Islamic Sufism-Personal experiences
Posted by: Sarah_me ()
Date: July 31, 2018 03:59PM

I have posted my story about encountering Naqshibandi tariqat and all shocking revelations I came across, after I started getting deeper into it. Luckily I never went too deep, in a sense of not being able to get out of it.

I saw many people and families not being able to leave the communities, tariqats after joining it. People get higly controlled and manipulated, being threatened that in case they live they will die out of some sickness, they will get mentally sick, something will happen to their kids etc.

I wonder why no one from the Islamic community is showing enough of interests to show the true face of Sufism, to show it is not about control or service to human’s ego, to show that such manipulations have nothing to do with Islam.

After an individual joins such a community, he/she is usually tied to community by marriage, later by children. An individual feels that he is higly indebted to the Leader for giving him life, family... etc. He or she feels in case they leave leader their families will cease to exist, because leader claims to be the main foundation for building up their family.

Another problem I have encountered was that close memebers were discouraged from progressing in career, and education was considered to be harmful for brains and hearts. The only goal followers should have should be serving the Shaykh and being prepared for the arrival of the Mehdi.

On the other hand the same leaders are promoting different version of Sufism and their teachings when meeting high government officials, promiting peace and education. Memebers of the community still fail to see the hypocricy and double standards of their guide. They do not see what applies for them does not apply for rich and influential.

In case close members would be rich and infleuntial who would serve Shaykh’s ego? They have to play a role of obedient servants who are doing what is told to them and provide king’s treatment to their leader.

The followers cannot question shaykh in any matter. If a Shaykh tells to divorce or to cut ties with your family members who may be potentially dangerous for your spiritual progress, you have to do it without any objection. Because Shaykh claims to know all hidden matters and he is your only boat to heavens. Why no one tells these people that in monotheism no one is taking us to God, except us ourselves? There is nothing like a middle person, everything else is outside of monotheistic religion.

Followers usually live in extreme poverty, even if they have money, their money is controlled, so in the end they have no money. They are being put under financial pressure constantly, by being told to participate in expensive trips accompanying the shaykh. In the end their family budget suffers that children usually do not have basic clothing stuff. Members have no time even to clean their own primeses due to amount of work needed to provide to the dargah’s service. In overall homes of the followers give away impression of poverty and lack of hygiene.

My impression is that many of the followes suffer silently, and their mental issues become bigger, and that fact makes them mentally paralysed to get out. They tell themselves that what they belong to is not a cult, but an organisation that helped them, saved their lives and they are indebted to remain silent, otherwise God would send His punishmemt. They do not see that organisation is not based on God’s principles, but principles of human’s ego. They fail to see they do not worship God, but they only slave to man’s ego. They convince themselves that the end of the world is about to soon happen, and that being chosen one is their destiny. They do not see that it is higly delusional, considering the amount of groups in the world claiming the same special status.

Another question regarding Naqshibandis that bothers me is why the main Shaykh( Shaykh Mehmet) who poses to be as tolerant allows to his representatives to destroy people mentally, completely control their lives, destroy families, rob off people, threaten people etc. in the name of his tariqat. It seems no one is interfering in work of the small closed communities of Naqshibandi representatives in the world. Their activies are higly dangerous and main Shaykh seems to have no idea neither bothering about it. They usually live somewhere in the mountains and operate far away from the eyes of the masses.

Can anything be done about waking up these people? Has anyone experienced similar? Is anyone willing to ask questions and open up about his or her experience?

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Re: Islamic Sufism-Personal experiences
Posted by: RyanMauro1986 ()
Date: August 02, 2018 01:39AM

Hi Sarah,

Did this experience of yours take place in America? I'd like to learn more.

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Re: Islamic Sufism-Personal experiences
Posted by: Sarah_me ()
Date: August 02, 2018 02:52PM

It happened in Europe... it is happening still unfortunately, and not much is known about it. Unfortunately only those who somehow ended up there can tell a story... the problem or the advantage to the manipulative leader is that community is cut out from the city, it is located in a small village. Neither main leader of Naqshibandi movement Shaykh Mehmet bothers about what his representatives do in his name, neither government agencies... and people who are ex mureeds are still too indoctrinated and afraid to speak up about it. It is like every cult indoctrination, they all fear unknown consequances.
I don’t know about the USA, but I think Shaykh Hisham is there and he seems to be pretty ok, definately sure he would not support this kind of organisation.
I would like to speak out about it openly, but my husband’s family is deeply involved in it, and husband is scared they may cut off ties with us if their leader is being exposed. That is literally called blind love.
Someone is degrading you, humiliating you, using you, tricking you and you defend it with your life. These leaders have such a power over their followers, even family matters mean nothing when it comes to protecting system of control of a leader.
Sad reality of these communities...

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