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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: ReneLL1985 ()
Date: November 28, 2019 05:51AM

I know them pretty well, and my perception of them is very different from yours.
I Know the Summers take their mission very seriously, i do too. i see how their seriousness can be difficult to deal with.
If you have evidences to back up your claims, i would like to hear them. here or in private.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: Jan Honza ()
Date: November 28, 2019 06:00AM

You are one of them, a member of the criminal organization.
Let us find who you are.....

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: ReneLL1985 ()
Date: November 28, 2019 07:29AM

that escalated quickly...
i think its better i step away from this.
i will let others make their mind about all of this on their own.
I will only give my word that i am not a criminal nor do i wish harm to anyone.
If i had knowledge of something like that amongs the society of the new message, i would stand for it, at all.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: November 29, 2019 12:06AM

Jan Honza:

You have posted baseless paranoid delusional conspiracy theories here and you have personally attacked a member of this message board.

You are banned.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: ReneLL1985 ()
Date: November 29, 2019 03:14AM

Thank you very much. I'm sorry about this, i don't know what the is problem exactly, but i have been informed that this person is known by 'the society of the New Message', it wasnt a complete lie.
But about all these criminal allegations... i really don't support that.
I must correct my previous typo : " I would NOT stand for it, at all " .
I'm honestly just a worker, a simple man, i do not care for any of these things. I study Marshall's work because it 'works' for me, and i have seen no deception on their part throughout my close scrutiny, over many years now.
I think this person must have had a bad personal experience with this organisation, which is possible, but thats pretty much it.
I hope we get a more constructive conversation next time.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: December 13, 2019 04:38AM

Right on the money!! You obviously have done your homework & are adept at research — because YES indeed, the Allies of Humanity or the “New Message” (which ever you prefer) are engaged in all of the above.
They most certainly do use Reddit for dishonest proselytizing (more on that in a later post) as well as on YouTube and all the other usual social media suspects sites (to varying degrees) — They’re very quiet about it and inconspicuous; not outright mendacious or assertive, but very subtle & low-key.
They also are able to get away with such endeavors because unlike some more militant, or fringe cults, whose messages or activities might be more extreme or overt, & are sure to attract attention — Whereas on the other hand, Marshall and his gang (as you well know) seem to have a hippy-type of ‘holistic’ and ‘new age self-empowering’ vibe about them. They don’t readily garner a lot of suspicion.
That said, it’s disingenuous all the same.

Also, I’m glad to see you liked (& quoted above) that article I posted earlier in this thread from from - I agree that the article was very informative & is in sync with the few other reviews, found floating out there for Mr. Summer’s ‘work’ — which all basically agree on the ‘Why Even Bother’ nature of this ensemble, & highlight the quixotic & amateurish nature of his group, scratch their heads at the the overall absurdity of his extraordinary claims, & makes you come away feeling almost sad for the downtrodden & spiritually wayward hungry souls who might find his new age ‘message’ appealing.
— More on that later!! I’m playing catch up as I have off this site for some time.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: December 13, 2019 05:05AM

Hey There!
So I’ve tracked down & interviewed DIRTYBIRD760 & have few items to clarify, &!to add to the mix — as a result -

So first, In regard to the quote referenced from DirtyBird above that you said was all lies & far from what Mr. Summer’s would say or convey —
Well, having just chatted at length recently — I basically interviewed him about all this, (& additional topics) .. & as far as what I could tell — what he said specifically about the super galactic council (featuring Jesus & so on) was mainly his summary — him putting his voice to his critique — a hyperbolic & intentionally humorous recount with a bit of attitude & scorn thrown in for this ‘group’.

More in later posts...
Best regards for now!

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: December 13, 2019 06:34AM

Yes Ziziz is correct —

He isn’t banned from Reddit, (just the two subreddits he did battle with). The same two subreddits that he states exist solely as propaganda vehicles for this “New Message” group.
[they are: r/AlienAgenda & r/AlienAbduction]

But yeah, He did start a new subreddit! It was created in response to his ongoing feud & friction with mods from Allies of Humanity & after he got banned.
[new subreddit: r/Alien_Abductions]

By his own admission, he said he was a relative newbie at Reddit at the time, so I don’t think he was “just talking to himself” in the new subReddit, but rather he had just set it up — & wished to express his incredulity & frustration with Mr. Summer’s minions. In short, he had a very negative experience.

