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Bentinho Massaro
Posted by: jameslbeard ()
Date: December 07, 2017 07:01PM

Bentinho Massaro is a Cult Leader, currently based in Sedona, Arizona.

A recent article on gives an overview of current state of development the cult is at. If you have a partner, family member or friend that is a member, and need any more info/advice, I will do my best to provide it.


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Re: Bentinho Massaro
Posted by: Athena ()
Date: December 20, 2017 01:21PM

Fantastic look inside a modern day cult. My partner was involved in a cult very similar to this one. Found more threads about that cult on this site. Happy to have found this site, Thank you!

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Re: Bentinho Massaro
Posted by: happytown ()
Date: December 20, 2017 08:56PM

He just fled sedona with his girlfriends to some undisclosed location, according to his Facebook page.

That article really made a difference!

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Re: Bentinho Massaro
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 20, 2017 10:49PM

The comments following the Spiritual Rock Star article are interesting.

Some allege that Massaro's parents are Dutch and are into human potential business.

One commenter, KD, wrote, "I always say that Bentinho Massaro will be back at satsangs with Mooji, for example, in no time ????"

Am not sure what this means. Did Massaro spend time hanging around with Mooji before starting his own career as a commercial guru?

Bentinho Massaro: A spiritual rock star


Some interesting comments


ano says:
December 9, 2017 at 9:20 am
Some factual information on this particular individual:


Bentinho tried to suppress this article which is doing the rounds on Facebook and in blogosphere now.
I left a (relatively) neutral response on Bentinho’s website. It was moderated out.



Catherine says:
December 4, 2017 at 8:21 am
Ah Jaye… thank you for using this word, discernment.

Without it, discussions such as these descend into nonsense (everything is ok because nothing exists/the mirror merely reflects what is in you (aka, it takes one to know one, as in, if you are saying this about X teacher, it is because it’s your problem; ad nauseum).

I don’t think it is written anywhere that we must abandon our powers of discernment, observation, and common sense when it comes to spiritual teachers. And if we don’t like what we see, and we keep a civil tongue in our head, it is helpful for others if we report on what we experience. Just like Shawn has done here.

If we don’t make reports, we end up with people like Sogyal Rinpoche, Andrew Cohen, Marc Gafni, or Richard Baker Roshi (just to grab a few names out from the past) acting out their destructive whims. By their actions, shall they be known…


astrid says:
September 21, 2016 at 9:05 pm
Bentinho is a fraud plain and simple. While he has obviously done the homework, he is far from an enlightened being. A little google searching will yield you some insight into his history of building empire. His parents do the same thing in the Netherlands. He is nothing more than a smooth talker who has taken the teachings of others (watch a little Bashar) and touted them as his own. True enlightenment is something that one discovers for him or herself. The body mind, if you will. This is usually a gradual unfolding of the realization that there is no self. While I’m sure the sense of community is wonderful for what it is, the woo woo crowd will find it difficult to ever reach the goal…because there isn’t one. As long as Betinho and these other charlatans keep hawking enlightenment the illusion of the self will be perpetuated and the seeking will continue. Why do you think humans often end up “seeking” for 20-30 years?



Lisa says:
June 29, 2017 at 9:37 pm
Tnx for the commenter who said his parents work in the Netherlands. I think I found his father if he is named Arturo and lives in Limburg. He is a coach. He’s not a guru or doesnt have a big institute. They were not poor, as Benthino states in an interview with Dutch maartje or klaartje from “money = love” or something. His father was working in his youth at the towns council/ government and later as a manager at a big energy company. They were middle class. When BM was about 14-15 his father and mother and him talked at the camping about why they’re here on earth. His father works since BM was around 12-13 as a trainer.

And about the article: Yes. I agree. A friend send the link. I’m into spirituality, so I watched some talks and was captured by his presence but then I found his content was superficial and I started seeing through his words that are scathered over the web, a rather narcissistic person. Narcissists can be very charming. But well, I guess the universe has its ways. And maybe he is helping others. It seems so.

KD says:
September 21, 2017 at 10:16 am
I always say that Bentinho Massaro will be back at satsangs with Mooji, for example, in no time ????
I just “unfollowed” him on facebook because he provides zero value.

