"The House of Help" - Raja Help International
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: December 11, 2005 01:17PM

Has anyone had any dealings with [b:7371bfa8b8]'The House of Help', Help International or FCJG?[/b:7371bfa8b8]
I was involved with 'The House of Help' - leader RAJA. I believe Help International is affliated to "The House of Help" and its a branch of FCJG. I have other postings under the heading of [b:7371bfa8b8]LGAT (Large Group Awareness[/b:7371bfa8b8] [b:7371bfa8b8]Trainings)[/b:7371bfa8b8] for more information.

Raja supposedly receives messages from god and uses peoples desire to be prosperous and gain some personal glory and self esteem thinking they are contributing to creating peace on earth or at least prepare the way for the next 500 years. He also takes advance of peoples sense of humanity and wanting to help those less fortunate. He uses the [b:7371bfa8b8]'HELP CONSCIOUSNESS'[/b:7371bfa8b8], his mother taught him, and the skills he learnt in [b:7371bfa8b8]UK Special Forces[/b:7371bfa8b8], the marines, to present seminars and wilderness trainings. He also trains people to be his TRAINERS who have to go through progressive and continuous [b:7371bfa8b8]'challenges'[/b:7371bfa8b8] i.e. buying him and his 5,000 acres property assets, that ends up costing 'follower/trainer' [b:7371bfa8b8]thousands of [/b:7371bfa8b8][b:7371bfa8b8]dollars.[/b:7371bfa8b8] This supposedly makes them RICH however, it's really making Raja 'prosperous'. [b:7371bfa8b8]The man messes with peoples minds[/b:7371bfa8b8]. I have reason to believe he used[b:7371bfa8b8] UNETHICAL METHODS [/b:7371bfa8b8]on unsuspecting people i.e.[b:7371bfa8b8] HYPNOSIS, THOUGHT REFORM [/b:7371bfa8b8]and [b:7371bfa8b8]MIND[/b:7371bfa8b8] [b:7371bfa8b8]CONTROL. [/b:7371bfa8b8]

Raja started in the [b:7371bfa8b8]UK[/b:7371bfa8b8] and [b:7371bfa8b8]GERMANY[/b:7371bfa8b8]. Now he's spread his wings in the southern hemisphere [b:7371bfa8b8]AUSTRALIA[/b:7371bfa8b8].

I am hoping this post will eventually reach someone who leaves[b:7371bfa8b8] 'The [/b:7371bfa8b8][b:7371bfa8b8]House of Help'[/b:7371bfa8b8] disillusioned, confused, traumatised and depressed. Thinking this has only happened to them, but it hasn't. You are [b:7371bfa8b8]not[/b:7371bfa8b8] the [b:7371bfa8b8]only[/b:7371bfa8b8] one! This has and will continue to happen to many.

I look forward to hearing from you. I will wait for as long as it takes.

See my other link, by clicking on the following:-

[b:7371bfa8b8]Help International, The House of Help - Raja Exposed![/b:7371bfa8b8]

Wiser Aussie

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The House of Help" - Raja Help International
Posted by: Wiser Aussie ()
Date: July 09, 2017 01:31PM

Hey There,

For the record the name of the fellow is

Raja Bharut.

He's removed his websites.

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