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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: August 28, 2013 03:16AM

Is the total salary and compensation paid to Serge Benhayon disclosed in any detail?

What does he take in through UM annually?

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: August 28, 2013 07:48PM

I have never seen those numbers.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: August 28, 2013 09:26PM

No, there's no disclosure for Serge. He was director of the College of UM (Australian charity) until August last year, but replaced himself with daughter Natalie.

Sound Foundation (UK) Trustees:
Chris James (Christopher Requa James) of Goonellabah NSW.
•Founding trustee of the Sound Foundation

Simone Benhayon – stepdaughter of Serge Benhayon, head of UM’s UK operations
•Operates private swim school Creative Aquatic and Esoteric healing practice at the Lighthouse, rented from the Sound Foundation.
• Director of Universal Medicine UK
• Director of EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) UK Europe

Sara Williams –Proprietor of Spherical Living Esoteric Healing clinic, London
• Esoteric Breast Massager
• Director of Universal Medicine UK
• Director of EPA EU/UK

Michael Nicholson – father in law of Simone Benhayon
• Director of Abacus Solutions – financial services
• Owner of Upper Vobster Farm – provides additional accommodation for UM events held at the Lighthouse

Michael Wood

We have some documents that indicate over £2.3M were raised to renovate the Lighthouse property to include clinic space and a conference facility, and details of a construction project until March 2012 that cost £1.75M. UM/The Benhayon family hold roughly 3 months per year of workshops and healing services at the facility.

The Universal Medicine College (Australia) Directors:

Natalie Benhayon – Serge's daughter
•Also director of Esoteric Women’s Health Pty Ltd, Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd & Universal Medicine Pty Ltd.

Serryn O'Regan, Melbourne
•Esoteric Breast Massager and solicitor
•Director of Universal Medicine College and secretary of other UM companies.

Charles Wilson, Brisbane

Desiree Delaloye
•Graphic designer and business partner of Serge and Miranda Benhayon

It's a similar story with fundraising in Australia. Millions donated to the UM property improvement fund.

Universal Medicine's Commercial operation consists of a number of Benhayon family businesses and Serge is director of several of those.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: HerbertKane178 ()
Date: August 29, 2013 12:44AM

Is the total salary and compensation paid to Serge Benhayon disclosed in any detail?

What does he take in through UM annually?

In this interview, Today Tonight: Healing guru's cult resort, he is on camera saying his turnover is close to 2 million AUD.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: September 27, 2013 07:48PM

On Universal Medicine cult recruiter and UK Sound Foundation trustee, Chris James from the cache: []

Date Added: 09/09/2012
Posts: 12

There are also sold business cards especially created for good energy. A lot of Serges students in Germany have them. They especially are common by esoteric healing practicioners, now, or musicians. In Germany the Universal Medicine spreads it´s wings out very quickly, what to me is very scary. The followers of Serge Benhayon and Chris James (very important Person for Serge Benhayon) , one of his students , who writes the songs that fit right into Serge concepts [$], are leaving the ones they loved including partner and families. Also did my boyfriend. After he left me I still found some of those healing symbol cards he bought underneath things to clear the energy.

Serge claims that: "the intention of one of the healing- symbol I found is to assist with healing.
This Symbol represents a point on earth through which light energy can be transmittet through for the occurence of a transmutation. (This is when low vibrations are changed to high vibrations; i.e. heavy energy to light energy) This transmutation passes through the item when it is lying on top of the symbol."
That was the text on the backsite of the card. the other cards I threw away...too bad...they where for meditation, sleeping on for example if you are in trouble times to better them etc.....or to have influence on childreen in their ages, they are in, like puberty etc..

My Boyfiend came back from one of the singing courses of Chris James and was like on drugs, telling a lot of "not beeing in emotions is good and other weared stuff. It took days to bring his mind back to earth. The names of the "School" and corses he took part of later on are: School of Sacred Sound" Innermost Sound Healing "The Healing Power of Sound".
After that he got more an more into UM. I finally lost him, when he went to the UK, England, sommerset situated "Lighthouse" of Universal Medicine to get "treatments".

