Why David Koresh Took His own life and those with him
Date: June 13, 2018 09:11AM

Most people will not see the True meaning behind what caused Both Jim jones and David Koresh to go completely mad and take their own lives and others with no regard to other people .

The Truth is Demon Possession is Real
and when you Claim your someone your not your asking for BIG TROUBLE
With Jim he was already into Socialism much like Hitler and you know how that ended ..

With Koresh he was already into the 7th Day Adventist Cult

Cult is really the Occult they take the bible and their own words
and become god like .. without making this into a bible study on spiritualism
there are Dark forces that mask themselves to be these cute so called helpfull
spirit guides ... so much for helpfull . in millers case you have his disciples

For the Love of God Video
that one guy accepts the blame for his stillborns death cause A.J tld him
its his fault ..

the other girl in the video channeled a aboriginal spirit
and even had a " spirit guide tell her she was made of titanium ?
an drove her car over a cliff and almost died

then you have a woman that says she come out of a cult
and professes to the public she is a medium ?
and even does a reading on the reporter that filmed them

will actually become to the point she is afraid after she consults them
but says her gods are friendly ? seriously

the worst thing is they hold these channeling meeetings
and one guy named fabio
has channelled what he thinks is a little boy that blew up a bus ?

and somehow A.J their messiah is going to teah these dark destroying spirits
about love ?

one guy has been sexually abused as a boy , and goes on to say he too
was using mediums ...

no wander may thinks she is mary Magdalene
to say to the world Jesus was a perv?

that is just ignorant and to allow A.J to be allowed to keep calling people Mary Magdalene is just A.Js excuse to have sex with more women

Mediums that do this channeling may think they can control these dark forces
but in the end they controlled
Jim Jones
David Koresh
and they will control and if they can try to destroy peoples lives

there is no such thing as friendly spirits ... they are demonic

i have also thought this myself untill i was channeling
an these so called friendly spirits tried to choke me to death ..

people that mess with the Occult you will get burned in the end
please dont take a look at A.J how messed up and his followers are
a mess its horrible and should be stopped


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