? Werner Erhard and Life Coaching?
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 04, 2018 09:34PM

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Re: ? Werner Erhard and Life Coaching?
Posted by: bakkagirl ()
Date: June 05, 2018 03:08PM

One of the issues we have in the coaching field relates to the seeming inability of many ICF-affiliated coaches to differentiate between life and executive coaching.

Life coaching typical involves an individual who works with a coach to clarify personal goals and create a path toward a achieving these. Nothing wrong with this...can be very useful to some folks.

Executive coaching focuses on improving the performance of executives, generally senior leaders. These coaching engagements have many stakeholders, boss, HR, team members and require of the coach a background in fields such as psychology, organizational behavior, change management, cross-cultural communication, HR systems (long list). Note, we also see a number of ex-CEO's in this field, and these folks share practical experience.

ICF coaches need not have these backgrounds...it is all about PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION. So, here we can see the Erhard influence, and the massive blind spots.

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