Eric Dobbs
Date Added: 05/16/2012
Posts: 90

The Maestro Chris James spreads himself far and wide leaving the Poisonous Universal Medicine calling card wherever he goes. It's simple to find out his schedule , just go his website and the countries , venues and contacts are all there. Methinks these people who employ mr James need to know about his very strong connection with his mentor Serge Benhayon. I must say here that Chris James and his sessions were my partner's sad introduction into this dangerous Cult. I do believe Chris James is a recruitment officer of sorts . Eric

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: September 27, 2013 08:31PM

First Hand Accounts

Rock Biter September 2012 []
I'm an ex-cult member still overcoming the effects of belonging to the cult. Its disturbing to write those words. I've always prided myself on my critical reflexive thinking. All my critical reflexive thinking and training did me no good though. I still became ensnared. Almost to the point of losing my beautiful precious wife and everything I love, my children, home friends. The problem is that all the intelligence in the world wont cover up the deepest of insecurities that become the fodder for cult leaders peddling salvation. Having been in and now thank God and thanks to my amazing wife out I would like to try to help others that may, with every good intention, stray into this perverse evil. Why perverse? Becauee it preys on the innocence of the child inside. The child that always wanted to be loved and the child that desperately wanted to make sense of the madness. As long as you believe that you need some kind of redemption, some kind of plan to 'improve', to feel love, God, enlightenment, 'gentleness', 'harmony' or just want to at last feel OK and not frightened then people like Serge will always be able to peddle themselves as 'healers', 'saviours', 5th initiatiates' or whatever, showing you the way out. At a price. And not only cash. The price is recognition that he is the saviour. An egoistic trip disguised, so deeply disguised in words and 'gentleness'. The trouble is that when we so desperately want something we only hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. But the very wicked thing, conscious or not, about universal medicine is the way that it teaches you that not only is this the only path but that you are very special and have already achieved some kind of step towards your self by coming along. The shared self-congratulations is sickening. And worse still that there are pranic forces at work that wish to drag you back into the old non-esoteric life - to suck on your energy. And this is the really wicked part, that those pranic forces operate through those that are closest to you, your wife and/or children. No Universal Medicine doesn't teach you to leave your family. It teaches you that they are pranic. And since as a cult member that you spend all of your waking life focused on the practices (gentleness, watching emotions etc) this means that all of your waking life you are also training your mind to be sensitive to the division between fiery and pranic energy - a constant never-ending reminder of how special you are and how pranic those around you. At the same time members of the cult celebrate each time someone 'chooses' them Selves despite the pranic manipulations of others especially their partners, children others. Cult members share excitedly news of another inevitable break up of a marriage - one of only two paths either the other partner becomes a cult member too or the relationship dissolves. My God those that separate must become a true part of the loving embrace of the other followers! Courageous enough to follow themselves! And in the meantime they leave their pranic families (lovingly), leave their pranic friends (lovingly) and inevitably associate only with other cult members, a natural process. Cult members congratulate themselves and each other about this. "My only friends are doing the 'work'". Of course the key part of this membership is to attend over and over again, workshops, talks, EDG's, group sessions, chakra punctures, breast massages, for thousands and thousands of dollars. All the while feeling great! Gentle, loving. As long as they keep on belonging to the cult. I haven't seen a single person on this quest for the Self that can actually just maintain any of this self-loving, ironically, by them selves! So the truly wicked part is that the combination of what is being both formally and informally endlessly reiterated is that the real problem is that your partner and families, because they are not doing the work, are pranic and even jealous seeking to bring you down. Difference is not embraced! The truly wicked part is that all relationships have problems because all human beings are flawed even if only in their exoteric personalities! But instead of relating and working through the lessons that difference brings, the beautiful lessons of liberation, Serge teaches that you need to be wary of pranic forces and as a last resort you have to leave to save your esoteric soul and in leaving continue to pay and pay and pay and recognise and recognise and recognise how special and wonderful he is. No one 'hides behind Serge'. Thats a lie. Instead the 'in truth' teachings of Serge drives a wedge into the 'flaws' in any relationship essentially blaming the other in a very loving way for their inability to see the truth of their pranic lives. I want to say publicly here and now that my intelligence didn't save me. My incredible amazing beautiful wife treefern saved me. And it breaks my heart the way that I treated her in all the damned years that I was in that damned cult.

Morpheus July 31, 2012[]

I am an ex member. This whole affair has really made me wake up. Seeing him on TV looking like a creep cult leader freaked me out and made me shudder. I did some courses and while I liked the words, the deeds were very different. Serge spends a lot of time putting down other if not all therapies, medicine unless he approves of it, and people. It is weird for someone who says not to blame others. He is a total control freak and you can see all the people under his control coming onto the forums and now TV. It makes me glad I got out when I did. They are sending crazy emails at the moment about being under attack and how they are changing the world and all sorts of mad fundamentalist stuff. I wasnt sure if this was a cult now I know it is. This is not about love. it is about fear.

