U tube amateurs risking their lives with miller !
Date: June 16, 2018 11:25AM

OK have we not learned our little lesson with Jim Jones
its seems like more and more people keep bothering this mentally unstable man
that is borderline psychopath

last guy made a video , came 10,000 miles away and now miller is even more irate and paranoid , do people not see this connection ?
and of course u tube continues to allow these amateur hot dogs to play
news casters all the while do they not remember what happened to congressman ryan
and the camera man and 4 others that were shot and killed and more injured

now you have miller using u tube to promote his
cult practices and lifestyle, personally i hate social media
they make miller look harmless

there are 2 charts i would like to show you on the similarities of both miller Jones and koresh and weather he is borderline sociopath or physopath

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