Koh Phangan Sect, Thailand, Raaman Andreas, Sai Baba
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Information in Cult Education Institute about Sai Baba here:


Sathya Sai Baba died in 2011.

The so-called 'divinity in human form' has 1,200 worship centres set up across 126 countries which offer 'spiritual advancement'.

"Sathya Sai Baba, who was one of India's biggest spiritual leaders when he was alive, came under criticism for allegedly using tricks to fool his followers.

There are schools in Thailand set up to carry on his teachings."

Reportedly, Ramaan Andreas' "Sai Baba Center/s" sect goes by the name of "Sacred" or SACRED
its website is


The International "Sai Org(anization)" with centers throughout the world, has its own website


and appears to be to be a separate entity from that of Raaman Andreas' SACRED group.



A practicing Sai Baba devotee is someone who attends Bhajans, other Sai Baba centre activities, or performs selfless service for a Sai Baba centre, at least three ...

Google search


Yet another girl dies in strange circumstances on Koh Tao – desperate mother looking for information



Further information:

According to her mother Elise Dallemagne had been travelling for two and a half years, in India, Australia and New Zealand regularly returning to Thailand. She was said to have spent more than a year on Koh Phangan during her travels and was there part of a Yoga/Tantra-Community.

She was also an active member of SACRED, an Indian sect run by the notorious Sathya Sai Baba cult movement. They reside and practice on Koh Phangan between Thong Sala and Hin Kong Village.

According to her mother she lived there for months with Guru Raaman Andreas from Germany and two female friends (Nuri and Raani) and practiced her cult.




'Murder Island' combed for German cult leader



One blogger's description of the island.


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