Reddit discussion of Be Scolfield's article entitled Tech Bro Guru )Medium


I always say that Bentinho Massaro will be back at satsangs with Mooji, for example, in no time ????

(Mooji is discussed on CEI message board here:


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Neville Goddard a possible source? Amazon review
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 21, 2017 05:50AM

Massaro has written a book, Super Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life Paperback – November 11, 2016

310 reviews as of December 20, 2017. 90% are five star reviews.

Massaro's biography on Amazon


Bentinho Massaro is the leading synthesizer of enlightenment and empowerment teachings from many sources, current and historical, offering a fresh and laser-like distillation of these teachings. Since his early enlightenment experiences as a teenager, Bentinho has been riding the waves of an intensely awakened life. He started teaching at age 18 and today is internationally recognized, holding retreats in major US and European cities. Bentinho is the creator of, a free online school with step-by-step courses and lessons designed to lead people to profound peace, stability, freedom, and fulfillment within themselves. He is also the founder of Trinfinity Corp., an ambitious organization dedicated to co-creating an Enlightened Civilization by 2035


A three star review by a Bentinho Massaro admirer who is troubled by Massaro's consistently foul language.


3.0 out of 5 starsI really liked a lot of what you teach
ByA Sweet Choice 4 uon January 4, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I really liked a lot of what you teach, it really resonates with me. But your mouth is awful! I believe you can be passionate without the foul language. My father told me many years ago foul language is the voice of an angry man. Are you really that angry? It may be because you are so young and still have a lot to learn regarding effective communication.

With that being said I believe you are on to something big and I would like to hear more (without the nasty language).

Betinho, you have great vision. Many would benefit from what you teach. Many more need to hear what you teach, but every time you drop the f word a little of your lesson is lost in translation. After all you could be a great teacher, just keep its out of the frat house!

If it were not for the foul language I would have given your book 5 stars! Hopefully you can get this book edited after all it is an E book or you can try to do a better job with the next book.

Believe me when I say you are on to something great! I still believe in you, I know you can do this without the nasty mouth!

Thank you,

Two Star review


2.0 out of 5 starsConfusing
ByAmazon Customeron January 7, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Perhaps I'm not spiritually advanced enough for this book. I found it confusing. I also thought it was a little bizarre to focus on what YOU want so much. I prefer approaching life with an "empty rice bowl" mindset, or Zen mind. I like the idea of surrendering to God's preference rather than forcing my own. While I might be intelligent, I'm not omnipotent or omnipresent, and I won't pretend to know it all or to know what's best in every situation. Maybe I'll understand this book one day, but right now I don't


This_reader1 month agoIn reply toan earlier postReport abuse

Do you get a notification if reviews are removed? I don't think I've had that problem yet.
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Amazon Customer12 months agoIn reply toan earlier postReport abuse
this is not true.
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Universal Traveler Al1 year agoIn reply toan earlier postReport abuse
I also had my 1 star review removed by Amazon that was deemed inappropriate............I've been reading New thought/Age books for a very long time and all I said was it was recycled Law of Attraction stuff.........I don't know what was inappropriate about that............I mentioned that it seemed a lot of the 5 star reviews were placed by his "devotees" and after watching the videos it seemed a bit cultish.

I've spent thousands of dollars here and am considering doing business elsewhere..........Amazon is becoming a bit too Big Brother.
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Komparatist1 year agoIn reply toan earlier postReport abuse
I thought the same, but then he made his "academy"-writings totally free. Is this something someone would do who is driven by money? All I can tell is I never paid for anything but got a lot of good approaches to view things differently by him. The book isn't that expensive and nobody is forced to buy it to get "his" teaching, so I see no ground to judge it. Earning money itself isn't a bad thing. Hope your review comes back again though. Haven't read the book yet.
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VINinPD1 year ago (Edited)Report abuse
You are spot on! This is just another money grab by this kid. There's a pattern if you research his past. Somehow my review was removed so he obviously doesn't want the truth to come out. I'm working with Amazon to have my review reposted.

Here are some interesting items from the one star reviews.

Neville Goddard died in 1972.