Willow.Sunshine September 2012 []
Its hard when you are trying to do the best for yourself. There are many things to consider and usually persons who are searching feel a sense of relief when they find something like UM. However some, including myself, get to the point where you ask yourself what really is it that I am agreeing to?
If you express this however you are instantly judged, made to feel that you are channeling the Lords of Form and do not love yourself or are not loving to others. Doubt then comes into your mind…. This once again is hard as before you had made a connection with UM you probably believed that you were doing the right thing for yourself, family and friends but you are now being lead to believe differently.

There is also the separation from friends that have been made in your new environment. These UM friends once thought you were amazing and loved you for you but now offer and a constant bombardment of things such as “you are a bit off at the moment” “why are you following a pranic path” “I can’t be with you at the moment because of your energy, but it is because I love you” It makes you feel lower and lower and also lonely therefore a tendency to believe them once again creeps in as you now feel you need to go looking for something again. For some they can be looking for companionship, others self development or grief counseling and for some it is to become involved with something so deeply so to avoid dealing with their real issues (this is ironic as UM teaches you to face your issues but if you are looking to belong to a group so that you don’t have to face them you will probably never get to the point of being honest about it!)

As someone who is seeing the errors with UM I am having to deal with the judgments and try to move on, but feel appalled at how some are acting just because I am making other choices. I feel sad that what could be very supportive work actually has its basis in greed and corruption and doesn’t seem to want to support you once you start having thoughts and feelings that are truly your own. I know I can love myself and others and do not need to be taught how to.

You have to stop searching as your life really is truly yours and you can do what you please with it. This includes being part of UM, but if you chose not to follow this path then you should not to be persecuted for it.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: September 27, 2013 08:47PM

June 14, 2012 02:23PM
Date Added: 01/13/2012
Posts: 151

This stood out to me from your posting, Gibbs, and if anyone can add to this I would appreciate it:

"The most convincing entity sessions I witnessed was not like the pairing up. It was two separate times with a bout 6 different people. It was a fair while ago but I remember Serge would select a volunteer from the audience (joking one time about how the person was coached on what to say). Serge would stand at the back of the room while the person sat or stood on the stage. He would then ask the person questions like 'what do you think of when you think of the word Love?" There was a 8-10 year old young girl this time and she answered Mom, Dad, happy, friends, etc.. After several other questions, he would then stop take a moment and announce the entity had entered. You could see the girl become fidgety and distracted with a mischievous grin on her face and Serge would ask the same question 'what do you think of when you think of the word Love?" the first word that came out of her mouth was pain, I cant remember it all in detail but all the words meanings were turned upside down after the entity was reportedly in. I saw grown men speak and express clearly before the possession and during the possession be lost for words and in tears because they simply said they could not feel/express the meaning of the word/s. Serge goes on to say we should not fear entities because they are just like you and me and cannot make us do anything without our permission. They are just lost and on the same path back to God like the rest of us.
Sayings like 'He wasn't himself', I don't know what came over him', 'I've never seen him like that before', ;He was beside himself', are all said to be example of when a person has allowed possession."

As a parent I find it pretty horrific that anyone would allow their child to be a part of this. To me, it appears as a parlor trick, but whatever the validity of it, to subject your child to some form of possession in the interests of illustrating a point seems extremely questionable behavior.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: September 28, 2013 05:06AM

That's about all I have time to retrieve from the rapidly evaporating cache. It looks like most of the the thread has vanished, but more stuff might be found by googling and clicking the small down facing arrow at the end of search results for cached results.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: Pranic Princess ()
Date: October 24, 2013 07:21PM

This very helpful exchange between some regular contributors on communicating with UM followers was originally found on page 29 of the original Universal Medicine cult thread:

trackandfield: Hi everyone, Just want to say what a great job you all are doing with the discussion on this forum; I am in my early 20s and have seen my entire immediate family become controlled by UM, including younger siblings. It has been extremely difficult to cope at times, and so it’s very reassuring to find a group of sane people discussing this malicious organisation.

Has anyone tried literally confronting their friend/relative in UM (in a relatively non aggressive way) with the material on this forum and perhaps on some of the blogs scattered around? I’m becoming very tempted to try this on my parents, but at the same time given how aggressive past discussions turned out, I’m worried that I could basically lose them permanently

knowledge_is_king: Hi trackandfield, I have tried a few approaches, from my own experience the more proactive and non-aggressive ways have had the most success – i.e. Providing information from a range of sources on the negatives of not just this group but of any group like this; I don’t tend to go after the parts that will generate an immediate defense response, such as Serge himself, I try not to use the word cult if I can avoid it, and I don’t argue with parts that I think aren’t harmful in their own right (massage for example, or the drinking aspect) which to an extent as isolated things I think are ok until they start isolating and impacting the individual and their freedoms, i.e. fixation on breasts, or the abolition of the person’s free choice to have one or two drinks.

