Abuse of Narrow Focus Meditation for Mind Control
Posted by: not moses ()
Date: February 21, 2018 06:59AM

TM is a narrow focus meditation done with a repeated mantrum solely on the aural sensory channel. This is diametrically opposed to an open-awareness meditation (like Vipassana) that usually begins with paying attention to the breath, but then expands to paying attention to the entire body on any or all sensory channels, including whatever the mind has to say about the sensory experience. The awareness, however, is *outside* the paradigm (i.e. "frame" or "box") of that commentary.

Because the former is PoF, it cancels out incoming awareness of stimuli on other channels, as well as any consideration of or commentary about such stimuli. Which makes it the perfect vehicle for setting up its practitioners to train the subject to focus solely on what the guru or leader is saying.

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