1.0 out of 5 starsI was expecting something wonderful and revolutionary given the amount of positive ratings this ...
ByAmazon Customeron March 15, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I was expecting something wonderful and revolutionary given the amount of positive ratings this book has. Instead, I was horrified to find out how bad the book was after maybe 20 pages.

I don't disagree with the major concepts since it's all rehashed, particularly from Neville Goddard. I'm an avid follower of Goddard and I have read all his books. What the writer is proposing here and keeps warning us "maybe it's too radical" can be found in Goddard's works and also his contemporaries. What's terrible is that the he is a bad bad bad writer. He tries to explain and elaborate his limited knowledge of quantum theories throughout the whole book with cumbersome, repetitive, inarticulate language. I have a master in Philosophy and perhaps that is why I find it so hard to digest. When you're dealing with metaphysical matters, scientific theories, explanation of realities and you do so with writing like a high school student... (mixed with a few F words in between) you come off as unprofessional.

One person commented:


Mr 5048 months ago (Edited)Report abuse
Thank you. I completely agree with your comment. Apparently, like others before him the masses just follows. There is a huge amount of people that follow because he gives them what they want to feel, without any common sense or any further explanation that allows a person to not only get that good feeling but also it is logical. Neville Goddard and others (Creation Formula) from the 1900 explained all this much better, were authentic, professional, and empowered people with knowledge. Question is if he is so super accelerate, then why does not share it all for free on his website?

1.0 out of 5 stars

Repeating all over Seth Hicks and Bashar ByMr 504on January 30, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition Another one using repeated teachings claiming it is it! Nothing is new, just good way to bring people into buying. How many ways can they all copy the same thing!

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Re: Neville Goddard a possible source? Amazon review
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 21, 2017 05:54AM

Some Neville Goddhard quotes.


“Dare to believe in the reality of your assumption
and watch the world play its part
relative to to its fulfillment.”
? Neville Goddard
tags: dream-big, self-fulfilling-prophecy 36 likes Like

“Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.–Neville Goddard”
? Neville Goddard
tags: consciousness, inspirational, law-of-attraction, science, spiritual 35 likes Like

“I AM wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, free, confined were first of all impressions or conditions felt before they became visible expressions. Your world is your consciousness objectified. Waste no time trying to change the outside; change the within or the impression; and the without or expression will take care of itself. When the truth of this statement dawns upon you, you will know that you have found the lost word or the key to every door. I AM (your consciousness) is the magical lost word which was made flesh in the likeness of that which you are conscious of being.”
? Neville Goddard, Your Faith is Your Fortune
33 likes Like
“Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”
? Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness

For other quotations go here:


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Comments following Jason Clavito article on Bentinho
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 21, 2017 06:21AM


Some comments:


12/4/2017 11:44:52 pm
Mr. Massaro is mobilizing his cult followers to take down the Be Scofield article. This YouTube video is a slide show of screen grabs from Massaro’s FB page.


He’s also attracting attention on Reddit

12/5/2017 12:50:54 am
By Bentinho Massaro
December 3, 2017


12/11/2017 03:15:23 pm
Sadly, one of BM's inner circle, Bret Wilkins, threw himself off Midgley Bridge in Sedona yesterday after attending a weekend retreat. Bret's mother blames BM. I'm sure more to follow. This is a very dangerous cult.

12/12/2017 06:35:52 pm
A young man just committed suicide in Sedona who was on Bentinho Massaro's retreat; the retreat costs $1,200. Fair one week it ends on December 15, 2017. The below post was made in Facebook by Brent's friend.
Bentinho has his followers sleep deprived, and fasted without food and also on grape juice and no water (Dry fasting). These are mind control techniques used by cult leaders.

"As someone that personally knows both Brent and Bentinho. I can tell you absolutely without a doubt Bentinho’s influence on Brent did contribute to his death. On that matter so did Bashar. Due to Brent’s mental state, he believed Bashar and Bentinho about “important work” beyond the veil, that death is an illusion, that there are exciting things in other dimensions, that this form and body are not to be attached to and are not are true self. To disconnect from our families and friends that have limited beliefs and do not support or agree with us.

These are actual beliefs that Brent felt were true and these are absolutely things that both Bashar and Bentinho teaches. Brent did make this choice on his own however he was heavily influenced by teachings that disassociate from the human experience.

