Do you really want to know how A.j miller controls your family ?
Date: June 13, 2018 06:02AM

Recently a video was posted on A.j miller , and this one actually exposes quite clearly how A. J has this much control over people . The video is called For the Love of God . When i watched it , i could not believe how some people will be so ignorant to film a person they do not think is dangerous .
I am a retired nurse that worked in the field of physchatric
And mental health . 1 millers son stated for 6 months his dad which is A.j said he was hearing voices telling him he was Jesus , for 6 months he would scream , cry and shake like a leaf . This is schizophrenia, with possible bi polar or manic
Episodes. The worst part is miller has got involved with this new age teaching of kaballah which he repackaged as Secrets of the Universe on his Dvds. Which he promotes and sells on U tube . The are also into channeling spirits which is what Occultists do to gain the powers over others , all in all A.j
Is practicing Witchcraft his disciples ,most of them were interviwed and confess to be mediums . WARNING THIS IS NOT JUST A ORDINARY COMPOUND its a Coven .. I take great risk leaving this message exposing him because i used to be in the Occult myself , i did channeling. Please do not attempt to interviene with this mess . Call or write Rick Ross Cult Expert ... people are ignorantly putting themselves at great risk just as governor Ryan did with Jones and was murdered along with 4 others , then Jones panicked ,and 900 died .
Aj is suspicious and you can see this very easily now ,
Also is covering up his coven , which all witches will do

Please send this message to anyone that has family involved
Contact the authorities . If enough people raise hell about this we can get a supponea and court marshall to detain Miller for physchatric issues.

Hope this info helps
I got most of this info from family in Mergen
Cheers !

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