More in a bit...,

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: zizlz ()
Date: December 14, 2019 12:57AM

AniNassui Wrote:
> Also, I’m glad to see you liked (& quoted above)
> that article I posted earlier in this thread from
> from - I agree that the article was
> very informative & is in sync with the few other
> reviews, found floating out there for Mr. Summer’s
> ‘work’ — which all basically agree on the ‘Why
> Even Bother’ nature of this ensemble, & highlight
> the quixotic & amateurish nature of his group,
> scratch their heads at the the overall absurdity
> of his extraordinary claims, & makes you come away
> feeling almost sad for the downtrodden &
> spiritually wayward hungry souls who might find
> his new age ‘message’ appealing.

Well said. It seems to me that if someone would buy into the outlandish and contradictory babblings of Summers, they're looking for something "out there" to believe in, probably as some kind of coping mechanism to avoid confrontation with some painful psychological truths. Summers' tales are so extraordinarily tall (intergalactic federations infiltrating and planning to invade Earth, and heroic Summers and their followers joining forces to avoid this apocalyptic scenario by saying daily new agey affirmations), that they're an ideal excuse to look away from what they'd actually have to deal with to get themselves and their life in order. I'm not saying this is so for all of the followers, it just seems likely to me that for many of the followers the "New Message" is appealing for reasons like these.

These same people might be ripe for recruitment by much more nefarious cults like Scientology, so ending up in the New Message cult might not be the worst case scenario for them. But of course, getting help from a good therapist would be a much better case scenario.

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Re: "The New Message From God" an odd and mostly overlooked cult. They have my wife.
Posted by: AniNassui ()
Date: December 15, 2019 08:48PM

RE: New Message From God (Allies of Humanity) & Their Control Of The Subreddits;
r/AlienAgenda and r/AlienAbduction


So my understanding of what took place with DirtyBirdy760 & his interaction with this group, on is the following in summary:

•DirtyBirdy760 had an interest in the topic of alien abduction, completely separate & unrelated to views held by the group (cult) called the ‘New Message ‘ — or ‘the Allies of Humanity’. He had never heard about nor had any prior knowledge of this group up to that point.

•Within Reddit, there existed basically 2 subreddits pertaining to alien abduction. He joined both & began interacting & posting.

•It is obviously an unusual topic with a wide variety of ideas & opinions about it. Remarkably, in response to any of his posts and to others within the group, the mods replied almost uniformly with “well, the allies say this” or “the allies say that” — & kept referring to the information contained in the “briefings” that Mr. Marshall Summer had written, etc. The conversation never seemed to be able to stray very far before it was effectively shut down by the mods, parroting back whatever the Allies had to say in any given topic, specifically in terms of aliens & their agenda. The mods would keep redirecting back & seemed unwilling or unable to discuss the alien topic in any broader context, outside of the Allies narrative they were pushing, & not so subtly.

•So at first this was just annoying & dirtybird760 was like “WTF?!” — “who the hell are the Allies?” & “why do they keep talking about them?!” — So he reviewed some of the material as directed by the mods, & was struck by what they were asserting. Readily apparent was the fact that they were promoting the ideas (pertaining to aliens & alien abduction) of one individual, Mr. Marshall Summer. The specifics of what Mr. Summer’s ‘ideas’ are discussed through this thread so I don’t have to get into all that now, but DirtyBirdy760 dismissed it on its face outright & thought it was trivial & highly subjective. He didn’t understand why these particular mods were so passionate about Mr. Summer’s message & was disappointed that these mods seemed so hung up on this one guy. He never assumed at this point, that these ‘ideas’ were held by all the mods, & the entire subreddit; much less the fact that the subreddits were run by this group, & that these subreddits were being used solely to promote Mr. Summer’s group, his agenda, & his alone.

•Likening it to the twilight zone, it slowly dawned on DirtyBirdy760 through his frequent exchanges what the situation was that he had stumbled into. When doing more research, it got worse when he learned that not only does Mr. Summer’s think he’s been telepathically communicating with aliens, & that he’s the only one who can do so — that his messages are in fact actually ‘revelations’ (he suffers from some messiah complex apparently) & this ties in somehow with God; in some convoluted amalgamation of spirituality & global consciousness, & the eternal battle of good vs. evil, etc. — hence the “New Message” from “God”.