The individual or in your case the individuals involved is one thing and the level of obsession on their part is another that will dictate how easy or difficult the discussions and devolvement from the group will become. I try to approach each chat like a therapy session, I organise a time to discuss it, I come prepared with the specific parts I want to discuss, I make sure I have access to the supporting detail I need, and I set a goal for each talk – not to get the person all the way out at once, but for example, one session I will start with the aim of getting him to understand in his own terms why following any individual has the potential to be dangerous and give examples, if he is open to it I’ll proceed further and hopefully by the end he will come away with a bit more of an open mind about the types of risks being involved in this type of group. Then I let Serge do the rest – and when he starts spouting off with his manipulative discourses the individual will hopefully start to recognise the warning signs.

I also set limits for the chats, say half an hour to one hour maximum, and if I can get my point across, or the person starts to react with hostility, or we go over the time limit whichever occurs first, I stop the talk. My aim being that they see it as an open forum, but that they aren’t forced to be there. I’m not going to sugarcoat it it’s extremely difficult, but by setting boundaries about what you talk about enables you to break it into chunks which is the last thing Serge wants you to do as in chunks is where his ideals fall apart and are revealed to be the manipulative, illogical objects that they are.

Also be selfish, when I’m on here chatting with the wider community, my purpose is to receive and give information, to help increase awareness and to take part in something for the greater good; when I’m talking to my brother about this my only concern is for him, to get him back, so I concentrate only on him, who he is, what he needs, and the harm done to others in relation to him.

That’s my piece mate and I hope it helps, but again I don’t have any qualifications other than my own experience.

trackandfield: Great post Knowledge, and I think that seems like the most rational way to go about it. My problem is that I find it very difficult to approach it in a piecemeal way, I always get the impulse to try and heroically extricate them from the whole mindset in one sitting, which usually leads to bad feelings and a closing off. I guess I just worry that if I do it slowly, each little step I make will be destroyed once a member of my family goes to a workshop, or a session with one of UM’s many practitioners, etc. But your point about Serge doing some of the work is interesting, and suggests another avenue to go down. Out of interest, have you had any luck with your brother? If you don’t want to discuss it openly no problem, you can PM if not (or neither)

ConcernedPartner: hi Track and Field;KIK is correct. You cant go at it head on and you cant expect to win an argument or have them see it your way or what we would call reason. The fact is Serge has it set up in a way to create a feedback loop in their thinking. It goes like this :

Start – non ‘soulful/esoteric ‘ practices are pranic, therefore I cannot do any other practice other than ‘the work’, I am free to choose what I want to do, but the choices are being esoteric or making choices to check our or take a lower pranic mind path, therefore I must be esoteric. People not doing the work are in their lower pranic mind and cant understand because they are not doing the work and are making the wrong choice/not aware of the choice, and Serge has already told me that they will not understand, and they will criticise me and the work and Serge because they are in the grips of their lower mind and that the only reason they are criticising is because they have been touched by the truth of the work —- back to start.

Serge re-iterates that over and over in intro’s, sessions, workshops, sayings, recordings, etc. So the student is disabled from thinking ” hang on, I will bloody well think what I like and use my own critical mind to decide for myself”- of course, they are also sold the BIG PICTURE of other planes, God, heaven, better lives, etc.

I made the error of trying to take it head on. You cant. As KIK says, you have to break it down. Look for the VALUE that will most impress them if it is not upheld rather than the logic of their position. For example, what if it turned out Serge wasnt as pure white as they think? What if you could show them that Serge’s past incarnations were people of Science and not gooblygook. I think you need to take the time to look at Alice Bailey’s crazy books to get an idea of the background of Serge’s thinking to try and see gaps to de construct the parts that they are attracted to. Perhaps if you can take 1 foundation out of the picture, the rest might unravel itself over time. I think it is important not to criticise them or Serge directly as this brings on defensivness ( which actually indicates they have something to protect) but rather find those small things that will resonate the most. There is also some good posts in other parts of this site from counsellors on how to help bring back critical thought to people affected. I am still trying with my ex by the way. Our 2 lovely kids keep me motivated as I guess your family will also. good luck.

