors can influence multiple minds of politicians, religious leaders, and business czars, do humans really have a chance of winning this battle when our Allies can’t even communicate with a handful of Roswell tourists?
The Allies, who have all sorts of Knowledge about the universe, don’t know why only Summers can take their calls; they just do as they’re told by the Unseen Ones. They worry that Summers will “encounter disbelief and ridicule.” The simple solution to that obstacle would be to provide some sort of proof of their allegations, and this does come up in the Q&A section of the book. The Allies assure us that “there must be” evidence because they “have been told [by the Unseen Ones] that this is the case.”
Much is made of the fact that Marshall Vian Summers is a regular Joe, a nobody with no standing in the world. The cover copy clearly shows that someone expects this to change as his “inspired writings may ultimately be regarded as the first Theology of Contact.” Frankly, I believe The Allies have grounds for a plagiarism suit, but that would surely violate their warm-fuzzy moral code.
The Allies of Humanity completely flops as a conspiracy theory, regurgitating pallid imitations of storylines from Babylon 5, The X-Files, and any number of B movies. It does manage to proffer some good advice for humans, whatever the source. In the section entitled ‘Resistance & Empowerment,’ The Allies suggest that we educate ourselves, promote human cooperation, choose carefully who and what influences our thinking, protect the environment, and promote the sale of Summers’ books and related materials. You may want to replace that last bit of advice with ‘wear sunscreen,’ but who knows? Sunscreen could be part of the mind-control method used by the visitors to influence humanity and take over the world.

Originally published on Curled Up With A Good Book at © Deborah Adams, 2008

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: August 11, 2019 12:46PM

Interesting link regarding this group

Links to a news story featured at the Express news in the UK, from 2017.

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