•DirtyBirdy760 immediately realized not only is this a personality CULT, but a quasi-religious, new age UFO cult. By his own admission he has “no appetite for religion, religious cults, or any aspects of groupthink” — and took to challenging the status quo right away. He said, he “rocked the boat” & attempted to challenge what this group were purporting. He tried to appeal to logic & to highlight how focusing on the opinion of one person (Mr. Summers) is foolish & pressed them on the possibility that Mr. Summer’s could in fact be wrong.

•The mods at first tolerated his combative inquiries & falsely claimed that they welcomed debate & open conversation — & were interested in diverse opinions, but they were quietly growing frustrated at being called out. They then subsequently shut it down, banning DirtyBirdy760 without cause or warning, & deleted his posts. He would later learn using programs such as “Unreddit” which are application mirrors like: — one can easily view deleted posts on any given subreddit, which would uncover a concerted effort underway by the mods to censor & control the discussion & in this case, that meant anything other than what Mr. Summer’s group had to say.
That was the impetus for creating the subreddit: r/Alien_Abductions — for an agenda-free exploration of that topic.

*For information about accessing deleted Reddit comments, See:

He gave me permission to post a couple exchanges between him & two of the mods, & although they’re lengthy, I thought it would be useful to at least demonstrate some of the circular reasoning the group employs (here in their own words) as an example of their cult-like mentality:

*(DirtyBirdy760 posts are in bold text)


Posted by:U/DirtyBirdy760

Here’s some of the major issues I have with the ‘Allies of Humanity’...

Ok so I was really perplexed by every other post here and on r/AlienAbduction having something to do with this ‘Allies of Humanity‘ (group? movement? whatever?) as I mentioned in a post — as it is mentioned almost at every turn on here. So i investigated it, and checked it out - gave their ‘material’ a good read, and below is an extremely brief summary:

1. It is purported Ubiquitously here almost as a one-stop Cure all, as the answer for everyone’s question, and containing supposedly everything we need to know about what’s going on with the alien agenda, in addition to a roadmap forward. However Unfortunately I think it raises more questions than it does answer. After reading it, I didn’t feel enlightened nor enchanted to join - No, I felt like “Umm, ok, ....hmm, well says you” and “huh? why should I give this the time of day?”
I am a question and answer whore - A natural skeptic - A discerning individual constantly looking for red flags. I want to know what, where, why, how and I want proof and facts.
So a couple off the top would be;

2. The fact that any one group or individual claiming to possess “all” the information, or “have all the answers“ or be “the only” way forward should immediately be thoroughly questioned -That in and of itself is suspicious. The burden of proof lies with the claim maker. The Allies make many many assertions that I’d like them to elaborate on and provide proof on how they know that to be true — to turn it from a subjective into an objective.
Who’s this author guy, how’d he receive this info, and why should we take his word? Who’s to say this whole thing isn’t part of the problem? Would you know if it was?! -
It acts like it’s “warning” us and on our side, but without proof how are we expected to believe it? I don’t have time to fantasize about ‘raising my energy’ and telling those darn aliens that they can go piss off, cause in case they didn’t see, Ive printed, signed, and posted my declaration of human this-and-that on the wall — I mean it’s kinda ridiculous.

3. I just think that the alien situation is more complicated than this group makes out. I think they oversimplify what’s going on and I have major doubts about signing any doctrine or making a pledge for human sovereignty is going to make a hell of a lot of difference. Same goes for “raising our vibration or consciousness“ — That doesn’t sound like a very practical or pragmatic the way to resist aliens. At its most basic element, what they’re claiming they expect you to take on faith alone.

4. One person being solely responsible for the content, or purporting to have received it in a quasi-Devine manner is very problematic for me. Any person acting alone as an intermediary is never good — Feels very “Messiah-ISH” — History is chock-full of colorful individuals that have made similar claims and It’s obvious why none of them panned out. It reeks of over- grandiose self exulted “I’m special - look at me - only I can save you” type of thing. PLUS I believe These messages were written down in books that were sold for monetary benefit, and may be currently (I don’t know). Which makes them bias. I’m sorry but if the allies really thought it important to get the message out I’m sure they could do so in a more effective distribution then to give such ‘vital’ information to only one person.