HerbertKane178: I agree, the head on approach bears no fruit, but softly, softly is the way ahead. Just be loving as normal and when the time arrises naturally, a good discussion can ensue. As COncerened says, cults brainwash members in to particular thought patterns, but these can be undone, and once that proces starts, the rest will, hopefully, unravel very quickly. Having other family members and friends informed is always a good idea, so try and educate all those around the member with the truth of the situation. That way you are not alone in dealing with this, and your loved one/ones will see that it is not just you that thinks UM is harmful. If everyone around them is being loving and also softly questioning things it creates an atmosphere of safety that can allow the member to feel it is ok to step back and see the reality of their situation. After all, if everyone they have known and loved all their life is questioning their actions, surely this must be something worth taking account of.

It’s not easy, it really isn’t, and as had been said on here many times before, it’s heartbreaking to see Serge & UM sit back and allow so many relationships to fail and families break up as a result of his teachings. His use of the words “truth” and love” are truly hypocritical.

Knowledge_is_king: Hey trackandfield,

Thanks mate, yeah I know the feeling, my nature is similar to yours and it takes a lot of effort not to get emotional and descend into all out verbal war, but I’ve found if anything they just react by saying you’re negative and use it against you to prove their point… which although they are insane turns out pretty counterproductive and puts you on the backfoot the next time you have a chat.

I know the feeling that if you don’t get them out now then they’ll continue to slip away. It’s what motivated me to try and go all out. But then I started to see it as a bit of a see-saw. At the moment on the one side you’ve got Serge and his cronies, and the percentages of your loved ones that they’ve given over; on the other you’ve got you, everyone on this forum and our comments, your support network, hopefully some other family and friends and the percentages of your loved ones that are still living in the real world. Bit by bit with each good, meaningful, calm chat, you only need to get through a bit and the momentum against Serge should hopefully start to grow.

I guess it also depends on the individual and where they are at obviously there are some strong-minded and weak-minded people in general terms, but if you get blind-sided but something like this at a time when you’re more malleable, like after a tragedy, your sick and desperate for an answer any answer that the doc’s can’t give, even strong-minded I guess can be sucked in.

In terms of how I’m going with my brother, I’m going quite well with him, started out very full on with the questioning and books and the evidence and the forum posts just basically ramming it down his throat, didn’t get the reaction I was after. He started trying to respond with a bunch of Serge babble which only made me worse. Then we didn’t talk for a couple of weeks, and I was freaking out sure he was going to ‘drink the kook-aid’ at any moment.

Then one day out of the blue he picked up the phone and said look I understand your concerns, I want to keep looking into this thing but I’m happy to talk sensibly with you about it.

So now that’s what we do, he still is involved and I can’t comment on whether he is more involved or less only that the channel of communication is open and bit by bit it feels like we’re getting him back. He’s eating more of his normal diet, exercising properly, and is a lot more involved in the family, on the other hand I can’t say the negative influences aren’t still there, he stills follows the sleep patterns, and he still speaks highly of Serge and his ideas.

But in my own case, I feel like it is more important to build a really supportive, trusting relationship with him as the first priority, freeing him from Serge’s influence being the second priority, and I just hope and pray that our brotherly bond, as well as logic and intelligent dialogue will be stronger in the end.

And when I’m not doing that I am investing a lot of time behind the scenes putting pressure on Serge at every level that I can think of in the hope that we can build up a tidal wave of unrest against him and that he will be forced to make a really big mistake, come clean, change his ways, give up, or be publicly scrutinised by the press, or legislated against.

But at the end of it all there is nothing particularly special about Serge and if my brother is malleable to the works of someone like Serge, then Serge is the smaller problem the bigger problem is filling the need that exists within my brother and your family members with something more reliable, trustworthy, down to earth and GOOD.

Whatever approach you go with champ, it would be awesome if you can me (us) in the loop so that we can each benefit from each others success and failures.

And finally just want to say thanks to everyone posting up in here with your intelligent thoughts, findings, interpretations and experiences as it has really help to give me a bigger picture of what is really at play here.

What this hinges on for me is information, we need to know more about this subject than anyone else – especially Serge – this is what our family and friends are after, they have chosen to accept Serge’s incorrect, misleading, misinterpreted non-answers, then it is up to us to give them the awkward truth.

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Re: Universal Medicine
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: October 24, 2013 09:17PM

When relationships break up, the person who is already involved in UM will feel yet more reliant upon UM.

And if there is divorce, and the UM member gets a settlement, he or she will tend to invest that in whatever seems emotionally supportive -- again, UM.

By contrast, if someone stays married to a spouse who doesnt believe in UM, there is the hazard that he or she will eventually become skeptical. Or at least, if there is a strain on the marriage, opt for the marriage and give up UM.

Am glad to be accused of seeming to toot my own horn--here is a series of essays I wrote about something I termed 'social commute.'


It may assist people to recall what they had to deal with when in UM.

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