What Allot Of False Prophets Have In Common
Posted by: Daniel_Jackson ()
Date: January 13, 2017 07:43PM

In listening to end times broadcast on radio down over the years as well as various prophets that have made claims, what I find in terms of doctrine that they teach is that they magnify the fear and power of the Beast and end times above the fear and name of God. In Hebrew context God (El) is our Mighty One which is what El literally means. And hence He is the Almighty One Most High, and if we stick to the fundamentals of worship and true representation of God as the Mighty One, then to magnify the forces, powers and names of this world up to near God like status is blasphemy.

Whether the subject that the prophet or end times teacher teaches be HAARP, Planet X (which never existed) or the forces and powers of the Antichrist which are no where near being God like though many make the Antichrist near God like. In magnifying these things up these fellows cause people to fear the end times and cause many to want to go out into the wilderness to build end times bunkers to hide out from the last days.

It is sad that these folk magnify evil more than the name and power of God, and as I said doctrinally this is blasphemy, and for the Christian believer I want this to sink in and for you to grasp the truth of this. Men who use such doctrine think that they do God a service. Hence if you know what you are looking for in terms of who and or what they are actually magnifying you can spot false prophets on the airwaves and here on the Internet.

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