5. The heavy religious-esque tone a message is very off-putting. It feels very “new-agey” Steven Greer like to me, (as his rose colored glasses interpretation of aliens and UFOs is that he claims ALL aliens are beneficial and ALL have our best in mind, and ALL are just waiting in the wings for us to join star fleet or something!) Huge sweeping claims that I can’t believe he is qualified to make — this reminds me of that in the sense that’s it’s pretty much a denial of the darker more sinister alien intentions that people experience and it seems like a “Ra Ra Ra - Go get ‘em team” pep talk - a rallying cry to humans that I feel gives an unrealistic picture of what’s needed to combat this. A false hope if you will.

6. An unfounded belief in humanities abilities. I find most of humanity Generally disappointing and woefully inadequate and unprepared for such an endeavor. Most don’t believe there’s happening; the ones that do are thoroughly confused and mixed up by the nebulous nature of the phenomenon. Everybody’s got bits and pieces of the story — We are still a primitive warlike civilization standing in our own way often. We are still Fouling up the planet and acting with wanton disregard for animals and the environment. We humans are killing each other over retarded stuff like religion still to this day, we have people starving and dying of preventable diseases - and treating each other like shit.
All these characteristics don’t make me very ‘optimistic’ (shall I say), that we as a species are gonna pull this off. I don’t like the idea of us being helpless, but there is no evidence to point otherwise. It sucks, but the truth seems to be: We are totally subject to their will, can be controlled neurologically, and are hostage to their technology, and powerless to do anything, at least thus far.

7. On paper, or on the face of it, 80% of it sounds pretty good - ya know? and is a Message that I could see the majority of people getting behind — but is WAY too vague and not specific on concrete steps to take. You can’t pray the aliens away, and you can’t meditate them away; you can’t shoo them away — you can try all you want to, but the allies aren’t doing anything for anyone. Where are the people for whom this strategy has worked for? Granted, I like to acknowledge that there is a consciousness component to the Alien thing. An all-encompassing consciousness thread to all aspects of the “phenomenology” (as our government puts it) to this whole topic and its subgroups (and failing to mention that fact would be not doing it justice) There’s a huge mental component to the whole alien/UFO thing (telepathy, mental downloads, Remote viewing, intuition, ESP, etc.etc.) ...but I personally think this Allies thing is sadly a Jesus inspired, new-age pipe dream. Not Necessarily nefarious in it’s intentions, but not helpful either.
Every point or claim that they make or put forward, should be questioned and evaluated thoroughly.
What do you think???

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I appreciate reading a commentary from someone who gave the material a good read. I'm glad you feel it raises more questions than cures all, because I feel it was given to us to stimulate a different use of our mind-- to question what we think we know increase individual discernment in the face of "be all end all" statements like those coming from Steven Greer.
I want to ask: 1) what would "evidence" be for you that a) an off-planet group of observers could provide and that b) would be unambiguous and convincing not just to you but to all people. 2) how could the Allies actually prove their origins and intention?
Thank you for your stated skepticism about Marshall, who has received the information. What I've learned from studying both the Allies briefings and the New Message from God (two different sources, through Marshall over the last 30+ years) is that should this message had been given through multiple people, the results would have been confusion and discord over who has the "right message". Marshall prepared for so many years to be fit to receive this, that the odds are that few people would be able to take such a journey in life, that the same message coming through multiple people would likely not be able to be received in full-- therefore leaving us with one person on one side of the planet saying they have the right one, another one saying they do.. and you know how humans love to distort the origins of religion and have kept poor record of truth, as one example. Of course I don't expect you to just take this from me, but you sound like someone who does their research. For me, I had to meet other people in person practicing the Steps to Knowledge and studying what the Allies have given, and meeting Marshall was also pivotal for me. I could not trust even the person who shared all of this with me, and needed a lot of time.
When you ask about evidence I also want to say that after decades of UFO research, including abductions, sightings, various forms of disclosure and leaks --- does humanity seem convinced? It takes so much to convince the general population! The Allies have given these briefings to humanity at large--the "main street of humanity" as Reed Summers has mentioned in interviews. So would more names, dates, places really be the thing that reaches the world? What I observe in UFO communities is that people are frantically gathering evidence only to sit and conclude "well, we still don't know, this doesn't tell us anything"-- acting as if they also don't really want to know. Because knowing the truth would call for action. And who wants to take action?
I disagree that we'd be powerless in the face of their technology and manipulation. The Allies are telling us quite the opposite, and that from their experience, an intervention can be offset. This is why they are free to speak to us today. Learning about this reality is such a large part of the action. Questioning the "love and light" mentality and "space brothers" rhetoric has been extremely refreshing for me.
The Allies briefings are free online in English and over a dozen other languages. No one is making money off this message.
Yes, please do continue to question and evaluate. To look at reality with clear eyes and leave an opening to really know takes courage.
This segment of "A Call to Action" as part of the briefings speaks to some of what I have said: "It has been a very great challenge for this individual to receive and to accept such a responsibility. He did not ask for it. Yet he is born with it. And with all the delays, the chance for success has become more of a concern to us. That is why at this time we must speak with great emphasis. And we must repeat our essential message so that we can be sure that it is being heard and understood.
Every month and every year now is precious. Every month and every year that humanity remains unprepared for the Greater Community, the situation becomes more difficult and more grave. We have had to move twice in our position here in your solar system. We cannot tell you more, for we do not wish to give evidence of our presence to your adversaries."
Thanks again for posting here, and taking time and respect in your analysis.

