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Date: August 06, 2018 03:18PM

New standards of beauty. Way, From beauty to comfort

1. Short or bald haircuts for both guys and girls around the world.

Hair, this is the whole problem. Especially when they are long, especially when you are a woman. In summer it's hot and hard. In hot weather, the head should be washed every 2 days or more. With bald hairstyles we solve the heat problem, our neck and head will not sweat and it will not be hot. Just do not have to wash your hair often, and generally you will need less shampoo.

2. Comfortable sportswear. Trainings, sports pants and shorts. And also comfortable shoes, sneakers or sneakers or sandals

No uncomfortable clothes. Even jeans compared to sports pants are very uncomfortable and stiff movements. Also shoes without high heels, only comfortable shoes in which it is easy.

3. Equal clothes for men and women.

What a man can wear, a woman can wear. What a woman can wear, a man can wear. Dresses, skirts, leggings, heels, makeup and other

4. No makeup, only the natural appearance of people

No more slavery. A woman should not always go out to make herself look good for this society. We must accept people as they are.

Makeup, psychologically, only makes people hide their flaws, this leads their psyche to regular concealments of information and lies. How often do you know women who are lying? Yes, they are just full! This is all the bad influence of our culture, including the makeup.

However, let the guy imagine that he has to smear his face every day with paint. Will it be convenient for him to be painted in paint? You can not touch the face to leave no traces. This same FUU as disgusting!

Make up should disappear completely in the 21st century.

5. No sexuality and beautiful faces in advertising

Throughout Scandinavia, advertisements usually use the most common in appearance people. often it's a man or a woman of 45 years, or even retirees. This is done just in order not to impose on people the ideals of beauty so that they do not have inferiority complexes about their appearance

6. No sexual overtones for open and frank clothing

People should not see sexy overtones and temptations in short shorts and t-shirts. For them, this should be ordinary clothes. If this can not be achieved, you can make clothes in public more closed without deep cuts, bare shoulders and bare legs and naked belly

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