I am still heartsick as many of us are that he made this choice. But I can tell you confidently. Brent believed death was true freedom and he had bigger work to do on the other side."


12/12/2017 10:06:46 pm
Jason, you wrote:

“I can’t help but think that the similarity to Wilcock’s uniquely bonkers teachings may not be coincidental.”

Today I was reading the many comments on Be Scofield’s Facebook page (both before and after the suicide of Brent Wilkins) and I posted a link to your article here saying your focus was more on the UFO/Ancient Alien statements that Massaro made.

Someone living in Sedona just replied to me:

“The person who posted Be's article on the Sedona Bulletin Board prior to the suicide here is Wilcox's ex girlfriend.”


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Re: Comments following Jason Clavito article on Bentinho
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 21, 2017 10:30PM

All this may be rumor. However, if any investigative reporter is in Tiruvannamalai (the town in India that makes money off the fame of Ramana Maharshi and where newly enlightened 'teachers' are manufactured every minute) --

This article might offer some useful leads.

Saturday, January 5, 2013 - Chi-Ting Apocalypse

Baby Ben and Jeff: a love story


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Dharma Lesson From "A Fish Called Wanda"
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: December 23, 2017 01:49AM

Anyone remember the 1988 film, "A Fish Called Wanda"?

Look it up. Otto West, a brute with pretensions to high culture, regards
himself as Buddhist. He practices his Japanese sword exercises with Western
classical music in the background -- and behaves outrageously.

Wanda, the title character, reprimands Otto.

In the midst of the verbal fireworks Wanda says something very important.


Wanda: [after Otto breaks in on Wanda and Archie in Archie's flat and hangs him out the window] I was dealing with something delicate, Otto. I'm setting up a guy who's incredibly important to us, who's going to tell me where the loot is and if they're going to come and arrest you. And you come loping in like Rambo without a jockstrap and you dangle him out a fifth-floor window. Now, was that smart? Was it shrewd? Was it good tactics? Or was it stupid?

Otto West: Don't call me stupid.

Wanda: Oh, right! To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people! I've known sheep that could outwit you. I've worn dresses with higher IQs. But you think you're an intellectual, don't you, ape?

Otto West: Apes don't read philosophy.

Wanda: Yes they do, Otto. They just don't understand it. Now let me correct you on a couple of things, OK? Aristotle was not Belgian. The central message of Buddhism is not "Every man for himself." And the London Underground is not a political movement. Those are all mistakes, Otto. I looked them up.

Corboy: Hello, all you self created teachers out there:

Hear what Wanda has said to the outrageous Otto West?

"The central message of Buddhism is not "Every man for himself.""

There are some great lost cultural treasures from thirty years ago, and in Corboy's opinion, this is one of them.

We have had quite a parade of "outrageous" "revolutionary" "passionate" "courageous" teachers by now.

Werner Erhard (He claimed that his seminars were based on Zen Buddhism.)

*Adi Da

Chogyam Trungpa

*Andrew Cohen

*Marc Gafni

Teal Swan

Jetsunma Akhon Lamo/Catherine Burroughs/Catherine Zeoli

Bentinho Massaro

(The ones with asterisks have all been endorsed by Ken Wilber, he of the Wyatt Earpy Potty Mouth Fire Sermon)

These days, you can peddle a loud mouthed profanity filled "message" call it Buddhism and get away with it.

Back in 1988, whoever wrote that part of the screenplay for A Fish Called Wanda
showed greater awareness that Buddhism was not every man for himself.

Here's the dialogue:


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Re: Comments following Jason Clavito article on Bentinho
Posted by: soapkate ()
Date: December 26, 2017 09:24AM

As I posted on the Guruphiliac fb page,

Sadly, Brent Wilkins was not the first. My partner killed himself one year ago. He was a keen follower of BM. In the last few weeks of his life he spoke of feeling " like a ghost " in relation to BM's teachings . The teachings of BM are dangerous to vulnerable people. BM is a narcissistic individual who does not take responsibility for the potential damage done by his teachings. My life and the lives of those who loved my partner, have been almost destroyed by the loss of our wonderful soulmate, who was undoubtedly influenced by the crazy irresponsible ramblings of this so called spiritual leader.

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