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Hi DirtyBirdy760,
I just responded to your latest post, within which I mentioned the Allies Briefings, and then I saw this one. I'd like to respond to your criticisms here by offering some of my own insights and experience.
To reply to your statement at the end of your post, "Every point or claim that they make or put forward, should be questioned and evaluated thoroughly" - I say, of course and absolutely!
Any seeker of the truth must be able to critically evaluate and discern the information and perspectives they are presented. The challenge of doing this when faced with such an inexplicable and baffling subject as UFOs and aliens is not for the faint of heart, surely. And yet, the opportunity to reflect on our own abilities of discernment and the limitations of our current paradigms, perspectives and fundamental beliefs is also brought about through this process, if we engage with it authentically.
My experience of the Allies of Humanity Briefings is that they offer context and perspective. It is like walking out of a small room into a bigger room of different dimensions - still the same physical laws holding the room together, but of greater size and proportion.
There are plenty of reasons, as you mention, to be skeptical of the Allies' message, to doubt their claims and so forth. But what resonates with me is the wisdom which they convey and the immediacy of its application to my own understanding. They are relating their observations and experiences, which are grounded in the tangible and practical elements of life here. They offer a prosaic view of the universe - one which is governed by the needs of physical survival, as life is here, while also revealing the reality of influence in the mental environment, which is something humanity as a whole is unaware of.
There are many questions that come up regarding the ET presence in the world, how we are to offset it, etc. - I struggle with this as well. Yet, I don't think it's the Allies' intention to answer every question and problem we have, but rather to offer us the paradigm shift we can individually experience so we can begin to live these unfolding answers and communicate them through our lives, actions, decisions and relationships.
The Allies, in my experience, offer a vantage point for us to climb to so we can see for ourselves what they can see. And this indeed takes investigation, work, doubt, contemplation, problem-solving, etc.
From briefing 2, Book 1: "Our words will not be enough. Men and women must learn to see and know. We can only encourage this."
In conjunction with studying Steps to Knowledge: the Book of Inner Knowing - also received by Marshall Vian Summers - it becomes clearer for me over time that contact with extraterrestrial life is underway not only through the physical sightings and abductions which I have learned about, but through the influence in the mental environment, which is very subtle but extremely pervasive in its application. This is something which the Allies speak about, but to begin to see it in my own experience - beyond the realm of ideas, concepts and speculation - really deepens my appreciation for this message and its relevancy to my life.
Here is an example from the Allies' Briefings of the bigger picture for us to live with and discern over time for ourselves, presented in briefing 1 of the first book.
"The visitors are engaged in four fundamental activities in order to gain influence within your world [...] The first area of activity of the visitors is to influence individuals in positions of power and authority. [...] The second avenue of activity, which is perhaps the most difficult to consider from your perspective, is the manipulation of religious values and impulses. [...] the third area of to establish the visitors’ presence in the world and to have people become used to this presence. [...] Now we must speak of the fourth area in which your visitors seek to establish themselves, and that is through interbreeding."
While the Allies present commentary on these things and offer a deeper insight into what is meant here, we are still left to see and know these things for ourselves. And to this end, there are some very important voices in the field which are in consonance with the Allies' message, and offer the kind of detail which is necessary for us to understand to get a more complete picture of what is occurring (I think of David Jacobs, Karla Turner, Richard Dolan, among others...)
So many people in various UFO cliques/communities are being sold on some half-truths disguised in platitudes of love and light, higher vibrations and "ascension" - or they get so lost in conspiracy and speculation that they can't see clearly those things which are obviously occurring (like the abduction phenomenon).
