Oom Yung Doe/Chung Moo Doe
Posted by: Chewy ()
Date: August 12, 2002 12:25AM

I wanted to post on this topic again, as it seems the school is, as ever extremely active. Having changed its name from Chung Moo Doe to Oom Yung Doe has afforded it some measure of protection from its negative image associated with that former name.

I firmly agree with others who have posted on this subject. The schools rule with a code of us versus them and the veneration of "Grandmaster" Iron Kim. They cultivate belief in mysticism and deify people who have achieved within their ranks. They offer the chance to be part of an organization that should strengthen your mind and body yet initiate a dependence upon them that is as pathologic a relationship as any addictive habit.

I am lucky to have escaped from this school. My instructors had a soft spot towarsd me, and I paid far less than anyone else because of my status as a student at that time. However, the vicious demonstration of martial arts techiniques of students, far and above what is necessary for demonstration of techniques, occurred regularly, and helped solidify the position of dominance that the organization had over us. I am still a martial arts practitioner, and I recognize what is and what is not necessary for the instruction of martial arts. Oom yung Doe is a destructiive and pervasive force, and I hope that means other than this website alone are in place to check their activities and prevent further harm, since a simple search of websites revealed dozens of outposts scattered through the country, including large outposts in Chicage, SoCal, and the Norrtheast.

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