However, the Allies are not asking us to believe or subscribe to some half-baked ideology. The spiritual dimensions of this work points to the deeper intelligence within, which exists beyond the surface of the mind and the conditioning of worldly and ET influence. Here we are being asked, “what do you know?” Discerning the truth of the ET presence in the world (or the truth of anything, really), what it represents and why it is occurring is inextricable from this process of self-inquiry. "Why do I believe what I believe? Am I willing to change my beliefs? What do I really know?" These questions are necessary to abide with and return to.
We can question the identity and intentions of the Allies, and this is fine. But what do you really know regarding the realities they speak of? Perhaps some things seem foreign to your experience. For me, even in times I have doubted or have been confused, when I deeply consider the message that the Allies present, it is incontrovertible. It is a confirmation of all the evidence I’ve already gathered, and an illumination of what it really means. And yet, this has to be experienced individually.
Even if there is a great light show or convoy of alien ships who show up and present themselves to the human family, people will still interpret this according to their beliefs. Some people will say they’re angels, some demons; some will believe they are here to save us, some to enslave us; some will think it is a deception carried out by our government, some will believe every word they say. But who can see it for what it is?
So while you may have doubts about the way this information was received, whether it is at all practical or useful, or whatever it may be - I have found and continue to find that the deeper I consider these teachings, the more I see evidence of its veracity in my own experience.
In the ‘Questions and Answers’ section of book 1 they say in response to the question, “How can people know you are real?”:
“Many will reject our words simply because they do not believe that we could possibly exist. Others perhaps will think that we are part of some manipulation that is being cast upon the world. We cannot control these responses. We can only reveal our message and our presence in your life, however removed that presence may be. It is not our presence here that is of paramount importance, but the message that we have come to reveal and the greater perspective and understanding that we can provide for you. Your education must begin somewhere. All education begins with the desire to know.”
I commend you on your willingness to question, doubt and contemplate and for raising these questions for us all to consider. And I encourage you to take this further then your initial conclusions, to bring a greater depth of inquiry to these books and to your own beliefs, values and ideas. There are greater teachings in these materials than meets the eye.
All the best to you in your search for Truth,
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·Reply to Colennc22
Hey Cole, Thank you for the interesting and lengthy reply. I’ll make this super short: All I’m trying to say is that one should make room for the possibility that the allies of humanity is part of the obfuscation of this already nebulous topic. You’re obviously smart and well-versed in the subject. I agree with the vast majority of your assessments, but disagree specifically with the notion that they’re not “asking us to believe or subscribe to some half baked ideology” - when that’s exactly what I think they’re doing, or more specifically, what Mr. Marshall Summers is asking people to do. Again, all I’m saying is ultimately this ‘info’ comes from one guy, which is and should be immediately suspect. We’re being asked to take his word at face value, which I cannot. Like one critic stated, “If they're the best intelligent life the universe has to offer, we're all in big trouble. If I was an alien thinking up a strategy to liberate an endangered, primitive planet, this is not the approach I would take. Not even close” — Sometimes i find myself thinking this subreddit should be called “Allies of Humanity agenda” because at every turn, on every post, it is offered up as some catch-all, universal ‘fix’ that will answer every question point people toward a greater understanding of alien’s agenda, almost to the point of nausea. Pointing to its passages as some kind of justification for its existence is like circular arguments used by religious nuts who point to their own ridiculous texts, as if that’s some kind of proof for whatever they’re grasping at straws to justify or to help explain. At its most basic level, it’s new-agey, feel good, tell-em-what they want to hear, cult-esque, offering a false sense of hope, and so blantently written by a human for humans, and interpreted via angelic messages through ONE GUY, & one guy alone.
I’m sorry, but that’s not good enough for me — and back to my original point; please make room for the possibility that the Allies briefings are all wishful thinking, and just a bunch of crap cooked up by some wacko. I’m not drinking the koolaid. All the best to you as well!! ;)


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